„Predictive programming“
Generally speaking, it is an idea or combination of ideas that are implanted in the mind through the repetitive plots of certain film productions or through different templates in pop culture.
Since these ideas are always related to future events and take the form of a "wishful hint", one of the possible translations of "prophetic programming" or "predictive programming",
but this does not give all possible nuances of the concept in the most appropriate way. So let's see what the idea is, so that we can understand the whole concept in greater fullness.
The ancients discovered that ppl have an insatiable appetite for fun, or as we call it today, "bread & circuses " They found that the formula of human behavior is simply science. All you need to know is the order of pressing the right buttons and you can control the whole planet.
If it is presented in the right way, with the right propaganda, the audience will react as expected as if it were pre-programmed to do so. It's worked in the past, it's working now, it's going to work in the future.
That is why secret societies are fully convinced that they can change the peoples of the planet according to their will. Just because they've been doing this for thousands of years.
Any propaganda can be pushed back again . You just need to have the right formula and the weather-adequate packaging. The modern modification of what has always been done is as follows.
To prepare the modern crowd for an idea, you need to have control over their perception of the future, not the future itself. Because the masses create the future, and the elite knows that.
THEY tell you what to expect from the future how you will think behave in this future& different versions of us accept or reject this future .
Future can't be predicted accomplished simply like this You manipulate certain streams and moods & stay on the herd to bring yourself exactly where you want it
This is precisely what is PP and today it is achieved exclusively with the means of multimedia. This is the perfect tool because never before has there been a period in history in which people are so addicted to the entertainment and drama that is generated around them.
This is the only time when the whole planet is addicted to what is practically spewed from the same source in different forms. And we literally can't get enough of him. We just can't.
Many of us can't imagine life without TV, our favorite rubrics, shows, series, movie sequences, music bands, Facebook groups and all that.
Programming along this line and with the presence of such a tool becomes extremely easy, and for this there is a very simple explanation.
Тhink about it you'll quickly find your penchant for critical thinking drops dramatically while watching 📺 Much more than when you're reading a book the type of interaction /attitude that builds up at the moment of contact between the book and the screen is simply different
Since the screen has an archetype of authority, this opens a window into the mind. You are already susceptible to sugeist in style: "if they say it on TV then it is true."
In this order of thought, you need to understand that PP is some form of complex mind control & brainwashing. It's not something so fantastic for understanding and embracing.
When we talk about predictive programming, we talk exclusively and only about deliberate visits, subtle traces in the public media - movies, TELEVISION, news, etc. - about certain future social, political and technological changes.
The idea is that when the right timing for these changes occurs, the audience is prepared for the idea of the ideas already nested visited by pop culture and thus passively accepts these changes without much reaction, without even thinking about rebelling against these changes.
PP is practically a type of propaganda & psychological treatment that takes place both at a sub-conscious and at an obvious level if you have the sense to recognise it.
Thus, when at some point there is a moment for a well-managed "pop-cultural prophecy" to come true, the audience accepts it as inevitable, because arguments such as this arise that: "even the films have foreseen it – it is obvious that the thing should happen just like this"
As simple as it sounds the way I'm presenting it right now - that's exactly what the crowd thinks.
In the films themselves, these themes are also presented as inevitable – for example – utopia in which we have a traditional dictatorship All this is stuck in the mind § has a certain function.
Memes are the main ingredient of ideas that circulate in a culture This includes the transmission of one consciousness to another through symbols, writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or any other phenomenon that can be imitated.
And because we are talking about possible scenarios that represent someone's vision of something, the best genre for the planting of PP-memes is science fiction simply because its plots unfold in the near and distant future by default
So the frame coincides with the goal, which creates a very good resonance at the archetypal level. It's usually a fantastic story unfolding in nearby space or in a distant galaxy, through which concepts and ideas are presented that will eventually be brought into reality.
Again – this way, when the timing for this event in reality begins to approach, everything that happens will look familiar to the audience
At such a moment, there is a sense of inevitability that would not have been present if it were not for predictive programming itself and the idea that the future will probably look exactly the way we have already seen it in a movie.
