This is remarkable. My response:

* There are huge social stigmas associated with IVDU and prostitution. Don't understand his argument that we don't punish IVDU or prostitutes. Both are illegal
* Being misinformed is not being a victim. It's failing to educate oneself for reasons within one's own control. That should be stigmatized

* Minorities have a legitimate reason to fear majority medicine given the abuse that majority medicine has heaped on them historically
* How does one act pragmatically in a situation with as many unknowns as a pandemic of a novel virus? One can only be pragmatic if one has an abundance of information

We do not have enough information about COVID to enable pragmatism
* Blame (and shame) are powerful motivators, contrary to what the Dr. says here. More important, blame and shame send signals to the rest of society about what is and what is not acceptable behavior
* Suing for "reasonable approaches" is a time-proven rhetorical device intended to quash approaches deemed unreasonable by those who control the definition of reason
* No, we are not further trivializing our broken society.

Our society broke into two tribes with regard to COVID, long ago

Blaming is a form of tribal warfare and it's important that we let this war go on with the goal of eliminating the less-fit tribe

• • •

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4 Sep
Pathogenic T-cell response: sharks and zombies version

T-cells are a part of your immune system that find cells in your body that have been infected and kill them, which stops the infection

Sometimes that process goes wrong. Here's how...
You run the local swimming pool. It's a pretty good gig except that every now and then a zombie gets into your pool and starts biting the other swimmers

One day a guy rolls up in a rusty Miata and a polyester leisure suit and says "I got a zombie-eating shark"
"Shark won't eat anything but zombies, guaranteed. All you got to do is throw him into the pool" says leisure suit Larry

You're skeptical but desperate. So you agree to give the shark a try

"Oh, watch out for the remora," says Larry. Remora?
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4 Sep
I'm going to take a stab at this, in layperson's terms, because I am a layperson...
There is a fascinating thread on a paper that came out differentiating the adaptive immune system's antibody and "T cell" response in terms of efficacy against a SARS2 infection

First, some definitions:

Innate immune system: those parts of the immune system that are common to all animals and plants. The most widely recognized component of the innate immune system is skin -- it is a physical barrier that keeps things out of the inside of the body
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3 Sep
1/The premises of the "Great Barrington Declaration" are:

1. There is a small pool of "vulnerable" people in the population, mostly the VERY old

2. COVID is inconsequential to anyone not in the pool

3. Therefore the proper thing to do is focus protection on the pool
2/There are two things wrong with this:

1. It does not define what constitutes vulnerability

2. It assumes no agency on the part of the vulnerable -- that people who self-identify as vulnerable will not take measures to protect themselves
3/The pronouncements of the GBD were put into place as official policy in the United States under the Trump administration

At the state level, they became official policy at a number of states, most notably Florida where they have permeated as ideology
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2 Sep
Proud to announce my new PMtEBI (Pandemic Management through Evidence-Based Incompetence) plenary sessions

For a modest investment of $1000 a month, payable to my Patron Tequila, you gain access to mask-free Zoom workshops

Topics include:
* "COVID cross-immunity in children due to prior infection with cooties: where to place the nerd in the class so everyone gets 'vaccinated' just in time for safe soccer practice"

* "Walk it off: build your immune system and take your wife like the stallion ketobro next door"
* "I can't find my keys: How to recognize what Dad is really dying from, not with, and let him go. The 'missing chapter' of Atul Gawande's "Being Mortal!""

* "Call me 'Mr. Ed': How to discuss your COVID treatment plan with your veterinarian"
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2 Sep
Gonna amplify this.

@VPrasadMDMPH wrote a terrible article for @TheAtlantic (which seems to be going all-out in the race-to-the-bottom of COVID "both-siderism")

Prasad asserts: The educational costs of masks are far-better established than the health benefits of mask mandates
At this point, the reader should well expect to be presented with solid evidence, science even, documenting exactly how wearing a mask in school incurs "educational costs" and what those costs are

Right? Maybe even an RCT or ten?

In 1,000 words NOT ONCE does Prasad present a SINGLE argument supporting the notion that mask wearing in schools is detrimental to education

Instead he spends the entire article yammering on about how the health benefits of mask wearing for children aren't established
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1 Jul
1/Hard for people to understand:

It does not matter how many co-morbidities you have, how old you are, how fat you are, etc. if you are not infected

Even if you have BMI of 100 and are 144 years old, you will not die of COVID if you are not infected with COVID
2/I get complaints in my political identification/COVID death statistics that I am not controlling for confounding factors such as age, income, obesity, etc.

None of those things matter if you are not infected

Again, you can't die from COVID if you are not infected with COVID
3/What's the single most effective thing you can do to improve your chances of not dying from COVID?

* Is it taking organ meat supplements?
* Is it vitamin D?
* Is it a Keto diet?

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