I could take Christians appropriating Jewish holidays as less of a flat-out insult if they were doing shit like learning Aramaic and Hebrew, reading contemporaneous documents and Torah scholars, etc. but nope those dopes just want an excuse to make challah and LARP Jews
Astonishing to me how little WORK actually goes into being a Christian and how adverse they seem to be to the real labor of self-examination and self-awareness, tbqh!
Like, there’s a REASON Jews call it “school.” We are learning how not to suck! Jesus may have “saved” your soul but you’re still an insufferable prick to everyone in the Lord’s Creation!

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20 Aug
This is a really good breakdown of what’s happening and why sex workers are really scared right now
The fact is we are running out of payment options. MasterCard won’t do business with us. Soon Visa likely won’t either. This isn’t an issue of simply finding a different platform, it’s about being blacklisted from every single major financial institution and service on earth.
Which means a lot of sex workers who were comfortable with online only transactions and photo/video sharing are likely going to have two options: leave the industry entirely, or be forced into cash only, in-person SW (which can be much more dangerous).
Read 4 tweets
19 Aug
Things you can do to support SWers:
1) find our payment apps and tip us, things are gonna be rough for a while as we reestablish ourselves elsewhere
2) get on our email lists
3) keep tabs and AMPLIFY when we announce our other platforms
I really, really think that a big part of destigmatizing sex work is treating it like a labor rights issue and speaking as plainly and often about it in labor rights convos as possible. If a politician says they’re pro worker ask how they plan to support sex workers, period.
If a politician falters or blusters about their position or record on sex work, has zero plans for supporting or protecting sex workers then they aren’t pro-labor, full stop. 🤷‍♀️
Read 4 tweets
19 Aug
I’ve said it before but I’m willing to lose more followers for it: while class traitors are welcome and needed in socialist movements THEY SHOULD NOT BE THE STANDARD BEARERS AND WE SHOULD BE SIDE-EYEING TF OUT OF BOUGIE DEFECTORS POSITIONING THEMSELVES AS SOCIALIST POWER BROKERS
There is an extremely fine line and zero reliable litmus test between privileged folks genuinely committed to ending class warfare and dismantling our financial oligarchy and rich people insinuating themselves with the poors as a means of undercutting their progress
This is my only Nathan Robinson take and it applies to ALL leftist dandies
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21 May
Something that weighs heavily on my heart is that I cannot take shabbos off. At my day job it is the day most often delegated for overtime (often mandatory) and at my side gig it’s one of the most high-earning days of the week (people getting paid and relaxing with my smut).
If I were to explicitly black out Saturdays I would miss out on a lot of opportunity and money that I rely on use to pay bills, debt, bolster my own meager savings, and generally improve my quality of life. Not to mention how it would harm my professional rep at my day job.
I’m not asking for advice, I’m just struck in so many ways by how much more observant and care-full of God’s commandments for rest and humility I must by necessity deprive myself of because Capitalism.
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