Have you noticed how "science" has replaced the function of "religion" for NPCs?

It is still all based on having faith, on authority worship & denial.

"God will help us" has been replaced by "science will find a solution".

No it wont.

(continued below)
Coal was polluting? But they didn't replace it with crude oil because of that. They did because they started to run out of coal...

Crude oil is polluting? But they don't replace it with "green" energy because of that. They do because we are running our of crude oil...
"Green" energy is based on rare metals though, and to extract them is so polluting & expensive that there is no way this change will be possible

And if they keep pushing it, we will end up with massive famine, because they have polluted (with radioactive waste) the fertile soil.

Because... "science will find a solution to all of that, one day".

No it wont, asshole. F*** you.
There is NOTHING after we run out of or no longer can afford to extract rare metals though. Only GAME OVER.

Sure, some science zealots have FAITH and say that "muh new technology will pop up from the ground like gnomes", but that wont happen. Sorry.
The perhaps worst of this is that, just like they did when they were "religious" (= Abrahamists), the science zealots place themselves ABOVE NATURE...

The most extreme expression of this contempt for nature can be seen in people who think they can decide what "gender" they are.
If you actually have any trust whatsoever in "science after this whole COVID-19 episode the last few years, and all the complete BS they have spewed out in that context in the name of "science", then I have some bad news for you...
Note also that just about ALL new technology the last 20+ years have been COMPLETELY meaningless and counterproductive, serving only ONE purpose; to make "Idiocracy" come true..

PS. Well, by now, it already has.
Jesus = Freud
God = Einstein
Priests = Scientists
The Creation = The Big Bang
Churches = Universities
Zealots = Scholars
Martyrs = those who sacrifice themselves for science (nowadays: the "vaccinated"....)


"The Chosen" = "The Chosen"... hm..

• • •

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12 Sep
So we are in DEEP shit?

Well, change your mentality a bit & don´t expect IMMEDIATE results

What we do today might not benefit us today, at all, but perhaps what we do will be ESSENTIAL to the success of our descendants in 100+ years, when THEY throw down this tyranny

I don´t even care anymore, what happens to ME. I would be surprised if I don´t die horribly & violently, but... I am a lost cause. I grew up in this cesspool. I wrestled with that PIG and went away with it´s stink

The future belongs to those whom we can raise WITHOUT that stink.
*its. Sorry. I was educated by Boomers, so I can´t even write properly...
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12 Sep
There is no artwork of any creatures in the #MYFAROG core rule book.

However, you can now find two PDFs from myfarog.org that you can download for free (or you can order them from Amazon if you want physical copies) w/ artwork by @Stefan19303036

See samples below. ImageImage
See this blog post for more details: myfarog.org/2021/09/12/the…

The quality of the artwork is as shown below here (w/ an image of a female High Elf): Image
As far as I am concerned, @Stefan19303036 did a fantastic job and I wish to express my greatest gratitude to him for helping me out with this. MYFAROG is as you all should know by now something I really love, and this just made it even better. Urah!

The MYFAROG Lizard-man: Image
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