Potentially worthwhile thought experiment reposted from a thread I seem to have killed:
To define our terms, "the world Gen Y expected" means an indefinite extension of the low-effort, high reward system the Baby Boomers took for granted.
And to establish a baseline, that world _is_ gone.
Not to dodge the question, but I highly doubt the end of Boomer America could have been averted. The grasping selfishness & materialism needed to maintain it also sowed the seeds of its destruction.
I do suspect it could have been drawn out longer and/or the landing softened.
Yes, it's basic to examine complex social phenomena like these in political & economic terms.
But Gen Y was raised to think in those terms, so the political frame might be useful.
Through that lens, you can lay the blame squarely on the Bushes & the Clintons.
If you want a point to divide the timeline between Current Year and the beforetimes, George H. W. Bush succeeding Reagan as president is as good as any.
Pols have always been crooked, but the Bush & Clinton dynasties split the ruling class into 2 factions @ war w/ the people.
Think of the Bushes as inbred royalty vainly clinging to their last scraps of power as the ship goes down.
Meanwhile, the Clintons are wreckers who sabotaged the light house & are stripping the boat of everything of value that's not nailed down.
How to prevent the Hatfields vs McCoys feud that's basically destroyed America?
The only historic alternative I can think of would've been if Buchanan had successfully primaried Bush in 92.
Getting Buchanan the nom would've first meant sidelining this guy👇
Ever wonder why dark horse challengers, 3rd parties, even maverick pundits on the Right hardly ever get traction?
William F. Buckley is why.
He started National Review just to gatekeep right wingers who might be effective. Think of him as the manager of the Washington Generals.
Again, the whole sequence of interweaving events is too complex to cover on Twitter, but the TL; DR version is
No GHWB➡️no Gulf War, no Clinton, no NAFTA, no GWB, no Invade the World, Invite the World, no Silicon Valley-handpicked candidates & probably no Dead Internet.
That would've been the best shot at keeping life pretty much like a loop of The Simpsons Season 4.

• • •

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