I am mentally coming to terms with the fact that my state, and at least half of the states in the US, will be mandating the vaccine to small children, even while under EUA.

It's very difficult to contain the amount of anger that I feel over this.
Part of this anger is leading me to become incredibly spiteful, which I know is not steeped in logic.

If you are going to force a 5-year-old to take a brand new vaccine for a virus that has a negligible impact to said 5-year-old, I want adults to face the same difficult choice.
In fact, this is how I want every policy to be shaped.

If you are going to force something onto my children, I want adults to suffer through the same.

@NYCSchools classrooms barely have air conditioning, yet kids are stuck 7+ hrs in a worthless cloth mask w/ no autonomy.
I want adults to be forced to endure every single shitty policy that we have forced on to children.

Sit in an unairconditioned room for the bulk of the day, with someone standing over you making sure that you don't talk, don't experience joy, and can't breathe.
If you are going to force small children to take a vaccine for a virus that is lower risk to them than existing viruses, then I want every adult to be forced to take this vaccine with no religious exemptions, just like students in NYS have.
And for the love of God, I don't want to hear jack shit about how people need to push back.

In what fucking universe do you think that anyone cares about pushback?

More than half of the people in NYS want this child vaccine. They will force it and mandate it.
And I'm so glad everyone has the option to just pick up and move their family across the country.

Surely we can all do that, can't we?

Just relocate. Leave your jobs. Find new jobs. Sell your property. Leave your family. Leave your support network.

No big fucking deal.

• • •

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13 Sep
Cool findings from @TheAtlantic piece on hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations are overcounted - by much more than we think.
Another cool tidbit is a visual of vaccine efficacy from the actual study.

If o2 <94 is a measure of severe illness, you can see a gap btw red (unvax) & orange (vax), but the bigger delta is Dexamethasone administration btw vax (green) & unvax (blue).
But then the final unknown is why hospitalizations became less severe overall. Was it due to younger age groups being overrepresented post elderly vax, or is Delta less severe?

Study says median age was 71.

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13 Sep
Not even going to talk about the headline, but look at the first line:

"A rigorous study finds that surgical masks are highly protective, but cloth masks fall short."

(Let's ignore that surgical showed no value <50 for a moment).

Why isn't this information making its way into guidance?

I bought KF94s for the kids (they are more comfortable to ME, so I assumed they would be more comfortable for the kids)...
Kids told me today that they much prefer cloth, so once again, I sent them in cloth knowing that there is ZERO EPIDEMIOLOGICAL value, and we are participating in a little f*cking game where we all pretend.
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13 Sep
Seriously - why can't we JUST THIS ONCE, put the overall well being of children first?

@US_FDA , do NOT rush this vaccine. We deserve the same multi-year safety trial that every other pediatric vaccine has gone through before it was mandated.
Polio paralyzed between 1-2% of kids! That is an enormous number!

Yet, the polio vaccine trial was comprise of 1.8M kids - in 1954!

Surely there is a middle ground between mandating a brand new vaccine to a population who faces very little risk of severe illness and conducting a massive trial for a virus that paralyzes 1-2% of kids?
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13 Sep
Embarrassing piece by @mgodoyh & @NPR.

No, the science is not conclusive on child masking.

No, the studies that you cited do not actually conclude that child masking is necessary.

It's a little bit difficult to declare that something is "settled science", when a good size portion of the world, including many countries who have similar cultures and political systems, have concluded the complete opposite with the same data.
Hi, @mgodoyh @NPR

I hate to make your partisan heads explode, but maybe you can help me understand how countries like Denmark have school policies that are more in line with Texas than with blue USA?

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12 Sep
I generally don't believe that silence is violence, since you can't force ppl to have the same passion for every issue.

But I really can't believe how many people genuinely do believe silence is violence, but sat silent for a year while urban kids were locked out of school.
Surely you had to know this would happen, right?

You couldn't have been this naive.

It was right in front of your face.

And to the people who were too feckless and weak to stand up to your woke mob of morons, but would message me privately -

This is your fault too.

If you had the courage to speak up, you might have been able to change some minds.
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10 Sep
Periodic reminder that not a single Democrat in Congress has acknowledged the harms that prolonged school closures had on the most vulnerable students in this country.

@TheDemocrats have not acknowledged that they were 100% WRONG to keep schools closed last year.
The same "progressive" wing who ran on advocating for working/middle class completely ignored that wealthy kids were able to go to school in person while poor, urban, & working class kids stuck in THEIR DISTRICTS were relegated to remote learning. @AOC @ewarren @BernieSanders
The same people who ran on campaign finance reform & fixing a corrupt system IGNORED that Teachers' Unions (who are an actual lobbyist organization) bribed them into keeping schools closed & harming millions of kids. @BernieSanders @ewarren @AOC

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