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In January 2019 we submitted a FOIA request asking for the contents of the EOIR ('s "Guidance and Publications" intranet site (…).
The site is part of the EOIR's intranet, which is accessible to all EOIR employees, and appeared to contain guidance for immigration judges on a host of topics.
In July 2019 we received roughly 94 heavily-redacted files (…) (posted below as "First Production") which includes charts related to which state crimes trigger removability, guidance for IJs on how to handle certain types of relief applications,…
…competency documents, etc.
We appealed the agency's decision to withhold a number of these records and to redact others. Our appeal was granted in August 2021. We've now started to receive supplemental documents (posted below as "Second Production").
This set relates to the agency's handling of competency issues for detained respondents, including compliance with the Franco-Gonzalez injunction.

I expect more documents are on the way. I'll post them here when we receive them.
Second Production Zip File (…)
- Confidential IJ Guidance re Franco Gonzalez Settlement (…)
-  November 2020 Powerpoint re Franco Gonzalez (…)
- Process for Conducting a Judicial Inquiry - Nationwide (…)
- Pro Se Competency Standard - Nationwide (…)
- Dusky v. US - reporter copy (…)
- April 2021 Powerpoint on Competency Evaluation Policy (…)
- EOIR's Nationwide Policy - list of courts (…)
- Differences Between Franco and EOIR's Nationwide Policy (…)
- Case Competency Tab Flowchart - Nationwide (…)
- Case Processing and Logistics Quick Reference - Nationwide (…)
- IJ Competency Evaluation Checklist Nationwide (…)
- Conceptualizing Competence (…)
- Dusky v. US (…)
- Nationwide Policy Flow Chart (…)
- 2013 O'Leary Memo (…)
- Handling Mental Competency Cases Under Franco (…)
- Case Processing and Logistics Quick Reference - Franco (…)
- Case Competency Tab Flowchart (…)
- Guidance for Handling Cases for Released Franco Gonzalez Members (…)
- Template Franco Gonzalez Order and Judgment (…)
- IJ Competency Evaluation Checklist - Franco (…)
- Order for the Provision of a Qualified Representative (…)
- Order for Forensic Competency Evaluation and Report (…)
- Forensic Competency Evaluation Referral (…)
- Redacted 2015 pro se transcript (…)
- Process for Conducting a Judicial Inquiry - Franco (…)
- Respondents With Mental Illness in the Courtroom (…)
- Indicators of Mental Disorders (…)
- Introduction to Mental Disorders (…)
- Pro Se Competency Standard - Franco (…)
- Competence Evaluation Flow Chart (…)
- Summary of ICE Notes (…)
- DHS Screening Sheet (…)
- Franco-Gonzalez Judgment (…)

First Production ZIP File (…)
- Potential_Trafficker_Referral_Form_Appendix_D (…)
- Motion_to_Suppress_Jun2016 (…)
- Ninth_Circuit_Asylum_Precedent_by_Country_Redacted (…)
- Motion_to_Continue_Marr2016 (…)
- Particular_Social_Groups_in_the_Fifth_Circuit (…)
- Potential_Trafficking_Victim_Referral_Form_Appendix_C (…)
- Motion_to_Change_Venue_Nov2013 (…)
- Franco_-_CASE_Competency_Tab_Flowchart (1) (…)
- Trafficking_Referral_Protocol (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status (…)
- Fundamentals_of_Immigration_Law (…)
- California_Crime_Chart_-_Alternative_Judgments_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Larceny_Robbery_and_Related_Offenses_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Franco_-_CASE_Competency_Tab_Flowchart (…)
- Arizona_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Franco_-_Sample_JCI_Transcript__817_Redacted (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Homicide_-_53a-54a_through_53a-58_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Dependency-Producing_Drugs_-_21a-266_through_21a-279_redacted (…)
- California_Crime_Chart_-_Alternative_Judgments_redacted_Redacted (1) (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Larceny_Robbery_and_Related_Offenses_redacted_Redacted (1) (…)
- Franco_-_CASE_Competency_Tab_Flowchart (2) (…)
- Arizona_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (1) (…)
- Franco_-_Sample_JCI_Transcript__817_Redacted (1) (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Homicide_-_53a-54a_through_53a-58_redacted_Redacted (1) (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status_under_the_LIFE_Act_245i (…)