At such a time, one feels less motivated to object to such a development, because the very design of the PP is such that it creates a sense of natural development - an uncoordinated smooth transition without a scenario.
due to the huge cultural impact of the film industry on human minds, we don't mind our reality resembling Star Wars That is the platform of an already established pop-cultural mythology is used to promote ideas that , would not be in the interest of the people at all otherwise .
Thus, things and ideas that would otherwise be perceived as strange, vulgar, undesirable or impossible, are situated in the context of film plots, in the space of fantasy now look pretty much acceptable even desired
When the viewer watches these films, his consciousness remains open to suggestions, because a part of us understands that what is observed is not real, but fantasy. This allows for easy conditioning.
You'll be amazed at how people accept certain concepts when they're in the glossy packaging of the film industry. It's amazing how many things you wouldn't consider "normal" if you had encountered them on your own in life.
But at the same time, you would be moved to see them on the big screen in the form of a story played by several celebrities.
That's why we call it the "magic of cinema." Magic is not just a metaphor in this case. It is an extremely literal form of very specific magic (and I will look at this shortly in the occult side of things).
PP works by cultivating the illusion that there is an extremely unmistakable vision of what the world will look like in the future The idea to anchor this vision at &make it inevitable Through the circulation of sci-fi masses are fed with semiotic suggestions bout upcoming events
For example, as a civilization, we are already so conditioned by all SCI-FI movies that we are destined to expand our civilization into "space", that if at this stage we suddenly stop working in this direction - it would seem extremely strange to everyone.
The extremely subtle psychological moment here is that all this is considered innocent because the whole world loves pop culture However, if the same vision is forcibly imposed by a dictator it will not be accepted in the same way. Because in theory, art is harmless and inspiring
An idea is absorbed much more easily through it than through a political line to which there is general skepticism and mistrust. This is how important the filter is!
And if someone doesn't understand that the same politicians( puppets) are supporting pop culture, people will continue to think that these are natural processes and will accept them in a very different way. Which allows easy perception and imprint.
If you consider it all you will begin to observe patterns, recurring themes motifs in all productions The framework boils down to the fact that the plots of most films are already constructed as norms that innocently make "recommendations" in the context of a fictional plot.
So it all comes to the idea they want you beLIEve :resistance is meaningless because control is absolute / resistance is the only salvation (two seemingly radically different ideas, but working in the same way - will be explained in the next subsection)
They want you to beLIEve shits like :
• Pollution and destruction of the planet is inevitable

• The extinction of the human race or its cosmic migration is inevitable

• The repopulation of the old gods is our stellar and scientific destiny
Once in the collective consciousness through pop culture, these contagious ideas simply become self-fulfilling prophecies that are taken to heart by people.
Through science fiction programming, directors like Lucas, for example, have the role of "religious engineers" in constructing humanity's new messianic heritage. All we have to do is play it, being something new.
The way the scenarios themselves are structured requires a rethinking of the current status quo. They give a valuable overview of the present, which should lead to ideas for a "better future" (which of course is "helpfully" shown in the film).
If you look at the moral values of the West 50 years ago, you will find Judeo-Christian ideas in them. For about 30-40 years, there has been a migration of these models because they no longer work for the elite religion will be changed. The cyclical nature of the Game requires it
Dark polarity understands this. All this will lead to a new cultural paradigm and a new religious consciousness, which are constantly cultivated through every form of media today.And that's gonna be $.cience & " CLIMATE CHANGE" for next 50 years
Ther coherent PP models is complicated by the fact that each family (and its sub-factions) has its own vision for the future Some see it in the context of eugenics, as an isolated technological & medical paradise, still others as a world dictatorship ruled by a new world religion
That's why different films revolving around these main themes or different combinations of them According to them the statements in the films can prescribe a recipe for certain moral foundations principles philosophy and worldview which in turn form a certain type of social order
The films themselves become an "advertising portfolio" of the reality that someone wants to materialize .
Particularly strong messages have the potential to be utopian fiction, in which we often see a very attractive future of prosperity, equality and peace (but at the expense of some freedoms, which is a simple and acceptable "compromise"
Presented along with such mind-boggling perspectives, many other ideas can be tried, which due to the nature of the overall framework are accepted at once in a package. Consciousness is deceived by vision and beautiful-sounding philosophy, and the critical filter loosens itself.
