The Terrain IS EVERYTHING, the germ is NOTHING.
The environment we are in (the Terrain) has become so toxic, (Frequencies/ChemTrails/GMOs) that cellular disease is a given.
If you have fish in a tank, and they become sick, do you vaccinate them, or do you CLEAN THEIR TANK?!
Do you find it odd, at all, even in the very least, that with EVERY advancement in radio/frequency/microwave/wireless/broadcasting technology came a 'new' viral outbreak/pandemic; THAT SAME YEAR?
Probably just a coincidence though, right?
Like how the Bible CLEARLY tells us the prince and power of the air, the ruler of THIS world, (Ephesians 2:2) the ones we wrestle against, are NOT flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12) and that's why we must PUT ON the WHOLE Armor of God! (Ephesians 6:13-20)
We know everything that has been created, was framed by the very WORD of God and everything we see, is made up entirely of the things that we can NOT see. (Hebrews 11:3)
So how hard is it to think that polluting the AIR with unnatural Energy and Frequencies leads to disease?
Let's Take a Look:
•Flu pandemic of 1889-90: Major advances in technology experimenting w/ Electromagnetic wavelengths.

•Spanish Flu 1918-20: Advancements leading to Radio, and Long-wave radio.

•Asian Flu 1957-58: The first Communication Satellite, Sputnik was launched.
•Hong Kong Flu 1968-69: The 'Internet' was turned on and communication would never be the same.

•Influenza B 'viruses' 1979: 1G Wireless Technologies launched by Nippon Telegraph.

•Beijing Flu, 'never before seen' Influenza 'Virus' 1992: The 2G Cellular Network Launched.
•SARS Outbreak, 2002-04: 3G Cellular Networking Technology was Launched.

•Swine Flu Pandemic, 2009: 4G LTE Cellular Technology was Launched.

•SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, 2019: 5G Cellular Technology was Launched.

Yeah, TOTALLY a coincidence...

• • •

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30 Jul
I know this is a lot, I promise it took me longer to study through this than it will for you to read it! Lol!
Please share your thoughts, and any additional information from The Source for All Truth, The Words of The Most High!
I've been digging through Genesis, Exodus, the Gospels and Revelation because of something The Most High has been bringing back to my mind, over and over, and over again!
It started after I found myself becoming angry, and wanting to lash out (in the flesh) because someone told me I didn't know the True Name of The Most High and His Son.
I thought, "are you kidding me!? I KNOW HIS NAME, because He's the One Who Redeemed me and made me new!"
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29 Jun
I was thinking about this yesterday, the shift in the Mainstream regarding Aliens and UFOs.
This is what I heard:

"Contact" has been made.

Our world leaders have made a deal with the devil, more or less. They will have the kingdom of this earth (or so they've been told)
as long as the world bows down to, and worships the Beast of Revelation, aka the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, and the image of the Beast; Satan, the prince and power of the air, will hand over the keys to this world. Knowing it will pass away.
Let me ask you this, if you were the devil, how would you get humanity on your side?
Show 'Top Men' that you can grant them "wisdom, and wealth, and respect amongst their peers", they can do whatever their heart's desire; as long as they're bound to you, by "blood."
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28 Jun
When you realize that CRISPR CAS-9 developed vaccines and mRNA do, infact, introduce edited strands to the human genome, effectively changing your DNA; even if only a smidgen. Things start to become, clearer.
But how do we know someone's ACTUALLY been vaccinated?
Will a plastic card suffice? How can they GUARANTEE those couldn't be faked, or duplicated?
They can't.
Even facial recognition software is out of the question, masks are ultra realistic these days.

So, what sort of system could be verified and nearly impossible to avoid?
Biometric Identification with specific DNA Markers.
Sort of like how they can test your sugar levels in your blood with a device that's attached to your arm.
Only it would be attached to your hand, or forehead.
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