/1 A thread on the protest today in Toronto on hospital row:

As promised, I attended the protest today to denounce the anti-vaxxers/maskers/logic(ers) & although this was my first protest of this kind, it certainly isn't my last.

The 1st thing I saw on the way to the protest:

I got there while the antites (I'm calling them this from now on) were still at Queens Park. I don't know what happened there nor do I really care. I'm sure it was a large circle-jerk of weirdness mashed up with the feeling they've all appeared on Black Mirror at some point.

This is the first sign I saw.

So there's apparently two things the antites are afraid of:

1). Scientific logic

2). Dictionaries

And then there's the signs where people think they're making a valid point, only to undo it when they light up a cigarette because, hey, rats don't smoke and smoking/cancer is better than a vaccine, right?

Hey, Jesus showed up, we're all saved!!!

Then there's this sign...

I'm thinking she doesn't really know what genocide means though.

All in all, a very weird protest to say the least.

As one person summed it up perfectly: "It's not a protest, it's a social gathering".

There was no violence, no guns, no weapons of any sort (unless you can count the horrible clothing options for some of the protestors).

My take on the whole event:

It was all bark and no bite.

The protestors are an angry bunch, I'll give them that.

I was called a "faggot", "homo, "cocksucker" and a variety of other derogatory names, all of which made me laugh out loud.

That's exactly how these people act.

They're also ignorant, illogical, uneducated and unbalanced.

I say uneducated because, well, if you associate with people who claim COVID isn't real and then protest a hospital, you're really fucking dumb.

I never felt unsafe, most of them are mouthy but pretty passive.

You can't dismiss the fact groups like this live for arguing, yelling and trying to fuck people over, that's all they can do it try to get people to listen to them.

Are they dangerous? Yep, they are. They're dangerous in the fact they're unpredictable and unstable.

At the end of the day, the protest was like a whimper of the explosive fireworks show we were promised to get... it really was pretty lame.

I truly believe these people don't even know what they're fighting for anymore, there's so many fractions within the antites for sure.

The police were there to facilitate a peaceful protest and it was. I'm not entirely convinced the po-po did anything though that show up on bikes and just stand there but, whatever, they were there.

So will I go to the next protest? Hell ya, I wouldn't miss it.

-The End-
I've been told the guy with the orange shirt is a counter-protestor protester, I'll let that one slide then, it's still funny as hell even if it's fake.

• • •

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