Terrifying news this morning. The Israeli Occupation police are accusing our beloved Murad Attieh, a Sheikh Jarrah resident, of "organizing terror acts." The same entity that for months teargassed our homes & targeted journalists and medics is charging Murad with "terror."
This summer, the Israeli occupation authorities lost the media battle. Clearly, targeting Murad is this rabid regime's attempt at revenge, stunting community organizing against ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah, tarring it with racist labels & punishing us for defending our homes
The court gaghged his lawyers, legally banning them from sharing details of the case publicly. Additionally, Israeli media outlets reported that the Occupation police repeatedly reference social media activism as the vehicle through which said "terror acts" were carried out.
This means, not only are they trying to "teach us a lesson," by kidnapping and imprisoning our youth, the Israeli occupation authorities are criminalizing public outreach on social media, which is our main channel of advocacy & the channel which has shifted the global narrative.
Murad's detention is within a system that exists to indict him, regardless of his actions. To Zionism, a Palestinian's mere existence is criminal; one's sentiments can be fabricated & translated into "terrorism." What does terrorism mean? Defending your home? Tweeting?
I call on all entities that claim to champion human rights, especially diplomats whose balconies overlooked police violence in Sheikh Jarrah in the past months, to pressure the Occupation Authorities to release Murad before he is forcibly disappeared for years. #SaveSheikhJarrah

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8 Sep
🚨 After the historic jailbreak of six Palestinians from Zionist prisons, the Israeli occupation authorities have started a massive crackdown campaign: brutalizing prisoners, arresting & holding hostage some relatives of the escapees, & putting the occupied West Bank in lockdown.
Authorities and special units in the Naqqab prison have been torturing Palestinian prisoners, handcuffing & shackling them, confiscating their belongings, & unleashing police dogs on them. In response, the prisoners have set fire to some sections of the prison earlier today.
The Occupation authorities were clearly shell-shocked by the prison break, employing measures of collective punishment to intimidate the rest of the prisoners. Prisoners & allies have sounded a general alarm, calling for protests all over against these brutal Israeli attacks.
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26 Aug
Great to see progressives in Congress slam the Palestinian Authority for its violent suppression of Palestinian protestors.

I would like them to say why we are protesting, to articulate that the PA is an agent of the Israeli occupation & an extension of US foreign policy. 1/
The protests sparked by Nizar Banat’s assassination are not just against the PA’s authoritarianism. We are protesting the disease of which “authoritarian” is merely a symptom: US and Israeli interventions—even inventions—that “rebuilt” PA security forces to be behave this way 2/
Banat’s assassination is a symptom of the PA’s US military trainings & Israeli-led “security coordination.” Which explain why PA forces are nowhere to be found when settlers set a West Bank home on fire & how the IOF can kill Palestinians regardless of geography 3/
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18 Jul
Today, following prime minster’s orders, soldiers beat & gassed Palestinian worshippers at alAqsa Mosque. Settlers sang the Israeli national anthem. In their view, a 1K-yr-old mosque should be demolished to build a biblical temple of which there is no solid archeological evidence
Obviously even if there *were* future evidence that confirms the temple existed beneath alAqsa, destroying alAqsa is still criminal. Yet this fanatic religious narrative is necessary to complicate the perception of Israeli land theft & political domination of occupied Jerusalem.
Inside the Old City, Al-Aqsa is one of the only remaining Palestinian public spaces. The constant violation of its sanctity with bullets & batons, and the popular extremism calling for its destruction, are mere reverberations of the many Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing.
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18 Jul
Of course, the galaxy’s only Feminist, women-loving nation deploying its mobs to beat and bully Palestinian women.
The worst thing about mainstream media perception of the Israeli authorities and Israelis is that they’re “progressive,” when in reality they remind anyone witnessing their atrocities of so many villains from history.
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18 Jul
Last night, Israeli Occupation Forces brutalized Palestinians, teargassed worshippers, shot bullets inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, beat women, and violated every moral and international rule there is, while armed Zionist settlers roamed free. Here is an infuriating thread...
It started by completely blocking off the entrances to the Old City, forcibly removing all Palestinians. Here, IOF is ordering Palestinians to leave Damascus Gate—literally one of the only, if not thee only, remaining public spaces for Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem
Here is the moment IOF started throwing rubber bullets, sound grenades, and tear gas at Palestinian worshippers.

Which regime in the world would dare do this inside a synagogue or a church? Huh?
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27 Jun
Silwan at large is facing ethnic cleansing, but today we must talk about the Bustan neighborhood in Silwan. Here's a thread. #SaveSilwan
#SILWAN: Palestinians in Silwan's Bustan neighborhood refused the Occupation's orders to demolish their own homes to make room for Zionist settlers. Their homes might be demolished at any minute. To state the obvious, this violates International law.
Atop the Bustan's rubble, there'll be a park. But it isn't just any park. The Occupation authorities often declare a piece of land as a “national park,” if "it contains archaeological discoveries." The Bustan does not meet this criterion. So what are "national parks" in reality?
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