The Impossible Tower Penetration
If something is impossible, IT DID NOT HAPPEN
This hole was made by explosives after the CGI plane passed. The box columns measured 14.5 inches on each side.
The thick high grade structural steel on all four sides was about a half inch thick near the impact zones. It was covered by 3 inches of aluminum cladding.
The plane would have to take out not only the steel in the front and back but also the 14.5 inches of the box on the left and right. That is a lot of steel. The windows were ¾ inch thick and surrounded by concrete.
Since 30+ columns were gone, the plane had to have SEVERED all of them on the way in. Then it had to rip thru 6 to 8 floors of 4 inch concrete slab floors mounted in steel pans.
These pans were mounted in multiple pieces and if one fell, the others would have no reason to fall as well as required by the “gravity collapse” fraud. Then the plane encountered the massive core columns which contained all the main passenger elevator shafts.
The entire core was 87x133 feet. It had to SEVER up to 10 of the 36 inch by 24 inch rectangular core columns to satisfy the NIST version of events and lead to a pancake collapse. At this point the plane was ready for a good long nap.
Miraculously, the plane kept going, plowing thru more floors and busting thru to the opposite wall where its CGI nose was seen poking out. Then it still had enough momentum to dislodge the core of an engine of the wrong type and fling it floor blocks to Murray St.
When it had stuck its nose thru the other wall so it could be seen from at least 2 camera angles. Paradoxically, examination of the opposite wall shows no hole where the nose poked out. When presented with these facts,
those remaining faithful to this ridiculous narrative usually respond by disparaging your parentage.
The aluminum on the outside of the plane is mostly about a quarter of an inch thick. Because of the impossibility of getting the desired result from real planes,
the plotters came up with the CGI plan. It would be much cheaper and more reliable. It would work. All they needed to make it work was some military grade demolition techniques and some people willing to lie and say they saw a plane.
The evil corporate media would seal the deal by promoting only the liars
Most people cling to the fantasy of real planes because of the planted witnesses, the premeditated cover up by the criminal corporate media and the lack of depth of their personal research.
It should be beneath the dignity of any reasonably intelligent person to adhere to real planes after they have seen most of the evidence. Explosives and deceptions were all that was needed. Real planes would never work.
Stop the madness.
Show you care. Share.

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