a thing that i think about occasionally is that if you have genuinely, small-c conservative tendencies, there literally isn't a political party left for you in this country, because of all the things the republican party is, it is very much not conservative.
like, you simply can't call most of what abbott's done in texas or desantis has done in florida "conservative", according to any reasonable definition of the word, and they govern two of the three largest states in the country.
you basically have two big government parties in the united states: one party imagines that big government should be used to help the people it represents, and the other imagines it should be used to punish them
"what does conservatism actually mean in the 21st century, and are there any american republicans who even attempt to practice it?" is like, the exact kind of discussion the sunday shows were designed to discuss, but i am not going to hold my breath for tuck chod to bring it up
there are two people on this website that i follow who i think have a good understanding of what conservatism is supposed to mean that they can articulate; neither of them are republicans, neither of them are men, and neither of them are white.

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More from @golikehellmachi

15 Sep
imagine getting paid as much as this guy gets paid to look this fucking stupid in public.
politico is basically the hill with better web designers and lower standards.
further, imagine being an actual journalist who does actual work, as opposed to stenography for liars, and having to treat this guy as if you have any respect for him, because that's apparently how media works.
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14 Sep
this context is always dropped from any discussions about 1/6 or his failure to win re-election, and it shouldn't be, because i think it's important to remember that both trump and the party who be-wraithed themselves to him are solidly unpopular.
both he and the party lost their hold on the white house and congress in a moment where demonstrating even a few degrees more compassion and responsibility probably would've seen making gains instead
i absolutely *do* worry about [historian voice] *The Future Of The Republic*, but i'm not sure that the people who tried to leroy jenkins their way into the coup are the specific individuals that will be the biggest threat, it'll be the ones who demonstrate a capacity to learn
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14 Sep
a thing that today's big washington post story underlines is that there are no mechanisms for correction when people in positions of tremendous power and authority are simply unwilling to take that responsibility seriously.
i suspect that miley's back-channel discussions with china happen much more often than we realize, but it seems pretty clear from the story that even on the domestic front, the people who were in close contact with trump were very seriously concerned that he'd go full mad king
pence, mcconnell, miley, esper, pelosi, mccarthy, this list goes on — all of them were legitimately afraid that we were in very real existential peril, and other than pelosi and miley, all of them were equally terrified of taking any action at all to take us out of harm's way.
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14 Sep
my prediction is that senate republicans are going to quickly adopt the position that republican state legislatures have been workshopping for years, which is the total nullification of executive power.
this will, of course, only apply to democratic presidents.
risch knows that what he's suggesting is patently untrue, but he suspects (probably correctly) that he can start floating a narrative through the fox cinematic universe that it *could* be true
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14 Sep
everyone knows that custer died at the battle of little big horn. what this book presupposes is… maybe he didn’t?
wes anderson really nailed a particular personality type to the wall in writing eli cash.
never fails to get my goat a little that this guy spends so much time jerking himself off about pErSuAsIoN while simultaneously spending just as much time playing such an obviously credulous idiot, as if that builds up the kind of good faith needed to actually persuade
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14 Sep
alternate take: someone donated $35,000 to help keep the met free in her name and she used the opportunity to spread a message that will be seen outside of twitter, as opposed to the endless backbiting and choir-preaching that defines political discussion on this website.
she could spend her time trying to convince the neurotic politics obsessives on twitter about something they already believe, or she could kick off a discussion on the view about marginal tax rates. i bet you can guess which of these might be more effective electoral politics.
you 👏 don't 👏 need 👏 a 👏 take 👏 about 👏 everything 👏
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