One of the most deranged news cycles ever was right before he was gonna testify to Congress in 2007, MoveOn ran an ad titled "General Betray Us" and the GOP got all the Dems to spend the first part of the hearing condemning the ad instead of questioning Petraeus.
This was soon after Dems had taken Congress and finally had the chance to do real oversight of Iraq. I think some hoped Petraeus would give a damning assessment of Bush's failures, but instead of course he said Iraq was going great and everything was cool. MoveOn was right!
His prominence in this era made him a celebrity and widely sought after despite the fact Iraq and his ballyhooed "surge" was a major defeat for the United States and he later got indicted for leaking classified info this his mistress!
The elite media had decided that Iraq was going badly but only because it was being run by the "dumb" Bush people, creating a David Petraeus-shaped hole for a "smart" general to save the war that David Petraeus (Phd from Princeton!) walked into
I had erroneously remembered that Petraeus was "first in his class at West Point" but apparently he was 40th in his class (still pretty good I think). I think Wesley Clark actually had been so the public was already primed for "egghead general" discourse
Robert E Lee was second in his class. Ulysses S Grant almost flunked out. Didn't ultimately matter much on the battlefield
I don't know if actual generals care about this stuff, but it's definitely revealing of what the Very Smart Boys who run the national political press find impressive that Petraeus's educational bona fides were so often brought up as ipso facto evidence he was competent.
Classic career tip to make sure you don't cheat on your wife while leaking classified materials to your mistress until *after* you outrank your father in law

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15 Sep
I suspect that the actual upshot of the CA results is that the people who control GOP propaganda organs ease up on the anti-vaxx, anti-mask, anti-mandate stuff, as it dawns on them that having Covid still be a salient issue by 2022 will kill them with college-educated voters
Or maybe they say "lol its just California" and keep trying to mutate a new strain to ruin Biden's Presidency, but so far this strategy of theirs to keep the virus going seems to be badly backfiring.
Yes, it's definitely possible that the inmates are running the asylum here as the right wing media ecosystem has gotten more and fragmented and extreme
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14 Sep
they should really take a harder look at relocating the airport before spending sums like this.
15 years ago! It's still a good idea and SD and its politics have changed a lot in that timespan.
Miramar (where the previous failed ballot measure would've relocated it) is the obvious spot for it.

Why? It takes up about a square mile (and blights the surrounding area) of some of the most valuable land on earth that could be used more productively
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13 Sep
Frankly, football stadiums only host 10 home games a year and so it's okay to surround them with parking because games aren't regular enough to support a local economy around them. They just shouldve built this in Lancaster instead of Inglewood
The best sited football stadium in America is how Milwaukee put theirs in a small working class city 2 hours away and everyone pretends the team's home city is actually there
Build the Rams a dome in Twenty Nine Palms who cares
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13 Sep
Acting like you want to be at your job and being nice to everyone you work with is more valued by most employers and potential employers than excellent performance is.
Emphasis on "acting like" - you don't actually have to want to be there, you just need to give a cromulent performance of it.
Another piece of advice I would handily give is that, if you're in a position where you don't feel like you're being compensated fairly, start looking for a new job at a different firm and be aggressive about being willing to leave for greener pastures
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13 Sep
I strongly agree that this is going to go very badly for the firms that try to do it. That they are trying to put the screws on workers like this will be fun to keep in mind when they complain about how hard it is to hire 10 minutes after these workers quit. ImageImage
There's a sort of folk economics belief that salaries are determined by the local cost of living + some small premium and it's not at all true (though revealing that managers think about it this way)
It is true that in high cost of living areas there is a salary premium even for unskilled workers but that's because *very few unskilled workers can afford to live there and this is more competition for the few that can*
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12 Sep
"Have so many available jobs that people filter up from low productivity fast food and restaurant service jobs into more productive work" You're right I did ask for this and it's extremely good to me.
I can see how this would be a problem for psychos who would rather live in a shitty economy with fully-staffed Burger Kings than in a booming one, but that's not me and I don't think it's most people.
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