4 Reasons You Shouldn't Go To College

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1) You Crave Freedom

Do you want to be in 100% control of your:

- time
- money
- location

In today's world, ANYONE is capable of making an income on the internet.

All that's required is that you learn high ticket closing.

Just ONE client can grant you $3-5k/m income.
2) You Want To Save Time & Money

I invested 6 years and $100,000+ into my college education.

@Gabepluguez invested 10 weeks and $3000 into my high ticket closing program.

College is simply overpriced and overrated.
3) You Understand Sales is 100x More Valuable Than a College Degree

Let's say you graduate college and get your 1st job interview.

Now it's time to SELL yourself.

You see, we are ALWAYS selling.

No sales skills = living life on hard mode.
4) You Don't Want Your Income To Be Capped

In most career paths, your income is capped.

No matter how knowledgeable, skillful, and valuable you become, at some point in time, you won't be able to earn any more money.

With high ticket closing, there is no cap.
I am not saying college is a waste of time & money for everyone.

I am saying that if you:

- crave freedom
- want to save time & money
- want to learn the invaluable skill of sales
- want unlimited income potential

Then college isn't for you.

Learn high ticket closing instead.
P.S. I'm about to launch group coaching.

Going to represent a HUGE value.

DM me "Deal" and I'll get you all the details.

DM me "Deal"👇

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13 Sep
Magnesium can save your life...

No really.

Let me explain.

My father in law is a beast. Absolute unit of a man who has been a bad dude for a long time. Tough as they come.

He started having serious heart issues. So bad he couldn't lay down without pain...
Now, he's been shot/stabbed/whatever and I've watched him walk miles on a broken foot. He can handle pain.

This was terrible. His heart was skipping beats and out of rhythm.

Good old doctors were a HUGE help.

They wanted to do surgery and give him a pacemaker.

My wife hears about this and says there has to be more to this story.

He's a pretty active dude and he's not 100, why does he need a pacemaker?!

She starts to do deep research on similar heart conditions and finds a bunch of dudes with similar issues.

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25 Aug
How I Went From a Clueless College Grad Trapped in a 9-5 to a High Ticket Closer Generating $70 Million in Sales

I reveal ALL my secrets below 👇

// THREAD //
Have you ever felt TRAPPED?

This is exactly how I felt...

I invested 6 years and 100,000+ dollars into my college education.

Only to end up working for a corporate insurance company:

- not enjoying the work
- struggling to pay my mortgage
- abusing credit cards to get by
This was NOT the life I envisioned for myself.

I felt like my wife and my children were disappointed in me.

Then suddenly, my whole life was flipped upside down...

I got into a serious car accident.

The passenger in the other car had died.

This was a MASSIVE wake-up call...
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29 Jun

Want to get on LOTS of sales calls?

You CAN and WILL if you use the strategies I'll outline here!
One strategy to get on LOTS of sales calls is sliding into the DM's

If you're on twitter, (obviously) then you should be DMing a couple people a day that seem to be your ideal client

Don't be weird. Say hi, show you've seen their page, and offer some help.

Drive convo to call
Email! You need a list. It's YOUR asset, and not Facebook, twitter, or YouTube dependent.

Offer a lead magnet in your links and build a list.

Send regular emails to the list and include a Call To Action on each email.

This just works.
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5 Apr
HOW TO OVERCOME OBJECTIONS. A brief thread on crushing sales.

First... what is an objection?

An objection is really when your prospect says, “no, because xyz.”

They are telling you they don’t want to buy.

The process for overcoming this starts at the beginning of the call.
When you start your call, you should be in fact finding mode.

What makes them tick, what drives them to speak to you, what do they need?

Now you start dropping hints at what you can do for them. Little nuggets of info but not all of it.

In case you need it later.

Once you’ve gone through the call, you should know why they need what you are offering and you should have given little hints at how wonderful it will be for them once they buy.

If they say no, it’s important to make sure you have clarity as to why.

The why is where you start👇
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4 Jan
🔥Massive Book Thread!🔥

In 2020 I read 24 books.

Here is each book and the biggest lesson from it.

There may be more, and I encourage you to read, and learn to find them.

In 2020 I determined to "level up" and now I'm sharing a year worth of lessons.

1: When by Daniel Pink

Timing is everything. And it's nothing.

When you do something has a huge impact on it's impact.

Don't worry, you can't perfectly time anything, so instead, just choose to act on what's most important NOW.

Use the concept of compounding in everything!
2: The Art Of War

The mind is your most powerful weapon. All else is just a tool.

Leverage strengths. Minimize weaknesses.

Don't fool yourself into thinking you're something you aren't.

Some days, living to fight another day is your only option. Be grateful for life.
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28 Dec 20
1 Retweet = 1 Absolute Truth About Sales
1) First impressions matter.

You can say things like, “ it shouldn’t matter what you look like/sound like.”

It doesn’t make it true. We are humans and humans react to first impressions.
2) Stereotyping can be an extremely useful tool in sales.

I’ve developed the ability to tell people’s approx age, net worth, job type, and relationship status within 15 seconds of talking to them.

Those things matter a lot.

Learn to stereotype usefully.
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