As a result, the whole idea invades the mind, which is imprinted there and remains until the right moment (because what is once brought into the mind can never be erased from there).
Exactly! If you understand the structure of programming and how it is anchored, you will understand the true function of a "positive end" in the PP mechanism.
The messages of the Illuminated parasites in charge must be communicated clearly enough, but in a way that is not blatant and deliberately noticed (although in the last decade their self-esteem has grown and they ignore this principle, showing many things 1 to 1).
The happy ending finally imprints all the nonsense that the plot of the film went through. Seeing the happy ending, you will think that everything shown and done by the characters can be justified, simply because in the end there is "love".
The happy ending is a necessity that allows a plan for the future to be shown and accepted, simply because the last command adopted by the film is "joy and happiness."
Emotion absorbed in you & you selfprogram that these ideas lead to "happiness" you do not mind going through the whole process No matter the perverted violence massacre destruction there was in the film important thing is that everything ends well in the name of the right cause
"right cause," as you know, is a matter of perspective. That is why you have the same scenario in which well-known pseudo-values are imposed, such as "suffering people are most important" You have a hero who "cares about humanity" and sacrifices himself to save it.
This is a strategy to deliberately distract you from the real goal by using a set of fascinating delusions.
Of course, some positive things happen in the film, as part of the distraction methodology (attractive women / men, humor) - to make you feel comfortable in the situation, so as to achieve the real goal, which is to imprit -some ideas in your mind.
In fact, in order to successfully push an idea, there must be 3 obligatory distracting factors: a beautiful woman, quality humor placed at the right moments and big action scenes. You won't find a single big-budget modern film in a large studio that doesn't replicate this pattern
By the way, the idea of a "happy ending", among other things, imposes a very vicious idea that a happy ending is automatic and implicit in life itself. Ie you can do nothing, and justice will "automatically" triumph anyway
This is absolute nonsense and a brilliant move of the Dark Polarity, which knows very well the naive psychology of the Light Powers and makes the most of it.
What happens is that the passivity &mentality of the victim on a personal level is encouraged you refuse to take responsibility because you know that in the end everything will be fine.Simply because "so dictates the nature of reality" or some other candied beautiful-sounding lie
And that is what they count on. This is one of the main and difficult to understand aspects of PP. The happy ending is like the point of the sentence - the last touch that makes the whole formula work and takes root in the programming itself.
brain perceives the concepts of clusters & usually perceives only the substrates, the archetypal figures It does not matter that the good fights against the bad dictatorship and there is some antagonism This series of actions is interpreted as good bad dictatorship happy end
Note that dictatorship & happy end are in the same line of meaning, which allows them to coexist and conflict-free in consciousness. When, in real life, a dictatorship promises a happy end fluoride-smoothed 🧠will have no problem linking the 2 concepts &embracing a dictatorship.
It sounds too light and simplistic, but that's how things work. In this way, little by little, with the same messages in different forms and packaging (so as not to become too obvious), they create a new consensus reality.
The whole construction of the PP, however, works exclusively because of its most ingenious component. its obviousness makes it impossible to unravel. This is just a brilliant move by the engineers of this method and predetermines the mass denial of research like the present.
The classic chain of logic is this: "there is no reason for a conspiracy to be shown to everyone." They know perfectly well that the position from which such a question is asked is impenetrable with arguments of a higher order.
And a fully functioning and adequate explanation of this move can only exist if you look at things from a higher perspective. Something that the ordinary skeptic asking the question is unable to do.
The truth is that the essence of the answer to this dilemma is extremely complex, and in order to understand it in depth, you must have a lot of diverse information.
Many UFO feature films were made in the 1950s&60s in response to the so-called "flying saucer boom in America." These films are childishly naive and curative, which approach aims to discredit the topic, which was then quite popular respectively - this attention worries the govern
The culmination of all this was in 1952, when numerous UFOs appeared over the White House in Washington. A well-documented case, which instead of being covered up, later even gets its own comic. Why?
UFO'S are military tech so i'm not saying that they exist , at least not in the way they are telling you ... but that is whole another story ...
