Today on TERF twitter, they're mad that a man wore a skirt because it's "fetishizing schoolgirls", and to prove this they went to his Instagram and found pics of him in a jock strap to prove he makes "sexualized content".

"Wear whatever you want" though, right?
Today on TERF twitter is literally just policing the bodies of others and shaming them. Ripx4nutmeg says "Oxfam, which earlier this year had itAngrySheBird says "save your "it's just clothes&quPeeps says "this is a very confused female body. I thinVid'ma says "this poor kid used to be a normal weight.&
Predictably, the gay men speaking up about the skirt thing are being told they fetishize little girls.
And the radfems have waded in. I feel for them. The gender conservatives aren't letting this one go. Heloise says "Stop calling yourself gender critical if Anais says "literally how can you call yourself gender Sistagrrrl says "this is why I really dont fuck with soKathleen says "bro he's not dressing as a schoolgirl. S
Ahhh we've hit the "woman-sense told me the man in skirt is bad". Fondants are ants says "Is fascinating that it's most oT says "It's fine with me IF the guy just wants to show
Anyone got an answer on how this is different from "moral degeneracy" arguments? No? Didn't think so.
To those confused about the delineation between radfems and GCs - there absolutely is one, but most of their conflicts are internal. Many of the radfems criticizing GCs are also critical of trans movements. Just for different reasons.
There's been a lot of little conflicts between the radfems and GCs lately, which has a lot to do with GCs having very conservative views and forcibly adhering to gender stereotypes and misogynistic arguments. Or so it seems to my outside view anyway.
So yeah no, I'm not proclaiming this lot of radfems as trans allies, just highlighting their ongoing conflict with GCs and how it's an uphill battle for sure.
Personally I see GCs as far more right wing and extreme than radfems. Radfems are feminists of a particular school of feminism, which means they tackle a lot of issues. GCs just hate trans people or oppose us, specifically, and dont care about wider context.
So like, as much as I don't jive with radical feminism - or what I know of it, hardly proclaiming myself an expert - on multiple levels, will absolutely admit the radfems GENERALLY do not center their entire online life around hating trans people. GCs do.

• • •

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14 Sep
The habit of listing how the rights of minorities are being misused by a small group, as a tactic to prevent those minorities from getting rights (or rolling them back) is, in fact, fashy as fuck.

Also yeah you CAN publish things that aren't true, and Linehan's substack? Really?
"You can't publish things that aren't true" the entire media industry would disagree
Like I'm sorry, but if we're taking a disgraced comedian's substack, where he waffles on about the evils of anon Twitter users and trans people, as a usable and respectable unbiased source on trans crimes, then we should listen to Ivanka Trump's take on her father and no one else
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14 Sep
Easy. We got a better understanding of what is and isn't a delusion. Because medicine and human understanding advances, and we stop stigmatizing things, and start understanding them.

Like y'all realize less than a hundred years ago, we just chucked people in asylums right?
And not even for severe mental health issues, for physical ailments, for refusing to provide sex to your husband, for being gay or "unruly", for having "abnormal desires" (a lot of times in women that was just "get a job" and "not be abused" btw)...
Like, my high school was right next to the old state asylum. Kids hid on those grounds to skip school, there's a lot of history there you get to see. Some of those patients were simply struggling, traumatized people locked away, well into the 50s and 60s.
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13 Sep
As an autistic trans man - it's exactly the same. The experiences I have with my autism and the experiences I have with my transness are nigh identical. We are treated as a disease, a social contagion, a plague on our parents, something harmful to the fabric of society.
GCs bleed into ableism all the time with their transphobia, but no more so when they're talking about autism - they come close with personality disorders though. "No one will love you, no one wants you, you're a lifelong patient, you'll always be a burden, you're sick and wrong-"
It's why I'm not even fazed by transphobia on here, and why calling me a "mutilated freak" or "confused girl" or anything like that is just... eh. Because it's the exact same nonsense ableism I've dealt with all my life, but this time, directed at my transness.
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13 Sep
If your critique of GCs calling a man a p*do for wearing a skirt, and the subsequent homophobia, transphobia, etc spewed in the replies is "men can wear skirts too, guys"

You're not actually calling anything out. You don't get brownie points for saying "people can wear clothes"
"We were not outright transphobic and homophobic" is not a flex.
Also, no, saying "I don't care, so long as he doesn't call himself a woman" isn't a callout, it's indifference.
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11 Sep
If the only way you think someone can support trans people, is by sleeping with them... let's just say that says a lot more about you than trans people.
Like, "TRA in the streets, TERFs in the sheets" only works if you think genuinely supporting trans people entirely relies on sleeping with us or dating us. Which is pretty ironic for a group claiming to "defend women", who are oft supported only if they're considered attractive.
Like, the idea of the "ugly feminist with colorful hair" is used by cis men on the left as well as the right to argue why they don't support feminism as it is. It's not fuckable and attractive to them, so they don't care or listen.
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9 Sep
I just wanna thread on autism and how difficult it is to communicate with it, and how that burden of communication is often placed on autistic people and not allistics so....

So for the majority of my life I have known I am very different. Adopted, no medical records, no family history, and no way to tell it was autism, so I was a fumbling autistic kid in a family and school that very much did not know how to handle it. And I knew this.
From a young age I learned how to mask, and how to communicate with allistics, because everyone WAS, and I had no idea I wasn't. I joked that I spoke Swahili - the furthest language from English a kid me knew - and that everyone else spoke English, and that's why we struggled.
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