I can't even form coherent thoughts about the red lights bondage concept music video there was so much. so much. hyunjin's desperate expression w/ chan's hand squeezing around his neck. chan shirtless being pulled by chains, hyunjin dancing on a leash with his hands tied
this is not a Bestie Vibes Hot Boy Summer kind of video this is them singing the lyrics TO EACH OTHER breathless and grappling for control and not breaking eye contact... the harsh tension in the choreography, with both of them being helpless and dominant by turns
the lighting!!! their clothing, the beautiful shot of them sitting across that long dining table facing e/o like 2 vampire ex-lovers trying to decide if they should kiss or fight to the death, the whole erotic horror aura of mutual obsession and destruction I'm so so into this
also I honestly think we don't talk enough about how good of a dancer chan is. he and hyunjin both have a very powerful, dynamic style of dancing (as opposed to the way IN or lee know move, which is more technical, precise and even) and this performance brings that out so well!!

• • •

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15 Sep
I just found out about the existence of jin body pillows today (in addition to all the rest of the cursed offbrand jin merch like the infamous travel mug) and not to immediately start being weird about it but what if soobin-
He literally said he's a pervert when it comes to his bias... can we get more fics about him being a horny little fanboy+jerking off to "sj tiny waist" and "sj thighs in shorts" twitter threads... Where's the fic about the private folder on his phone of sj video screencaps
I know soobin's an angel I just want more fics of him being a pervert and furtively touching himself to video compilations of jin in see-through clothes or zooming in on photos where he can see his nipples... They meet in person and sj is like oh he's so nervous and quiet! 🥺
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15 Sep
God I was so close to falling asleep but then I started thinking about sub bottom alpha sj again and now I have so many thoughts that I might need to write a full fic about him. This one extremely long and tender namjin scene won't leave me alone+I keep thinking abt pack dybamics
Me, exhausted: it's been hours let me rest. Im not even getting up to write anything I'm just going to lie here until I fall asleep

My brain in the middle of the night: you need to write ANOTHER horny embarrassed sj fic. Idc if u want to write smth else this is what we're doing
Anyways the idea is a bit of soft consensual feminization/gender play but with a/b/o dynamics, alpha sj getting called a pretty sweet omega when he's getting railed, rly losing control during ruts but instead of it being in a dominant feral way (like hobi in this au)
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13 Sep
thinking abt spoiled baby koo always wanting to bite and suck at his hyungs' chests, always sliding his hands up their shirts to tug at pretty nipples or latching onto their bare chests, and using "but I'm a growing boy I need milk🥺" as an excuse when they try to pull him off
sj, mumbling, having just woken up to jk's hot eager mouth on his nipples: wh- jk, what're you doing, let hyung sleep

jk, innocently: I can't sleep, I want hyung's milk🥺

sj, growing red: you're 24! And I don't have any-- any /milk/, oh my god, go back to bed

jk: just a sip🥺
jk taking one of nj's pecs in each hand and squeezing, burying his face in nj's chest: wan' milk

nj, bewildered: baby that's not how it works, how many times do I have to tell you they're not tits-


nj: ...Fine, ok, stay there if you want. But nothing's coming out!

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13 Sep
God every time I watch a live performance of dope I go insane and desperately want to learn the choreo their energy is just so incredible... I'm watching a bunch rn and Jimin's rockstar scream!! Yoongi's little smirk!! Jungkook's vocal consistency in every single performance
I also find jin's happy cute energy very funny in these videos, everyone else is channeling that wild sexy confidence and growling and hip thrusting into the cameras and he's like • ᴗ • dope dope dope <3 • ᴗ •
I wasn't into the band at the time and didn't know anything about them, but I have a distinct memory of watching the mv with wide eyes when I was 16 and thinking "ohh gosh the dark-haired one in the short sleeves is so handsome🥺🥺" and now look where we've ended up 😭
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7 Sep
ik I've talked abt this before but what if instead of nj corrupting jk... kook with a huge virginity kink wanting to roleplay corruption and nj just being along for the ride, helpless as jk squirms on his lap and moans about how hyung's cock is so big that it's going to ruin him
idk where I'm going w this ummm tags are pretty as much as stated, virginity/corruption kink and dirty talk, it's all consensual roleplay in the context of a relationship and jk isn't rly shamed/degraded much but it's there!
they're having sex in their shared bedroom, one night, nj holding jk gently as they rock together-- nj pressing little kisses to the shell of jk's ear, jk sighing happily-- and nj is about to come when he hears jk murmur softly,

"it feels like you're taking my virginity, hyung."
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12 Jul
woke up today thinking about nj breeding kink: taejoon edition where th doesn't have a filter+likes to run his mouth during sex and one time after nj finishes inside him th just dreamily mumbles "wow hyung you came so much, what if we have a baby" and nj is just like [horny grip]
th isn't even necessarily as into dirty talk as, say, yg (who pretends to be disaffected and then curses up a storm in bed and can be heard demanding that nj fuck him harder from the next room) or jk (who likes to manipulate nj with a well-timed "daddy?" and bambi eyes, the brat)
he's not really like sj either, who gets so embarrassed trying to say anything during sex that he'll giggle nervously whenever he tries to talk dirty. jm has made sexting into an entire art form (th helps him take the photos, sometimes. they get very serious abt lighting+draping)
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