I never cease to be inspired by Gemara's absolute refusal to stay on topic
"you know how the thing we just said was said by this guy? Here's another statement by that guy which has nothing to do with our topic!"
Anytime you see the word גופא you know we're about to take a hard turn
Last perek of Yoma, start out "hey, where do we know each of the things we can't do on Yom Kippur"
3 daf later:
"here is everything you ever could have possibly wanted to know about manna"
"Ok let's get back on topic"
"what is wine, really?"
"OK let's get back on topic"
"what the heck does this stuff in Daniel mean"
"OK let's get back on topic"
"And out of the kodesh kodashim, there's gonna be a river! In the future!"

• • •

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13 Sep
It's that time of year again, when the "positive vidui" starts going around and I futilely ask if everyone is so afraid of feeling a single negative emotion they have to pat themselves on the back every five minutes
To elaborate, I think it is extremely easy for people to refuse to self-reflect honestly. It's hard to look at yourself in the mirror with unblinking eyes. But that's what Yom Kippur is about.
For one day a year, look at yourself without rose colored glasses, stop doing all the things we do to avoid self improvement, and look at yourself with honesty and hold yourself accountable.
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13 Sep
People who post untrue things on the internet and claim its satire get my goat. There's enough bullshit on the internet. We've already killed the notion of objective truth and reality in this hellscape of a collapsing society. Stop kicking it when it's down.
Also 9/10 times, it's not actually funny
Yes, even you, people who make fake Ben Shapiro tweets. Come on.
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13 Sep
As much as I enjoy people finding reasons to love their Judaism, sometimes you gotta stop yelling at God so you can actually listen, stop fighting and talk. Promoting a one-sided relationship is dangerous in either direction
Whether that one direction is "you're not allowed to question" or "Judaism is just about questions", emphasizing one direction without the other is not living with the nuance and complexity Judaism demands of us
You should, I think, strive for your relationship with God to be a healthy one, with mutual respect. "all I do is fight with God in a Denny's parking lot at 3 am" doesn't seem to me to be healthy or even a particularly accurate assessment of Judaism
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10 Sep
Pet peeve: when people's moral problems with Tanach stem from the assumption that Tanach morally approves of every character and story in it.
Like, if you have a problem with God commanding Genocide, I get it. That's a command that's meant to be followed, and you have what to base your objections on
If your issue is that, say, David killed a guy to sleep with his wife.... Yeah. Read the rest of the story, dude.
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10 Sep
Not only is this a Gemara, it's arguably the best peshat available to those who see the two creation stories as one continuous story.
The passuk in perek alef says
If so, what's all this business with Chava and Adam's rib? Must be, say Chazal, that Adam was originally both male and female, and was separated into two.
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10 Sep
.... How about no
Was this written by a fifteen year old
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