Hey, let's just look at some David Wojnarowicz art, shall we?

(Arthur Rimbaud in New York, 1978–79) Photo of guy on subway wearing Rimbaud mask
Self-Portrait of David Wojnarowicz (1983–84), David Wojnarowicz with Tom Warren. David Wojnarowicz painted with flowers on one side of him an
This one makes me cry every time. (Trigger warning, descriptions of homophobia and harm)

Untitled (One day this kid…) (1990), Photo of a child with a description of the horrible things p
Oh, wait, this Rimbaud in NY one is super powerful, too

Arthur Rimbaud in New York (1978-79) One man in the Rimbaud mask and a jean vest lying down and a
This one makes me cry, too.
Untitled (Buffalo) (1988)

He appropriated this image from a natural history diorama in DC shortly after his AIDS diagnosis.

The metaphor isn't esoteric. Though it carries a number of layers. image of buffaloes falling off a cliff
And yes, this was him. Jacket that says If I die of AIDS, forget burial, just drop
And yes, this one is called
Fuck You Faggot Fucker, 1984
I will include it, yes, I saw the outfit, no need to tell me Two men kissing, maps of the world, photographs of men all a
But really, kids, go learn about the man, the artist, the activist, the life. There's so much there. In only 37 years.

• • •

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15 Sep
Today's a good day to talk about prayer, no?

I know it's a thing that feels hard and uncomfortable to lots of folks, so let's spend some time unpacking some of what it can be.

1/x thread.

For starters, let me make this clear:

I don't believe in vending machine theology.
Like, there is no version of any understanding of the divine that I have that involves me praying for a pony and getting a pony. Or a fast car or that gig that I want or whatever.

Courage, patience, compassion? That's different, we'll get there.
"But rabbi, the traditional Jewish liturgy includes prayers for livelihood, for healing, for all sorts of things! We ask for stuff!" Yes, and the traditional Jewish liturgy is written in the first person plural.

Not I. We.

So again, patience, we'll get there.
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14 Sep
The thing about Yom Kippur is that if you’re only starting to do your accountability work, like, today, you’ve not only missed the entire point of the holy day and the last six-ish weeks but of much of Judaism overall.
"For sins between a person & God, Yom Kippur atones, but for sins between a person & another, Yom Kippur does not atone until the one who harmed appeases the other person." Mishnah Yoma 8:9.

So if you show up to Weds night with your interpersonal playbook unfinished, sorry.
And if you think you're going to squeeze in all the hard work of tshuvah--repentance and repair--in the next 25 hours, like, good, try to get it done if you can, good luck to you in all sincerity, but friends, we have been blowing that shofar wakeup call since August 8th.
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13 Sep
A few notes on fasting for Yom Kippur, aka "Should I...?"

1/x thread

Let's start with Shulchan Aruch 554:6--a sick person who needs to eat should just eat, doesn't need to ask the doctor. Health is the most important thing, y'all! Be the judge of your needs & don't be foolish!
That said, if you're going to eat and able to eat in smaller increments, or less than usual, do that. And lay off the delicacies.

If you're not fasting for health reasons, at least eat simple food and not, like, bon bons or whatever.
And yes, traditional Jewish law (written/codified by men) typically says that nursing & pregnant ppl should fast, but friends, health ALWAYS COMES FIRST.
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13 Sep
Poor Esau.

In the plain text of the Bible, he's a sweet guy who tried to do what was expected of him--but he's so often painted as a brute, or worse.

Why? Because of agendas it suited.

Families do this all the time. So do societies.

My latest:

I mean, listen. For the Rabbis living under Roman rule, he was an easy target to play out their Big Feelings.

And for Christians trying to Make A Statement by identifying THEMSELVES with the line of Jacob, well, that was a whole other way to play out agendas and feelings.
But there are reasons why it's not OK, and consequences it has, both in literature and in life. Reasons why flattening nuance and depth can have real-world consequences, why forgetting to do it on the page can impact us out here.
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12 Sep
Here is some essential Rabbi @SharonBrous Torah for you.

No, but really:

“There’s a massive gray area that consumes much of the space in our world today, in which we’re being called to make hard calls—about our health and safety and our childrens’, about our willingness to comply with or defy unjust norms and even laws.”
“And yet, it’s harder every day to create a clearing. The noise is real, the stakes are high, and we’re exhausted. Full of grief and worry, shock and outrage. Bereft of sleep. Further than ever from moral clarity and purpose.”
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6 Sep
Hey synagogues with social media accounts: this would be a very good day to tweet out your livestream info if you have it. Many of you have not and I’m tsk tsking.

Let’s make this a thread for shuls/pros to share their info if they want; Jews still ISO plans, one-stop shopping.
CBST, queer (tho ally-friendly) since 1973, with the amazing @Skleinbaum at the helm, and fabulous clergy line @MarisaElana @mike_rabbi and @RAyeletSCohen and others on as well.
Read 5 tweets

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