The people who are able to clearly articulate their experiences in language you find acceptable should not be the only people you learn from or show respect to.
The ability to articulate one’s experience in language that is both understandable & acceptable (within the culture one is speaking to) is highly contingent on class, ability, & access. There are many folks who share your values but cannot preform acceptability bc of this.
If mastery of an ever-shifting lexicon of political language and buzzwords is the bar for entry in revolutionary movements, many of the people who need liberation the most will never make the cut, but talented manipulators absolutely will.
Lack of mastery over clear or acceptable language (which itself is constructed by the systems of the status quo) does not indicate that people also lack an understanding of the social forces of their world, they just speak to it differently. We can and must learn from them, too.
None of this is to say that language is unimportant, or that we shouldn’t call our harmful language when we hear it, but a reminder that building our connections based foremost on language will only serve to prioritize those who can master it, regardless of their actual values.
Values are fundamental, while language is always shifting. It is the most efficient of weapons to co-opt. I see far too many people getting praise because their mastery of buzzwords allows them to first obfuscate, then validate, defenses of what is essentially the status quo.

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13 Sep
It’s actually actively all of these things because collapse is not a singular, spectacular event but something that happens in the conglomeration of different weakening events over (usually) a long period of time.
Some folks date the collapse of the Roman Empire occurring from between 230 CE to 476 CE. Some date it “starting” closer to 330 CE. Most accounts have it occurring at least over 100 years.
The point is that “collapse”—similarly to “revolution”—is often defined in hindsight: we look at the history and decide that it “started” on THIS date, and “ended” on this one, and both can only ever come approximately near the truth because human relations are never that simple.
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13 Sep
Why seeing politics as a form of science will always and forever be unsound. This is the least amount of variables you’re working with: Text on a white background that reads “Current World Popul
In actuality it’s far more because human beings are not separate from nature, but always relating to and being effected by all our relatives here on earth: plants, animals, waters, soil, winds, rock, etc. The actual variables likely approach infinity.
All of those people are acting, within in response to a multiplicity of other actions and events. We can absolutely learn from the patterns of the past, but there is simply no way we can claim knowledge of the future, nor claim that the patterns can lead to such knowledge.
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2 Sep
Let’s break down this claim!

In this thread, I’m going to demonstrate how I would take a claim like this and break down its underlying assumptions and conclusions to see if it still holds under scrutiny. Let’s practice thinking philosophically together! Screenshot of a tweet, whose author is blocked out, that rea
Okay, so this is a claim that folks in favor of gaining control of and wielding state power often bring up in response to anarchist opposition to authoritarianism. So I figured it might be helpful to actually fully break it down here.
Proposal: “Engaging in self-defense is itself authoritarian.”

Supporting argument: “The bourgeois state only targets people in its own self-defense, therefore, self-defense is an authoritarian act.”
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2 Sep
Pretty fucked that we all have to commodify our lives and our time and our bodes to sell them on the market just to be allowed to be alive.
Also I hate that it also means that any time we put any significant effort or time into building or sharing a skill we basically have to try to figure out how to monetize it or we literally cannot afford to practice it?? Because we can’t *not* sell that much of our time and live?
I just want to be able to pour myself into any project or skill that will expand my understanding or help my community without having to be worried about how much of my time isn’t making money to fucking live. It’s dehumanizing.
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1 Sep
I wish we would stop taking people at their word that their faith is the reason that they push so hard for oppressive and deadly policies when in actuality faith is just something they weaponize towards their actual goal of gaining control over others.
I truly understand that faith, especially Christian faith, has been a major weapon in the arsenal of oppression but I think we can speak to that without asserting that it is *inherently* oppressive, rather than just a very effective weapon in the hands of the powerful.
But, speaking as someone who grew up Christian and rejected that faith for myself, assertions we make that “Christianity is what’s behind this fucked up thing” is… actually adds to the power of the folks who want to weaponize it.
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1 Sep
The U.S. is a settler-colony and as such exists in a permanent state of war against Indigenous peoples.
Also we’re literally still dropping bombs and engaging in warfare all over the goddamn place.
Unless this is Jedeed’s way of informing us that she’s left the country?? Excellent if true.
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