1. Why Is Ryan Tubridy Intent On Terrifying Irish People About Covid On The Radio & TV

Ryan Tubridy is the face of RTE and has been leading the country on a merry propaganda dance for the last 18 months

New 🧵 1/26
2. Ryan Tubridy is undoubtedly Ireland’s most recognisable TV celebrity fronting “The Ryan Tubridy Show” on RTE Radio 1 and “The Late Late Show” on RTE 1. He reputedly earns €495,000 pa.

Hundreds of thousands of people tune into his radio show daily and TV show every Friday
3. Ryan's grandfather was Todd Andrews, Chairman of RTE authority in the 1960s. He also has relations involved in politics

Ryan has rapidly climbed up the RTE ranks & was given the most prestigious job of fronting "The Late Late"

He's been earmarked for the top for a long time
4. His brother is Prof Niall Tubridy a Neurologist from St Vincents. He has just had a paper published called

"Vaccine hesitancy among people with multiple sclerosis" which was funded by Novartis.

5. Back to Ryan though.

What is really important to understand is that everybody in a position of influence be it a politician or tv celebrity is no more than an actor. That is their job.

They are acting on a huge stage especially when it comes to television.
6. Ryan's stage for the radio has been Radio 1. He has used it to constantly plug all things Covid. He has also made numerous references to the "new world order" and "new normal". I put together a 🧵 dedicated to it
7. The Late Late has always been considered "light entertainment" with a very captive, malleable audience. However since Covid kicked off in March 2020 it has taken a sinister turn

It has been used solely as a govt propaganda tool. Most people don't even realise it when watching
8. In March 2020 he started to set the scene for the next 18 months.The goal was fear & control.

"Your sacrifice through self-isolation will save lives", "Obey the simple rules" he said

Everything was about all being in it together & being good citizens
9. From the start people were being manipulated.

In April 2020 Ryan & Clare Byrne, within a month of each other, both coincidentally got Covid. What were the chances.

Clare hosts her own propaganda shows on RTE. Covid was that serious she was able to host it from a shed.
10. It was really quite clever what happened. Both work for RTE. Both allegedly got Covid and survived to tell the tale. Both were portrayed as heroes in the media. Both have been relentless fear mongers from the get go since.

But let's just focus in on Ryan our hero
11. Fast forward to the show returning in Sep 2020 & Ryan spoke of Covid

"savaging our grand parents"

and the population "playing Russian roulette with the lives of our healthcare workers"

as well as us deciding "we didn't want the schools to stay shut"
12. Once he had finished pointing the finger at the watching public he said

"The vaccine is coming. We're almost there. I'm sure of it"

If you haven't seen this it is essential viewing. Communist China could learn a thing or two.

13. Now the most watched TV programme every Christmas is the "Toy Show". 500,000 people sit down with their families to watch it.

It was a wonderful opportunity to give the country hope. Ryan & RTE doubled down. What actually took place can only be described as evil.
14. The children in the show were ruthlessly used to plug the Covid narrative although it was very cleverly crafted. It was done in such a way that most of the watching public had no idea what was happening.

Were behavioural psychologists used ? Honestly I don't know.
15. Here are some clips from the show. Ryan said to Adam

“You can’t give him a hug because of the thing. You can give him a virtual hug” @ 1.18 min

The "thing". How to terrify watching children trying to instil into them that they shouldn't hug anybody

16. “You’ve got to sit down or else we’ll all die” @ 2.08 min

Noah was so excited to meet the Edge then to say that to him was outrageous. All very deliberately done.

17. The most horrific clip of all was the scripted role play.

Saoirse spoke about testing for covid, reporting symptoms, close contacts, regurgitation stations, the v, quarantine etc

How would a young girl know any of this

A terrifying watch

18. What was particularly concerning was the reaction of the hoodwinked public. The majority thought it was a brilliant show. They just didn't realise they had been deceived and the kids were being used.

Some did though as this excellent letter shows that was sent in to RTE
19. Next up was promoting the v on the show. Ryan's guest was Prof Luke O Neill who would turn up to the opening of an envelope. Everyone knew his face.

The heavily pharma conflicted Professor was the perfect salesman to use to sell it to the public.
20. The relentless vaccine cheerleading didn't stop there. They even had a “Live Syringe Session” where people got the v live on TV.

Ryan and RTE had veered very far from being a light entertainment programme & had now entered a whole new ghoulish realm

21. Now Ryan hates to be left out of anything and had previously said "I'll happily do that, I'll take the vaccine on TV, I'll do whatever I have to do to get us out of this corner." A hero

We are still waiting to see his live vaccination or did I miss it
22. To show how successful the v programme was and to further increase uptake 6 pensioners who had cocooned & got the v were invited onto the show.

The carrot was if you get the v, you will get all your freedoms back.

How is that going ?
23. RTE and Ryan were also very much at the forefront for the use of vaccine passports for a live audience. Only those who got the v could attend the show live in person.

Sounds like a blessing in disguise.

24. With the show returning in September 2021 Ryan started to trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. He said that guests should be disinvited from weddings if they didn't get the v.

Ryan was now advocating for discrimination and also dividing people

25. Ryan has willingly participated in this 18 month charade. His pay cheque is too important. He is as complicit as the politicians, NPHET members, ISAG members, journalists etc.

He has had an abundance of opportunities to stand up & tell the truth but has failed to do so.
26. You know the drill 😀 I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.
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You wouldn’t know this page existed except I stumbled across it by chance.

3. Did you know that Amnesty has co-founded the Peoples Vaccine Alliance Ireland peoplesvaccine.ie to call on the Irish government to support a People’s vaccine for developing countries.

Sounds very noble doesn't it ?
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