lmao George Packer's book includes a reference to the infamous "Oberlin banh mi" incident without mentioning that it's been completely debunked.
There was no 'protest.' A single student told a reporter for the student newspaper that the cafeteria banh mi didn't have traditional banh mi ingredients. He never said it was 'cultural appropriation' and he's from Vietnam! He would know!
It's a huge indictment of the journalistic standards of the writers pushing this moral panic. Three minutes on google would have gotten him the more nuanced account.

• • •

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15 Sep
Disingenuous thread. Haidt's book was dedicated to the premise that teenagers are too fragile, that rising rates of mental illness are a symptom of "safetyism" in elite institutions. He has never shown any interest in making mental health resources more available for teens.
Exactly, he's implicitly acknowledging that some images and ideas really are harmful. Yet he has spent an entire book and multiple articles scolding college students for making this exact argument.
What he's proposing here — take down an entire platform — is far more drastic than any instance of "cancel culture" on the left. But he's cast those episodes as fundamentally illiberal and illegitimate.
Read 4 tweets
14 Sep
It also helps to think about it over longer timescales. Everyone hates the new condo building on the block, but in 10 years it's going to be normal middle-class housing. Most of today's affordable apartments were once "luxury" units.
I don't know all the ins and outs of the economics, but I'm totally fine with real estate developers fleecing rich people for the first 10 years of an apartment building's life, then lowering costs once their initial investment is paid off.
The vast majority of people who 'speculate' on apartments rent them out. I really don't think people understand how easy it is to hire a property management company and how little sense it makes to leave a unit sitting empty.
Read 4 tweets
12 Sep
This entire piece, including its comparisons to Gestapo violence and Stasi surveillance, is based on an author receiving a single negative review in a newspaper.
Nick it's a review. You can disagree but there's no such thing as a 'false' opinion. Get a grip.
You've got to be kidding me I can't believe this is real.
Read 5 tweets
9 Sep
This matches a lot of my priors but I'm pretty skeptical of large-scale correlational studies like this. There's just too many confounding variables and potential for p-hacking.
Cars are bad and traffic noise is bad, but it's unclear to me why we should trust this new study over an existing body of research that shows an inconsistent pattern. Image
Population studies often include statistical controls for things like education, poverty, pre-existing health conditions etc. That's fine in principle, but in practice researchers can consciously or unconsciously manipulate controls to get the result they want. Image
Read 4 tweets
8 Sep
The entire trans panic is based on ideas that fall apart if you think about them for like 5 seconds.
"Boys are pretending to be girls to get on sports teams!"

Um are *amateur women's sports* typically a surefire path to fame and riches in our society?
"Kids are deciding they're trans after watching a single YouTube video!"

Um do people typically identify as stigmatized minority and spend years seeking complicated medical care because it's cool?
Read 4 tweets
7 Sep
None of the documents here provide any evidence of the lab leak hypothesis. They just prove that the Wuhan lab was studying coronaviruses between 2014 and 2019, which was never in dispute. Image
This is embarrassing. Labs do dangerous work all the time. You can't demand proof that something *didn't* happen. Image
The entire article is smoke and conjecture. We're given no context to understand if researching two viruses simultaneously is out of the ordinary. It's just an ominous-sounding factoid included in an article for a lay audience, who has no idea how to interpret it. Image
Read 8 tweets

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