— meaning of flowers on teasers for txt’s japanese comeback: a small thread with assumptions ! for +u theory

#Chaotic_Wonderland Image
yeonjun’s flower is either blue jacaranda or larkspur

larkspur symbolic meaning is “the strong bond of love” but the flower is highly toxic (!)

blue jacaranda symbolic meaning is “wisdom and rebirth”; legend says if the flower falls on your head, it means good fortune for you ImageImage
talking about larkspur, its has a strong connection with the heart and some deities in different cultures who sacrificed themselves to save loved ones to be resurrected later so that’s why it also means “always protect those you love and never let anyone harm them”
blue jacaranda actually has a very special meaning bc the legend of jacaranda tells us about the priestess, daughter of the moon, who showed people the difference between good and evil, and when she fulfilled her mission, she came back to the heavens (ref. to magic island)
soobin meanwhile has probably a common poppy which was the representative flower for beomgyu and that’s kinda interesting

the most common symbolic meaning is “everything from peace to death and even simply sleep”, it also can be considered as a representative for eternal sleep ImageImage
also common poppy is a very important flower for the war bc it has connection to the fallen soldiers and usually it’s one of the ways to show respect for whose who’re not with us anymore

+ additional: i think soobin has garnet crystal in the ring
while garnet is connected with the heart, blood, inner fire, represent love and friendships; it also has come to stand for the safe return of a friend or loved one bc of the connection with pomegranate seeds, which are connected with the underworld from myths
just a reminder that pomegranate seeds could either free you from the underworld or make you stay there forever
beomgyu’s flower is quite interesting bc it can be showy baby’s breath (another name is gypsophila elegans)

and… baby’s breathe has a meaning .. “freedom from outside influences or evil corruption” ImageImage
the baby breath flower also means everlasting and undying love for family, romantic and platonic bonds as well as the power of the spirit and innocence + reconnecting with lost lovers. it’s one of the most powerful flowers bc it was used to bring back the dead lovers .
taehyun probably has bigleaf hydrangea or west indian lantana

bigleaf hydrangea is HIGHLY significant in japan, and there it usually linked to gratitude and apology (!). one of japanese emperor gave these flowers to the family of the women he loved without being able to show his ImageImage
true feelings and in order to be hidden but still say the the truth he kept sending hydrangea
west indian lantana is associated with rigor — a sudden feeling of a cold when you’re very sick or poisoned; but purple one represents the power and spirituality, could be even the representative flower of the very powerful magicians. but this flower is HIGHLY toxic and can kill
i’m not sure about hueningkai’s flower but i think it’s purple tulip. and purple tulip only symbolise royalty, rebirth and serenity. in ancient times, purple tulips were gifted only to special royal people who meant a lot to the whole world ImageImage
they were even banned at some point to everyone except members of the royal family, some of purple tulips has the name “purple prince”
thank you for reading and letting me tag you ♡

🏷: @ninglovr @txtgenprint @catboytyun @clstltm @0X1GYEHUN @BeomiBear1

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