PS: space ,dense planets ,asteroids etc... are also BS burgers
even then it was clear that people wanted answers However, this is a very fundamental question: "Are we alone in the universe? It will not stop being asked just like that And if the govern continues to lie about these things it will become very obvious that it is hiding something
Especially in obvious events like those of '52 However if done indirectly through the media ppl themselves compose the sarcastic image in their head Thus, the topic is already an object of show biz which by nature has an entertaining function nothing to do with anything serious
When you put something serious in the space of the frivolous you get a parody It's just the vibration of things like putting clean water in a dirty bottle It won't be a fresh anymore. This principle: "if you want to hide something, put it on display in front of a crowd."
No one will believe that what is being shown is true, because it is anti-logic from the point of view of the common man. This has a dual function. First - the secret is no longer a secret and you no longer have to fear an information leak, hiding the thing.
Second, this secret is preserved forever, because it already belongs to the space of pop culture. It cannot automatically be true because it is situated in the realm of fantasy. Any reference that something shown in a movie is true will receive ridicule at best.
This method has never been limited to the disclosure of top secret information. It has been used &is used to create all kinds of moods in society An obvious example from the past is the image of the black actors of that time, who always have a very stupid attitude in the movies
Their remarks, manners and behavior are deliberately engineered in a way that shows them in a light worthy only of ridicule. Such was the agenda then - this is what the media presented as a conduit for this agenda.
Respectively - in real life the moods resonating with this behavior are strengthened because "even the television institutions allow themselves to joke about it." That is a sufficient argument.
Especially in this respect, things are radically different today, and if there is not at least one minority member in a cast of a major production, a case of discrimination against the studio with a high probability of success will automatically be filed.
today, documentaries are made per kilogram on all sorts of exotic topics, which only a decade ago were taboo Why is all this being said, why are productions being produced on these issues? Well, to remove the aura of mystery from all this, to stop it from being mysterious.
When you see a movie about Area 51 on the Discovery Channel, you think that everything is OK, because if such a media talks about it - there is no problem and mystery and everything is a conspiracy theory. This is no longer an unavoidable "secret".
Have you come across an illusionist's trick in which he supposedly explains to you how it works, but then does it again in front of you and it becomes clear that you again do not understand how you were deceived? We are talking about the same thing.
Remember - these people are the most brilliant psychologists that exist in this world.
The technique of showing in the light what you want to remain hidden is called "reverse psychology."
"counter- (psycho) logical argumentation". It comes down to revealing information that until recently was secret and placing their symbols everywhere in the movies, people are beginning to wonder why these secret societies would do this if they wanted to remain in secrecy?
There is no logic in this for the normies, & for them it is argument that all conspiracy theories are in the minds of those who believe in them These symbols are declared nothing than pure coincidence & the idea of of secret societies ruling the world is denied &ridiculed.
This technique serves as a very powerful tool for the Illuminati, for example in films like Angels & Demons (Dan Brown), where the Illuminati themselves are named. Seeing it as part of an artistic plot, people automatically label all aspects of these films as "fiction"
When someone mentions something like this in everyday life, what is the favorite phrase of skeptics that we have all heard? You watch too many movies.
Ppl who criticize researchers of these things on the grounds that they are "just movies" that have no influence on the formation of consciousness (and society, respectively) simply have not written their homework.
And they have to do it just by looking back at history, which demonstrates to us in a meaningful way how fiction plays the role of a barometer for the very formation of a culture.
However, to understand the natural and artificial components in the reflection of this dependence, you must be able to think like the people who direct the development of a civilization.
And they don't think linearly, they don't think within the system in which you yourself have been programmed to think - a system that, by the way, was created by them to stay blind to the true mechanism of things for life. These people think in an occult way.
And to understand their actions you have to think from an occult point of view. Which, as Alistair Crowley says, often means being able to think REVERSED
With a simple psychological paradox implanted in their own ostentation, the Illuminati have no problem revealing their existence in the public media and even their plans. The PARASITIS IN CHARGE have always told us 3 very simple things through cinema.
They tell us what they have done in the past, what they are doing now and what they intend to do in the future. They leave their symbols in the movies for the same reason that some neighborhood groups or gangs leave their graffiti or scribbles on the walls as a territorial sign.
