Holy fuck y’all. 🧵

My daughter went fucking MISSING after school today. She was SUPPOSED to get on the bus for specific after school program. I laid down for a nap at about 2 and put my phone on do not disturb. /1
My husband was in the other room editing footage for his podcast. He leaves at 4:30 to pick up the kiddo and I’m still asleep. /2
Husband gets to the facility, KIDDO IS NOT THERE. I had just woken up and looked at my phone and saw missing Messenger calls from him. He calls me@as I’m looking and tells me she’s FUCKING MISSING. /3
Apparently the after school program called me while I was napping to see if kiddo was coming, BUT DIDN’T CALL HER FATHER WHEN I DIDN’T ANSWER LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. /4
Husband went to school to look for her first thing while calling me and no one was there. After he told me, I called the bus office and the school with no answer. /5
Called 911 immediately. Cops showed up about 45 MINUTES LATER. We are not a huge town. We did description, schedules, etc. /6
Kept trying to call the school and bus. Messaged her teacher. Neighbors heard me freaking out. Got her picture, took my number. Started searching for her near her school and after school program while hubs and I waited for cops to show and after they got here. /6
Teacher tells us her assistant got kiddo on the program bus. Program tells us kiddo never showed. Bus tells cops kiddo got off bus at program. Not adding up. Only one bus to this program. /7
While city police are calling and searching and transportation director for school district is heading back to office for ANOTHER issue, we get a call. /8
School psychologist for another (private) school tells us THEY have kiddo. Around the corner from her actual school. NONE OF THE TEACHERS THERE NOTICED A KID THAT WASN’T A STUDENT OR ON THEIR LIST. /9
They didn’t notice until other kids started clearing out and going home. They asked kiddo her name and phone number. She couldn’t remember our phone numbers. 🤦🏻‍♀️ /10
She told the school psychology my name and she did a Google search for me and found my LinkedIn profile and website for my side hustle and called me. /11
K-9 unit that came got in his SUV to head to the school and pick her up and brought her home. THANK ALL THE DEITIES. /12
So we are going to the school tomorrow to request a sit-down with her principal, The director of transportation, her teacher, and the teachers aide. /13
We are getting the shit sorted tomorrow. That’s bullshit with these buses has got to stop. Her teacher also informed me that they will be making tags for all the students with their bus information. /14
This tells me – along with everything else that happened – that it was the teachers aide who likely put her on the wrong bus. /15
Clearly I now have major trust issues with her school as well as the bus system. We are clearly working with her again to re-memorize our phone numbers. We have also added our phone numbers inside her backpack in Sharpie. /16
Which we probably should have done from the outset. But we had also worked with her to memorize our phone numbers. /17
So…this was more than enough drama to last the rest of my life. My baby is home safe and totally unfazed. And the police will be sending me a copy of the report.

I’m having a whole ass bottle of wine for dinner and hugging my baby. /fin

• • •

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