[VLIVE] A birthday celebration, a little late
RM Birthday Live Translation Thread
RM received 3 candles for his cake, and said he takes this as a way to announce he's speeding ahead to 30 years old. He then said he'd understand it to be that he's 21! (He thus pushed down one candle further, so it's 2 big candles for 2 x 10 + 1.)
RM congratulates everyone who has a birthday in September, including Jungkook! He explains he didn't come yesterday because it was a Sunday, the staff don't come in, and there is such a thing called "work-life balance" right? Heh. He rested yesterday & went on a hike!
RM says he's at the age in which it makes more sense for him to cook his parents seaweed soup (the traditional birthday meal) [in order to give thanks for birthing & raising him], but he did in fact receive it from his mum yet again. He says he's an undutiful child.
RM confirms his hair is dark grey! The picture Jimin uploaded just then is something they took very recently, but dyed his hair afterwards. The reason for his new hairstyle is a secret, he says!
RM apologises that he can't come closer to the screen - "it's for our eyes", he says! (He's got a little bit of a mustache & beard coming along.)
RM showed off his new bike! It was a birthday gift from Jin! His hyung bought it 2 weeks ago and assembled it himself. RM had only ridden "ddareungies" (city bikes you can rent) until now because he couldn't be bothered to drag it home each time. But the positive to this is +
The positive to his new bike, gifted by Jin, is that he won't have to be so sad when pro biker ahjusshis (older men) speed past him. For him to copy their speed, he has to pedal 2-3x as much because it has that much less power. Now, he'll only half to work half as hard!
RM in ENG: "I don't think of my birthday as much 'cos I've been working for the whole of my birthday I think, I think I was in studio, I don't know, somewhere else, shooting, making music or something, but y'know, +
(cont. in ENG): because of COVID, I think this birthday and last birthday are the first birthday after the 20s that I could really celebrate for myself and have some time with family, friends, and you know, see all the messages, y'know, not just for the work."
At a fan's question regarding whether he got drunk on his birthday (RM had just listed hiking, spending time with family, listening to music as his activities in Korean): "I don't like or hate liquor that much?" His faves are champagne, wine, beer, makegeolli, esp. draft beer.
RM: "I see all your sweetest words. I appreciate it ... I love all the countries, wherever you at, wherever you live."
RM read a comment saying he looks like he's in high school. He was very satisfied, and complimented the fan for their good eyesight.

He's feeling a little lost on what to do because today's theme is simply his birthday.
RM was asked for his favourite cakes: fresh cream cake and sweet potato cake. He doesn't like cheesecake.

His schedules today? "We got some several meetings and mm. (pause) Yeah, it was just a meeting day."
RM recognises the most "live" it's going to get these days is a VLIVE such as this one. He does question the immediate feedback, "sharing love through eyes and motion" (ENG) and communion between himself & fans that can be felt during a concert. +
RM wonders whether he can do concerts again - not just because of COVID, but his physical stamina. He says we might misunderstand, but he's not just doing weights. He's also doing circuit training & cardio & long running periods. +
They say 2 hours of dancing = 1500 calories and if you add singing = 17-1800 calories. RM does wonder whether he can withstand the physical requirements of that now with his current condition.
RM says though his birthday is good, he thinks their next live concert will feel like his true birthday.
RM, after ruminating on stamina & concerts, said he thinks the most fun part of this VLIVE was showing his new bike gifted by Jin, haha. Still, he thinks it isn't bad to come share life with us when his "tension" (excitement) isn't as high.
RM (ENG): "Every day is a fight, not to lose in front of depression or getting exhausted. Giving up. So yeah, I wake up, I clean my room, watering the plant, exercise, yeah, those are the - it's been 2 years? So every day's a fight. +
(cont. in ENG): I have to pay back for all the love I'm getting right now, like you guys telling me happy birthday, even more than myself, so every day, I think is a war for me. I really hate that but y'know, that's the only thing I can do right now.
(cont. in ENG): And yeah! Just living. Just life! And y'know, I can feel how much you guys miss us, and we feel the same. So after this sick and tired world passes by, after that, we'll be getting back to the track where we were, and that's my hope. +
(cont. in ENG): that's all I got right now, I think. Just doing what I can do, still, for 2 years. Not bad and not good at the same time. Just a life."

[Note: This reminds me of what was posted earlier today as a teaser for their upcoming UN speech.]
RM (ENG): "Nobody might recognise it or admit it, but still, it really works for me .. It could remain kinda like a good cool monument for somebody. I just working everyday, that's my life, that's my work. So thank you for all the love and support once again & see you real soon."
[Note on the ENG transcriptions I provided above: RM said both in Korean, then repeated it in English. I'd first translated it and then deleted it because I believed he expressed himself just as well in the English. It's pretty neat when he uses the same words I used though.]
RM also mentioned that the choreography for Megan's verse in Butter was j-hope's idea. He suggested for 3J to do it only, for he thought that would look better.
RM confirmed he wants to keep his short hair until the end of the year for 2 reasons:
1) it's annoying when he works out,
2) he's had it long for so long.
RM signed off, saying he'd finish some work. (He'd said earlier he'd probably return home late.)

A nice evening with Joon. People might not always recognise the work that each of us do, or the love we pour into it, but I also trust it will remain a monument for someone. Cheers!
Oh look, I was typing in a keyword to add an emoji to this and they fit perfectly to portray:
🚲 Joon
🚴 Pro ahjusshis who are dressed in All The Gear and speeding ahead on their bikes with 3x the power

• • •

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