- -_Federal_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- 1._Franco_-_Notice_to_IJs_in_AZ_CA_and_WA_-_Mental_Incompetence (…)
- 6._Franco_-_EOIR_Flowchart (…)
- A_Five-Step_Guide_to_Determining_Ag_Fels_and_CIMTs (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Dependency-Producing_Drugs_-_21a-266_through_21a-279_redacted (1) (…)
- 8._Franco_-_Mental_Disorders_Related_to_the_Implementation_Order (…)
- 7._Franco_-_Pro_Se_Competency_Standard (…)
- 9._Franco_-_Indicators_of_Mental_Disorder (…)
- Alabama_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Alaska_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status_245a (…)
- Analysis_of_Criminal_Convictions (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status_under_the_Cuban_Adjustment_Act (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Miscellaneous_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Chart_4-_Continue_Here_Where_the_Respondent_Did_Recieve_Notice (…)
- Franco_-_Logistics (…)
- MT_Terminate_Naturalization_Mar2016 (…)
- Mandatory_Detention_and_Bond (…)
- Administrative_Closure (…)
- Asylum_Citations_Quick_Reference_June2018 (…)
- Arkansas_Crime_Chart (…)
- Asylum_WH_CAT_Boilerplate_Mar2019 (…)
- Asylum_Withholding_and_CAT (…)
- Bond_Credible_and_Reasonable_Fear_Continuances_and_NTAs_in_the_Fifth_Circuit (…)
- CA_Common_Crimes__-_Theft_and_Property_Crimes_9.11.2018_redacted_Redacted (…)
- CA_Crime_Chart_-_Crimes_Against_the_Person_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Burdens_of_Proof_Outline (…)
- Cancellation_A_240Aa (…)
- California_Crime_Chart_-_Perjury_Forgery_Fraud_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Canons_of_Statutory_Interpretation (…)
- Chart_1-_Start_Here_When_the_Respondent_Requests_Reopening_After_Failing_to_Appear (…)
- Chart_2-_Continue_Here_for_General_MTR_Requirements (…)
- Cancellation_B_240Ab1 (…)
- Charges_of_Removability (…)
- Colorado_Criminal_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Connecticut_Crime_Chart_-_Assault_and_Related_Offenses_-_53a-59_through_53a-64c_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Chart_3-_Continue_Here_Where_the_Respondent_Alleges_No_Notice (…)
- Chart_5-_Continue_Here_Where_the_Respondent_Left_the_U.S._After_the_Final_Order (…)
- Connecticut_Crimes_Chart_-_Sex_Offenses_-_53a-65_through_53a-90b_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Credible_Fear_Review_Outline (…)
- DC_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Delaware_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Corroboration_in_the_Fifth_Circuit (…)
- Suspension_of_Deportation_former_244a1 (…)
- Eighth_Circuit_Legal_Outline (…)
- Fifth_v._Ninth_Circuit_Case_Law_Comparison (…)
- Failure_to_Appear_Boilerplateredacted (…)
- Findings_of_Fact (…)
- Fifth_Circuit_Case_Law_Cheat_Sheet (…)
- Florida_Crime_Chart_redacted_Redacted (…)
- Fifth_Circuit_Boilerplate (…)
- Foreign_Convictions_Boilerplate (…)
- Fourth_Cir_Immigration_Law_Outline_March_2019 (…)
- Franco_-_Competence_Decision_Template (…)
- Franco_-_FCE_Referral_Form (…)
- Franco_-_IJ_Order_of_Provision_of_QR (…)
- Franco_-_OGC_Training_Outline (…)
- Franco_-_Order_for_FCE_and_Report (…)
- Franco_-_Sample_FCE_Report_046redact_Redacted (…)
- Franco_-_Guidance_for_Released_Class_Members (…)
- Franco_-_IJ_Competency_Checklist (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status (2) (…)
- Potential_Trafficker_Referral_Form_Appendix_D (1) (…)
- Mental_Competency_Boilerplate (…)
- Motion_for_Admin_Closure_April2017 (…)
- Franco_-_Process_for_Conducting_Competency_Inquiry (…)
- MT_Terminate_National_Citizen_Mar2016 (…)
- Gao_v._Sessions_Best_Citations_Aug18 (…)
- Adjustment_of_Status (1) (…)
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13 Sep
I won an appeal re the withholdings on this request, so I'm starting to get more documents. Today's batch is about 300 pages related to the guidance given to IJs in implementing the Franco-Gonzalez injunction. I'm working on breaking them up.…
Here is the EOIR's Forensic Competency Evaluation Referral form. Not sure why this was so secret that we had to appeal to get it, but alas
IJs receive secret guidance that affects the decisions they make but which isn't released to the public. No better example, imo, than the Franco-Gonzalez injunction. Many of these documents are from an IJ training but are marked as attorney work product so you can't get them.
