Hot take of the day: any company that is 100% men will be more efficient than a competitor that is solely women, or mixed sex.

Any kind of gender quota on a company is literally forcing that company to be less efficient. Notice how few women are in startups versus corporations.
Women always want to work with men, but men don't like working with women. Men don't like working with women because of all the drama and bullshit women bring. But women like working with men, because they are trying to avoid other women's drama and bullshit.
Men treat women fairer than women treat women, because women suck at cooperation and excel in sabotage. Women view any woman prettier than them as competition. Women keep other women down out of nothing but instinctive petty envy. If you are a pretty woman, most women hate you.
Feminists are the real misogynists.

We've done told you this over and over again.

The people trying to keep you down the most, who want to sabotage your chances, who see you as competition and will get in your way are other women - masculine feminist types - not men.
"You can't handle a strong independent woman, bla bla"

This is just idiotic conceit.

Men don't even view women as competition. We don't. We view them as potential conquests, or we don't give a shit about them at all. You are not afforded the seriousness of "competitor" by us.
Another hot take: hilariously feminism is perpetuated solely to fracture the family, double the tax base and lower the cost of labour - but the corporate welfare that ensues from gender quotas actually makes those very companies less efficient and competitive.

Poetic backfire.
This idea of "women bringing a more delicate sensibility" to the workplace is bullshit. 100% bullshit propaganda.

They bring more problems to the workplace by constantly competing with each other out of pettiness, envy and vanity, rather than cooperating with one another.
The average woman in the workplace is more ruthless than the average man in the workplace, because men are solutions oriented whilst women are feelings oriented. So whilst the women are all trying to sabotage one another, the men are actually trying to get things done.
The main head fuck for you here is this:

Women are more sociable than men, better presentable than men and more agreeable than men, and therefore seem easier to manage than men.

But men are actually less of a headache because they will focus more on tasks than social games.
Feminist careerism is little more than a way for less attractive women to compete with and keep down more attractive women, whilst also gaining themselves access to more powerful men.

This is all it really comes down to at the end of the day.

The sisterhood is a crab bucket.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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15 Sep
Unless you're chad, famous or a sociopath - you won't have multiple women in love with you at the same time

Unless you're a ridiculously beautiful and sweet woman - you won't ever marry an "elite high value manβ„’"

Hypergamy and polygamy whilst complementary, are not sustainable
They are not sustainable, because they exclude the vast majority of the population.

Most men are by definition, not elite high value men.

Most women are not exceptionally beautiful and chaste, nor of the correct temperament and genetics to be marriageable for an elite man.
The role of religion in society, in large part, is to regulate the dysfunction that results from these instincts.

It forces the men who can have many women to pick one, and all the lame average woman who think they deserve a top 0.1% man to date a man at their own level.
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13 Sep
When a woman is unattractive, say, old, fat and ugly, the other women like her and want to be her friend because they don't see her as a threat. She makes them look good.

But when a woman is very attractive, all the other women hate her because she's gonna "steal" the good men.
This is why women sabotage one another. You thought they were "just being nice" when they were telling a very ugly overweight woman how pretty she is? No, they are deliberately encouraging her not to improve by being fake accepting to eliminate competition. It's insidious.
Men don't do this. Men don't give false acceptance and feedback to other men to "make them feel good about themselves whilst eliminating competition at the same time"

Men are honest. Men hold you accountable. If you are failing as a man, other men will tell you to fix your shit.
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13 Sep
Your women must respect your time, because every bit of time you spend on her is time you spend not building, and a man who doesn't build amounts to nothing.

Women want their men to be successful, but they also want him to spend a lot of time with her - you can't have both.
This is why if you're not where you're supposed to be, if you've fallen behind in life and need to get to work on yourself - you can't be wasting time talking to women, chasing women, dating women - all this will do is hold you back even further.

You need
That should say woman, not women* but hey, shit happens, let's keep the typo
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12 Sep
The art of pretending to value someone’s opinion is a hallmark of diplomacy.

Asking them why they think what they do, β€œHmm, that’s interesting” and β€œI hadn’t considered that” are perfectly viable alternatives to calling someone a fucking idiot.

Not all bridges are worth burning
Often people just want to feel like you value what they have to say, even if what they’re saying is nonsense or poorly thought out. It’s an emotional need. Validating them fulfils that need. Fleshing things out is energy intensive & just upsets most

Easier to validate and ignore
Insecure people and egotistical people and women most fall into this category.
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11 Sep
A woman helps a man grow like a child helps a woman grow.

A man helps a woman grow like a mentor helps a student grow.
Men and women help each other grow, but not in the same way.

A woman helps a man grow by forcing him to improve from within in order to meet the challenge she represents.

A man helps a woman grow by guiding her understanding of things and enriching her perception of reality.
This, by the way, is why women so often fall in love with their professors, mentors, bosses etc - whilst the inverse is markedly rarer.

Implicit to teaching is dominance, authority, status, leadership - all things women find attractive in men, but men don't really seek in women.
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10 Sep
People say they want authenticity, but they also want to be able to categorise you because they want to avoid surprise and feel clever

This however, is a contradiction, because authenticity of character defies categorisation

People aren't two dimensional, outliers, even less so
So if you go "off brand" - aka: show actual authenticity - they all of a sudden become quite disoriented and upset

All of a sudden, you aren't who they thought you were - their worldview has been shaken - and they don't like the disorientation they feel
Truth is, people don't really want authenticity, they just like how the dopamine hits of savage honesty and vulnerability look from afar.

They want to categorise you as something "finance guy", "funny guy" etc and then police you if you fall outside their bounds of expectation,
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