The comparison of vaccination mandates to reproductive rights is nothing more than a red herring.

A thread.
Let’s talk for a minute about reproductive rights as they pertain to your perceived right to remain unvaccinated, shall we?
I’ve seen so much of this lately; there are so many people practicing this goofy whataboutism in my comments and my DMs, especially on IG; so I want to address it.
There’s this gotchya mentality circulating, which suggests that *my body my choice* must naturally extend to vaccine status since it exists for uterine occupancy.
And I see what it is. White people SO BADLY want an excuse to be oppressed that we'll genuinely and without any irony whatsoever try to argue that AP calculus + bellybutton lint = potato salad.
You're trying to have a conversation about personal rights and freedoms, but you sound like a kid tugging at their parents’ shirtsleeve while the grownups are discussing public health. Baby, it’s not your time. Sit down and finish your Cheerios.
Y’all really don’t know what you’re talking about, and it shows. So let me make this clear:

Covid-19 is contagious.

Pregnancy isn’t.
So this is why I say what I do: that the comparison of vaccination mandates to reproductive rights is just a red herring.
Now, I’m not implying that the people who do this realize that they’re doing it. I don’t suspect they even realize the way in which they’re detracting and distracting from the issue at hand.
What I do suspect, however, is that they’re so myopic in their focus on themselves, so staunchly planted in their self absorption, that they really don’t see the nuance here.
I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why American people—and especially and predominantly the white ones—act so entitled and self-absorbed. Why do y’all think you matter so much?
How'd you end up with the superiority complex that’s got you out here thinking you deserve to be in charge of how long covid stays in circulation, blind to the fact that reproductive justice has exactly zero to do with mitigating the effects of a virus that wants you dead?
Baby, bestie, hun, no. You sound like a fucking idiot. I want to believe that you’re smarter than this—but you’re making it so hard.
Holding the power to decide whether or not you carry a pregnancy to term is nothing—and I mean NOTHING—like maintaining the MeDiCaL fReEdOm to murder your next-door neighbor, your meemaw, or the guy behind you in the checkout line.
Pregnancy? Personal choice.


Do you understand?
This is US. A group project. Community care. Basic human decency. Please. For fuck’s sake, get ALL the way over yourself and do your fucking job, you entitled dipshits. Save somebody’s life. Think of literally one single other person besides your own damn self. Try it.
You’re so fucking embarrassing that I’d be laughing if I weren’t so busy screaming.


In danger.

Because of you.

• • •

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