They’ve got a sweet new antimalarial lined up for when the bloom goes off the horse paste. HQ 2.0
It doesn’t matter whether the cure du jour is HCQ or ivermectin or any other substance, what matters is the conspiracy theory that there’s a cheap, generic remedy for Covid that the The Man doesn’t want you to know about.
It’s ironic that these grift have built a meta-conspiratorial ideology around the idea that a cheap generic solution could never be popular because nobody could make money off it. But they do.
The conspiracy theory is what makes it lucrative for all podcasters and vloggers who hype the cure. They don’t usually sell the stuff, they create artificially scarce pseudo-knowledge and sell that.
They media grifters are monetizing attention and amassing paying subscribers. And there’s no better way than to claim to have a secret The Man doesn’t want you to know.
These fake covid cures are the mirror image of the women’s magazines that hype The Secret to Weight Loss every month. As a kid, I wondered how they could keep selling The Final Solution, month in and month out. Weren’t all their subscribers skinny or disillusioned by now?
Every few weeks, there’s a new “cheap generic cure” for Covid and the faithful forget about the last umpteen million cheap generic cures that have come and gone. Memories like goldfish.

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13 Sep
I have no empathy for a conspiracy theorist who urged others to their deaths before succumbing herself. It’s counterproductive to taunt people over her death, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.
I feel bad for the loved ones she leaves behind.
Feeling sorry for a Covid conspiracy theorist who tried to sabotage our society with infectious disease is like feeling empathy for some minion of Osama Bin Laden. If you insist of feeling empathy for every living being, well, okay, at least you’re being consistent.
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13 Sep
It’s never the drug, it’s the conspiracy theory behind it.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s hydroxychloroquine or hard boiled eggs: 1) It’s not the vaccine that the government is begging you to take, 2) It’s some cheap generic cure that the government doesn’t want you to know about because, reasons.
The craziest part is: There is no limit to the number of times you can run this con, swapping in a new nocebo every time.
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13 Sep
The government’s going to have a harder time making some of its conspiracy charges stick because these guys ALWAYS go to protests in full battle rattle.
Indictment after indictment argues that these guys must have been part of a conspiracy to stop the certification of the election because they showed up with tactical gear and military communications equipment.
But that’s how these guys roll even on days when they’re not trying to overthrow the government. I believe there was a conspiracy to stop the certification, but their militaristic getups alone don’t go far towards proving it.
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13 Sep
”This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist” is subtle and artful in all the ways that “LuLa Rich” was clunky and annoying.
This is a Robbery has the same number of episodes and a lot more plot to cover, but unlike Lula Rich, it spends time building character and establishing motivation.
“This is a Robbery” takes the time to show you how obsessed the ISG gallery guards were with art, in the guise of establishing the facts of the robbery—but also setting up the suspicion that an art gallery guard might steal some art just to have it.
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10 Sep
Unlike law school, journalism school is optional. Of course journalists are ambivalent about an expensive credential that isn’t strictly necessary, but that can be very helpful.
Nobody says “skip nursing school, but fake it ‘til you make it,” because that’s not legal.
The endless debate over whether to go to journalism school has a lot in common with the dialogues between working artists and aspiring artists over whether to go to art school.
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8 Sep
The whole point of being an Ivermectin Guy is so you can spout anti-vaxx propaganda while sounding smarter than the Microchip Guys. That’s why they get so pissed off when you call it horse paste.
Brett Weinstein, host of the aptly-named Dark Horse podcast, told Tucker Carlson’s audience of millions that The Man can’t accept that ivermectin is an effective cure for Covid because that would torpedo the FDA’s emergency use authorization for vaccines.
No, really. Brett Paste-Eater Weinstein claimed that if ivermectin were acknowledged as a cure for Covid the FDA’s emergency use authorization for the vaccines would evaporate:
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