Ritual behavior dictated by our reptilian 🧠something that any anthropologist can confirm This is the same reason why your 🐶pees at every corner and pillar although he is fully aware that only 20 sec after that another dog will erase the mark of his "possession" by the same act.
Similarly, the THEY leave symbols to bring to your knowledge that they control many aspects of your life and that you are nothing more than a cattle to them. The deeper reasons why they do this will be discussed in the occult meaning
Anyone who knows how to understand the essence has already understood that the very idea behind PP is extremely occult in nature, because programming is essentially to make something happen without others realizing that they themselves are doing it for you.
I want to repeat in advance that in order to understand the mirror counter-logic of the elite, we must be able to think like THEM to abandon our petty everyday thinking and be able to see the big picture in which the definitions of what is "reasonable" are very, very different
Remember this , because it is valid at all levels and for any topic discussed. Nothing in this world works the way you think it works, no matter how obvious you think it is.
You need to understand what is representative and fundamental to all aspects of the occult side of the issue that we will look at now. The occultist is not someone in a dark black robe who painted a pentagram in some dungeon, singing strange hymns about the "lord of darkness."
The occultist is the one who manipulates reality directly in front of you, and most of the time you can't even see that. This is his great strength. Remember that "occult" means "hidden."
Understand this "hidden" in relation to the overall idea of what occultism is, not that the occult itself is performed in secret (which is also a characteristic of it anyway, but here I emphasize something else).
Usually this person (or group) will have a very materialistic mask to mislead you about his true nature Television, cinema, and the large corporations behind them are occult conglomerates that rely heavily on harnessing magical powers and concepts to work together for a purpose.
PP works on an awful lot of levels and combines many meanings, all of which lead to a winning result for the parasitic "elite". These aspects make it a nonlinear tool, which, however, has concrete results in the linear matrix generated by the mind.
This is a win-win situation, because the structure of thinking behind PP comes from a higher density - namely the combinability of many levels, which not only do not contradict each other, but complement and boost by themselves, which raises the percentage of versatility.
Understanding all this, let us consider the various semantic threads of the occult aspect in descending gradation - from the highest to the lowest.
The most important thing we need to know about PP is that it is used as a loophole in the rules of the Game itself. The whole ostentation in modern pop culture carries the meaning of the legalization of the actions of the secret societies of this world.
Every game has its own rules that must be followed 1of the basic rules for the Polarities in the current Universal Game is that everything they do must be done in a way that is transparent enough for each soul to consciously decide which Path to take through its various choices
You show them what you are doing, then it is not your fault that no one feels and takes responsibility for their choice simply because they are stupid enough not to understand what it is about. The legality of the process requires that you have information about what is happening
Just like while playing chess according to certain rules, you can watch your opponent's progress all the time. You don't go to the next room so he can do it secretly. This is not a game of hide and seek, take it as a game of chess
the structure itself presupposes transparency & equality between players at least at the level of potential for something to be seen.
Whether this potential will be awakened at all by the incarnation is a matter of choice and coincidence, but the potential is there. No one can take responsibility for you that you yourself have not unlocked this potential & do not have the ability to see and understand reality.
Due to the infinitely abstract nature of reality, the best possible mediator of certain actions is metaphor.accept the belief that the ultimate conductor of a metaphor for the existing is art.
In this reality it is just so. Along the way, cinema, literature, and music are the perfect tool for someone to ask your permission for something through metaphor.
Because art itself is a metaphor - it tells us an imaginary story about imaginary characters, but the semantic components of this story have real applications in our lives, which makes this metaphor alive. And this is exactly the subtle point that needs to be understood.
Each of you is connected to the ENTIRE knowledge of the nature of the Game and its components at any given time. There is simply no theoretical way for you to be a soul chosen to play and not be familiar with the rules and generalities here.
The fact that due to the nature of our social programming we decide to suppress these things by personal choice certainly does not mean that you do not have access to them. You have access at any moment - you just don't believe it and that's why you can't experience it in reality
the mind slowly "hacks" the mind through your various interests in life &attract the right information in the form of a book person or event At such moments you say not that you are learning something new but that such things help you gradually remember something you already knew
You have full access to the meanings of the symbolic reality in which we live, because every single physical manifestation is nothing but a materialized idea representative of something. Every idea that exists exists because it is created by the consciousness that perceives it.
