Shut down for two weeks.
Wear a mask.
Social distance.
Sit granny by the window.
Don’t visit family or friends
Stay home.
Only shop using one person.
24/7 reminding you of a pandemic.
Wasting billions and billions,
We just vaccinate the old and vulnerable
Tell public get tested Image
Protect the nhs clap
Coerce a lower age group to now protect granny
Threaten care workers or lose a job
Even though they worked though.
Next coerce the younger group,
then 60-40
Now start blaming the public as the enemy’s or they harm granmy
Encourage public to get tested Image
Start telling all key workers get the jab or your harm others or lose your job,
Who again all worked though the so called pandemic.
Next bring in a new variant with no means of finding that variant
And say it spread faster in a lower age group.
Tell public to get tested Image
Blame the public again while telling them
To get tested yet again.
And new variant,
Spreads coincidentally
To even younger group who again are even rare to get Covid let alone die form it,
Blame parents, urge them to jab kids.
Take the responsibility of the parents let the kid Image
Encourage expecting mums to get the jab.
Blame the public for NHS while all the while they was told they was protecting it
Encourage resting
Threat of lockdowns
Or get the jab if you haven’t
Explain people may need boosters ( for life) maybe every year, mix your vaccines Image
Make a new hybrid jab
Add flu shot to this jab.
Balme the public again for any lockdowns even though they don’t work.
Stop GPs from doing their job.
Encourage them to jab and get money that way.
Protect the NHS
While a lot of the staff are now injured due to the jab
Mix boosters Image
Blame the public,
Over Rule a governing body that says kids shouldn’t be jabbed.
Encourage business to push jabs on employees.
Encourage entertainment industry to use Covid passports.
No one listens anymore,
Bring out a new variant.
Blame public.
Use threats of lockdowns again Image
Threats with Covid passports.
Explain they are for safety.
Gain more control.
Tell the public to get tested even more.
And use a app that cost 35 billion. And lock down 330,000 people in first week.
Adjust the app.
Lockdown another 225.000 people.
Blame the public.
Let invaders Image
Come to U.K. with out masks and jabs.
Blame the public.
Encourage public to go abroad.
Then change the system to make them test and isolate.
Blame the public again.
Threaten the public again,
Bring a new variant.
Again tell public it targets younger children.
Hide the true number Image
Of injured who has the jabs.
Encourage public to get tested.
Encourage the public yet again to use this app all the time.
Spy on the pilot illegally to see if they are obeying.
Blame the public for lack of take up on the vaccinations.
Don’t let the public know that the vaccine Image
Do nothing,
Doesn’t stop you getting ill.
Or passing it on.
Most of all doesn’t stop you going hospital.
Blame the unjabbed for everything,
All the while hospitals are being used by the vaxxed.
Stir hate and divide among the public with anyone not jabbed.
Let people die alone ImageImage
Did I also mention use Midazolam
On old people At the start of this and say they died of Covid,
Also say anyone who died of cancer died of Covid,
Also to fit this narrative overcycle PCR tests to say they had Covid,
Tell neighbours to grass on neighbours. ImageImageImageImage
All of this above and much more was used to manipulate the public in each and every country.
I don’t know about you but I don’t consent or comply to any of it
#covid #covid1984 #nocovodpassport #together #doNotComply #stopgettingtested #enoughIsenough #Riseup #NoMoreLockdowns ImageImageImageImage
I failed to mention parliament and all MPs exempt from the vaccinations and passports if they want,

• • •

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