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13 Sep, 15 tweets, 6 min read
@writerbxtch 1. When I was 20, 21 I was cutting grass for this university. I thought I was cool with the lead man because he would pick me up and say shit like "these guys can handle it. Let's go ride around." I'm like cool, if you say so. 🤷🏽‍♂️
@writerbxtch 2. Then one day he got in an argument with one of the other guys and he snapped on everyone. I'm like yoooo...that's between you two. Chill out with that shit. He started calling me lazy, stubborn, all kind of shit. I'm like wtf?!
@writerbxtch 3. A few days later he apologizes and says he was having a rough day. After that, anytime I was alone with him I would record every conversation just in case. Sure enough he snapped on everyone again and said some wild shit.
@writerbxtch 4. I told him he was abusing his authority and stealing gas from the company. Dumb ass said "damn right! Wtf are you gonna do about it?!" I had everything on my phone. Crystal clear af. After that day, I told the supervisor I needed a day off.
@writerbxtch 5. He said no problem, so the next morning I went straight to HR with the recordings. I talked to some lady explained what was going and played them for her...this bitch looked me dead in my face and said "this proves nothing" I'm like, oh...ok.
@writerbxtch 6. I went home knowing exactly what was gonna happen. The next day I show, start loading the truck and the whole time ol boy is giving me the death stare. We get in the truck and it's quiet af. He pulls over and says "trying to get rid of me huh?"
@writerbxtch 7. Mind you I'm still recording everything. I don't say anything. Last thing I want is a recording of an argument. So, a couple days go by and this truck pulls up to the job site. It's the supervisor. He tells me to get in and I already knew what was up.
@writerbxtch 8. I jumped right in and started recording. The whole time he's like "we're a family here and what you did wasn't family like." On some cult shit. We get to his office, the HR lady was there with a stack of paperwork of "violations" I had committed which were all made up.
@writerbxtch 9. Still recording, then when I say "lemme get pics of these" she snatched them and screamed "FOR WHAT?!" I told her it was my right since this is clearly a termination meeting. Her and the supervisor snapped on me about privacy or some shit.
@writerbxtch 10. After they were done, I pulled out my phone, told em they were being recorded and said I wasn't signing shit. They freaked tf out, I walked out and started calling the main admin office. They both followed me all the way to the car cussing me out.
@writerbxtch 11. I'm not saying shit, the lady who answered is just hearing all of this saying "omg!" So, I'm like bet. The mf's are gone! Nope...I get called in to the MAIN HR office like a week later to talk to some guy. He said i was a disgruntled employee
@writerbxtch 12. and my story holds no weight. He said if I didn't erase the recordings he would have the universities lawyer on the phone and there in 10 minutes. I said, shiiiddddd...let's do this. After we went back and forth for 30 minutes he said "this is a lose lose battle"
@writerbxtch 13. and we could try to work it out. I was like you know what? Home my last paycheck and move me to another department and I'll be good. He went on his computer, said your check will be mailed to you and I'll talk to the maintenance department. I was like cool.
@writerbxtch 14. Gimme my last check* they sent my check, and I never heard from them again. Definitely didn't get the job but I didn't care. I'm just glad I got out of there. That shit was wild af. Now that I'm older I wouldn't put myself through that, but young me was ready. 😂
@writerbxtch 15. Moral of the story...HR isn't there for you at all. They're there to protect the company. Fuck em.

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