Ie behind each object (no, there are no exceptions), a symbol or something existing at all - there is an idea that is representative of a given archetype. You have access to these archetypes at least through the level we call the "collective unconscious."
This idea behind every single thing is extremely clear and familiar to all consciousnesses involved in the Game, because it is these consciousnesses that created the Game. You created the Game.
It is assumed that knowing these ideas, they can be presented to everyday consciousness and it recognizes them as what is at the level of consensus reality.
Since we have created this reality, it is assumed that everything inside must be known to us. You can't create something and then just raise your hands and say, "But I didn't understand.What you created literally and metaphorically "with both hands"? It just doesn't work that way
This "amnesia" becomes a loophole in the law for both Polarities. They have to tell you everything but you just don't understand it because you think in concrete terms, not metaphorically and non-linearly.
The polarities speak to you in the true and pure "language" of consciousness, but you cannot understand it because you understand things said only in plain text. This is entirely your problem and there is virtually no fraud.
Whoever can see things without the glasses of the linear mind can make a conscious choice. Others cannot and it is their responsibility.
🍎 is the first wild tree to be cultivated & deliberately cultivated by ancient societies in occultism 🍎is associated with conscious choice Because to turn a culture from wild to agricultural this is the fruit of conscious action marks threshold in the "evolution" of the mind.
This is the initial imprint in the collective unconscious of this symbol and this can be mythologically confirmed through the story of Adam and Eve and many others.
Because it is the collective unconscious that creates the consensus for reality, everyone who participates in the Game knows what the apple symbol is. Simply because you created this definition "then" - in this distant moment of linear time
This definition is not only available to you at the level of the collective unconscious, but it can also be unlocked at the DNA level through genetic memory, and so on. - there are thousands methods .
How can this knowledge work in practice?
When a ritual is conducted with a symbolic theme, an apple can give validity to all its contents. Because it is a symbol of conscious choice. In short, when you bite an apple, you say, "I accept all this."
most famous corporation in the 🌎 is currently bitten apple 🍎is the main tool of all agencies to monitor populations transmit mind controlthrough their technology they have a bitten 🍎as a logo they legalize their actions you accept this on a level of collective unconsciousness
THEY made everyone carry the 🍎in their pocket literally. the choice for you to be irradiated &monitored is made voluntarily by yourself whoever has this 📳is part of this voluntary choice.
There does not have to be a literal real apple - the symbol is clear to the collective unconscious. There is no problem, there is no manipulation, everything is legal.
This answers classic and eternal "unanswered" questions, such as: "why someone who creates an event like 11.09. will I leave traces in the media that will eventually lead us to the real perpetrator? Well they just want you to know.
They have no problem showing everything, because they know that their order of paradigms is higher and we ourselves do not have the senses to see the hidden logic of their meanings. For us, this is a dead language, if we have the intellect at all to see a model in all this
They believe that if they present you their plan in advance in the form of ciphers symbols & metaphors in the form of individual traces animation, commercials and series you accept what is happening because it is accessible to all through the media You authorize the opening 🚪
an example of this with probably some of the most brazen and daring PP videos ever made. This is an advertising campaign on HULU TV:
As you have seen, they tell you what they are doing to you through 📺, they also tell you who is ultimately behind all this, they even tell you in plain text that "they tell you and you still do not react and continue to watch television."
On exactly the same principle, they tell you that the pills you take do not cure you. Open the leaflet of a medicine at home and you will find that 99% of them say: "relieves / suppresses the symptoms of ..." or some related euphemism. But nowhere does it say "cure."
That's why you have a list of side effects listed anything that suppresses a symptom and does not directly cure the problem holistically will have adverse side effects. This is a common sense, people! They tell you everything literally because they know how to use words &symbols
Therefore, you cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for any damage because you have been warned that you cannot be cured with this product; they tell you everything, you just don't have the eyes to see it because you're too busy watching TV.