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12 Aug
Yesterday the DOJ produced ~1200 pages of emails on Matter of A-B-. I just received a FOIA determination letter with a link to these.…
Working through the first set, the unsurprising conclusion is that David Wetmore and Gene Hamilton, both working for the AG at the time, largely spearheaded the effort. Wetmore is now in charge of the BIA.
When they first announced they'd be seeking amicus briefs, they hadn't said what the case was about or told anyone who the respondent's attorney was. When asked, they refused. But multiple people filing FOIA requests forced their hand.
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8 Apr
I wasn't on the EOIR's case flow processing call yesterday. The new memo says the process only applies to new cases (post 4/2/21). It says orders under the old memo will remain in effect. But they canceled the old memo. And it also says pending cases might be added.
So, if I'm an IJ, what is my guidance on how to proceed with cases that had been docketed before 4/2/21? Not the old memo, it's been rescinded. What is the "individualized determination" that they are amenable to "this process" in the footnote?…
Summary - the Trump admin blew up the way for holding court hearings (despite a super clear regulation saying that's illegal). Biden cancelled that but the replacement plan doesn't explained what's supposed to happen to pre-4/2/21 cases.
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23 Mar
It appears Vance H. Spath has been removed from the list of Assistant Chief Immigration Judges. The page says it was updated on the 17th, but there's been no announcement.…
Spath was a Guantanamo judge presiding over cases where the DOJ was a party while he was asking them to hire him as an IJ. The DC Circuit in April 2019 said he had created “an intolerable cloud of partiality.”…
Nevertheless, in April, 2020 Trump's DOJ promoted him from being an IJ in Arlington to being an ACIJ based in Miami. It's unclear if he still works for EOIR. The policy manual still lists him as an ACIJ. But it hasn't been updated in over a month.…
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1 Mar
EOIR's new ECAS terms of service: users have to promise to use e-filing on every case where it's available, no exceptions. But EOIR reserves the right to "remove a particular case from electronic filing" without explanation. Sounds fair.…
Also, you can be banned from using e-filing for "filing case-related documents and repeatedly inputting and uploading incorrect or inaccurate information into the system." I would think "filing case-related documents" would be the entire point of e-filing.
Also, e-filing a document (which gives DHS access to that document) isn't considered service on DHS. We still have to print a copy and serve them by mail (or use DHS's "e-service" platform that is regularly offline and works poorly.
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22 Feb
Detained immigration attorneys - EOIR has a new page up describing "clerical transfers" where the court says it can now change venue from one court to another "with only an administrative notation" - no need for a change of venue motion or order by the IJ.…
There are serious due process problems here if, for example, a court clerk in El Paso can just change venue to Atlanta with an "administrative notation" without notice to either party.
They also updated the Uniform Docketing Manual System Manual on Friday with a new section about "clerical transfer." It gives release from a detention setting as one example where this will be used but no more detail about when else it will be used.…
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