You put personal expectations and definitions into what this pill does &misinterpret the leaflet in the process of reading.This is how it is done legally
Your unconsciousness gives them the absolute freedom to do everything on the surface in an obvious way without hiding, but also without being noticed.
The same principle applies to any form of media. They tell you everything in the correct way, but your interpretation is superficial because you think it's "just fun." And this is exactly their trick, which is not even theirs, it is ours; it's like scoring an auto goal.
Here is also the perfect place to find out something else that is related to the eternal skeptical question: "How does all this have an impact if I don't know about it or if I don't believe in conspiracies?"
It doesn't matter what you believe in, because you don't create the rules of the Game. You have only agreed to participate in it. Those who create a production and put certain intentions into it imprint their intention in it and you absorb it.
If the chef puts poison in the dish you ordered at the restaurant, you will be poisoned, regardless of whether you believe that a chef should not do such things or consider it impossible. Same is with the so called v@(x) 😉
The legalization of an agenda is one of the main occult aspects of PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING (PP)
they can't create your future they manipulate your perception of it and thus you create it on their behalf 1 `lets explain why this is possible thanks to literature and cinema as mediums in the first place. Then we will look at "how this happens" from the point of view of PP.
When reading a book or watching a movie, the brain does not distinguish the real from the fiction. He takes everything for experience. Not to be outdone, here is a scientific piece of news whose principles have long been known to priestly societies:
"Reading fiction leaves physical traces in the human brain, according to a new study from Emery University in Georgia. Neurologists have proven that the brain actually changes after each page read.
"The stories we read about shape our lives and sometimes even define our personality. We want to know how they get into the brain and what they cause in it, ”explains Gregory Burns of Emery.
Using magnetic resonance imaging, scientists tracked the activity of gray matter in the hours after reading fiction. Neurologists have relied on a book with a very dynamic and intriguing plot - the thriller "Pompeii" by Robert Harris.
The results of the experiment showed increased activity of the left hemisphere even overnight after reading the book. Although the volunteers did not read at the time, their brains seemed to continue to be captivated by the story of the novel.
"We call this 'shadow activity.' It's almost like the condition of the muscles after a workout, ”explain the neurologists.
The changes that occur in the brain after reading show that fiction can really transfer a person into the body of the protagonist.
"And so far we knew that in a figurative sense, a good story can make you the main character. We now have evidence that this is also happening at the biological level, "added Prof. Burns."
what we don't realize en masse, but only understand on an intuitive level, is that watching a movie, we play And because a film predisposes to this experience, there is always an indication of what is being done and why it is being done for those who can hear and see.
You know the famous phrase "the world is a stage"? Theater and cinema are where the world itself "comes down" to the stage and can be seen by everyone. Even in the past, special effects such as wind, rain and more have been used to allow the audience to enter the parallel reality
By observing it, we become complicit in what is a form of magic.We get involved in the drama, we start to tremble and worry about the character, because the actor's acting is very good and realistic. When this happens, it has already worked.
When the audience forgets that they are witnessing an illusion, then you empathize with the message itself. You are changing. A spell has been cast on you. This is an alchemical change.
In the context of the occult tradition, the stage becomes a microcosm of the macrocosm, which context comes to remind us that all knowledge is stored in man and, moreover, man is a miniature of the whole universe.
The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event … For it is clear enough that under certain conditions men respond as powerfully to fictions as they do to realities. — Walter Lippmann
The magic of cinema and especially of science fiction and fantasy films is that the script is automatically considered implausible (compared to the present) by the general public. That is why productions of this genre are much more tempting.
Because the viewer sees no problem in identifying with the characters of something he knows has nothing to do with reality - this is a kind of break from reality. I hope you understand the counter-logic.
At this point, the viewer embraces the ideas set by the filmmakers, because the very idea of "rest" implies embracing the reality in which you went to rest.
If you are on a lonely island - you will simply merge completely with its wasteland and relax as much as possible. The conditions created in the cinema are the same.
How many of you have experienced what is happening on the screen, with that feeling in your stomach "what will happen to the character in the next moment"?
how many of you feel uncomfortable when someone n the screen behaves vulgarly in the context of a peppery comedy It is a direct interaction between you and the story that is being told to you.This is magic In making this interaction we associate the plot with an aspect of reality
Ie we make first impressions of a theme or motif through a film. In fact, films are proof that the imagination influences and shapes reality. Because reality then follows the imagination and recreates it in various forms.
In fact one of the neglected aspects of the Dark Side's involvement in Hollywood is that people just go to have fun and expect nothing more But American cinema is not just childish shooting and explosions. While most movies are really entertaining, they shape you in a special way
The scenario always matters. Quite often the viewer watches a plot whose themes have never occupied his mind before this moment in their own lives. For example, what would a future society or technology look like, etc.
The film in we are talking is the first (visual) imprint on the subject, and as I said above, it is decisive. Ie if anyone from now on thinks of the robots of the future, they will think of Terminator or something like that first - I'm sure you understand the example.
Such analogies are so obvious at the cultural level that they are often used as jokes in various sitcoms and are taken for granted. Pop culture creates a network of analogies through which we experience reality
We use them as a comparison to describe things that we cannot describe in one word. For example, someone walks down the street, suddenly stops and realizes that everything looks empty, like a projected scenario in which there is no point.
When this person later tells a friend about his experience, it is very likely that he will not describe word for word in 10-12 sentences exactly how he felt, but simply say that he experienced something similar to what is shown in the "Matrix" and presented in it virtual reality.
Because pop culture already offers a ready-made context that we can all relate to in some way. There is something very important about the nature of television and cinema that I want to look at from a purely semiotic point of view.
The image we see on the screen is not real, but it can testify to certain aspects of reality - a real person or an event. This is clear and understandable to everyone - we see history, not reality, even when we talk about a news report.
Here, however, we find the issues related to the media in general and the nature of the truth itself. Let's take the already hinted special case of television.
The nature of television is symbolic in that text and images do not disappear when the receiver is turned off Here we can skip a few obvious and superfluous logical connections and directly conclude that television discourse is a symbol that lives in the minds of those who use it
Thus, due to its own nature, the media behaves like the voice, eyes, ears, mind and heart of a shared cultural reality. And now comes the important thing.::
The structure of the mass media necessarily requires the raising of certain points of view that symbolically represent our world. The significance of the symbol is determined by the interpreter himself, but remains true only insofar as the meaning is shared.
Otherwise he remains isolated and has no influenceTruth however exists only in the interaction between the symbol its object and the interpreter The interaction between these 3 elements creates a kind of subjective truth This truth however always arises in the comfort of interpre
truth is limited by the interaction between the symbol and the subject but the meaning of the symbol is by definition determined by the collectively shared interpretation. We interact with something that has already been given a collective meaning and we derive some truth from it
In this context, although a symbol is real, it does not have to be factual.
NBC's Ron Insana, who was near one of New York's twin towers on September 11th. in 2001, he commented on his experience as: "a scene that seems to have been taken from the movie" Independence Day. "
Such a statement in such a context is interesting from a purely semiotic point of view. The significance of Insana's reference to the film in practice means that his experience is generated and acted out based on a previous impression.
If you still do not understand the subtle moment, this directly suggests that the plot of "Independence Day" may be representative of reality.
In this case, disregard everything that is "meta" and see how important this is on a purely linguistic level, because it reflects certain predictive programming processes that I want to explain. See the very structure of the mind.
We are at a stage in our civilization in which we tend to interpret direct reality through an imaginary context.
Although this has been the case in the past, when some phenomena in nature were interpreted through mythological predicates, it has always remained locked in a local context in a purely geographical sense.
we tend to have a 🌎consensus filter, no matter where we are, and it has to do with pop culture we do not have a pure experience and we have it less and less We spend it through our many accumulations as individuals increasingly filtering it through the filter of pop culture.
In this case, we are usually witnessing mass destruction for the first time on the big screen. We rarely witness them in real life. This means that the first imprint for an event of similar magnitude is a priori differentiated from a film production (for example).
I am not sure that everyone understands the power of this semiotic structure on which, among other things, our entire cultural programming is based.
In other words, if they say a deadly "v!ru$" is out 99% of people will start lock in homes, because our programming from all of our pop culture and movies that this is going to kill us all , the invisible enemy ( when in reality) v!ruses never been isolated and proven to exist

• • •

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