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How far down does this rabbit hole go?

Meet Cineworld group, the world's second largest cinema chain with numerous subsidiaries (including the popular Regal Cinemas).

Its trading OTC in the US and as a traditional stock in UK markets.
Pre-pandemic, Cineworld Group was trading for over $3.50 a share in US markets and even paying out dividends. In UK markets where this theater conglomerate is based, they were trading for over $220 per share. Immediately after the covid-19 crash is where things get weird...
Look at the major surge in volume during/after the covid crash; a crash which saw it go from $190 all the way down to $18.30 at its lowest. Following positive earnings, it began to recover, getting as high as $103 before being smacked back down to 15.64 after a poor earnings
In the day after its bad earnings (which was expected due to the crash/lockdowns), it had 13x the volume it did the day prior!

Jumped from 12M volume to over 160M (In UK) while suffering a single day drop of 43.43%!

The US OTC version jumped from 60k to 1.8M!
Okay, I know this chart probably looks messy, but bear with me.

Notice the direct correlation between
-Cineworld (UK)
-Cineworld OTC (US)
-and IMAX

(IMAX is not pictured but it almost directly overlaps Cinemark (blue line).
Okay, heres how it relates to AMC. You can see the clear correlation between all these cinema stocks until AMC begins to diverge from the rest between December 10th and January 21 when it dropped from 4.09 down to 1.98.

Another short attack and push toward bankruptcy? Hmm 🤔
(Could be wrong but hopefully putting these threads out there will allow more wrinkle brained apes to follow and continue to dig into all this.)

To me, it seems like after the covid-19 crash, HF's took out record levels of shorts with the goal of absolutely obliterating Cinemas.
HF's came close to bankrupting many big name cinemas during the crash, again when the second wave of covid hit, and then a third time after the negative earnings in late 2020. You can tell from the volume spikes that institutions were really getting involved with their own agenda
These stocks began to recover from late October to early December (doubling and even tripling), then continued to rise with most peaking in mid-March. Then, after multiple positive earnings for IMAX, Cineworld, and AMC, they oddly proceeded to drop after their peaks in March 🤔
Truthfully, I dont know what to make of all this other than what we already knew, that theaters are under attack. But it just goes to show how far back the manipulation goes and how they have tried multiple times over the past couple years to short these stocks into bankruptcy.
Will be keeping an eye on these stocks and their correlations to see if there is anything that can be used to make future predictions for AMC. That is all. Thank you for reading.

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14 Sep
Im convinced I found the missing piece to this puzzle. Astro was correct with cycle theory but it can be difficult to place where exactly we are in a cycle as they are designed with very similarly shaped highs and lows. WELL I CRACKED THEIR DAMN CODE! ...

#Amc #amcapes
AMC is repeating certain patterns but it isnt just simply mirroring its previous price action. Its following Cineworld groups chart! The HF's shorting AMC must be running the same algo on Cineworld over in the UK! This makes more sense than simply shorting AMC. (...cont).

If you're looking to take out the movie theater industry, why would you short one theater chain?

THEY'RE GOING AFTER A CONGLOMERATE! (Read my previous thread on Cineworld to see what I mean. They're big.)

HF's already dropped their US stock drastically, now its UK's turn...
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13 Sep
(1) After the MOASS hits and this is all over, I better not hear any body say that I was lucky.

There is no luck involved.

We didnt buy scratch tickets. We didnt play the lotto.

We spent sleepless nights reading DD 'til our eyes burned. We held while our accounts bled🩸
(2) I bought and held for 5 months before I saw any profit...and then I kept buying.

I went without, sold other assets, and dramatically cut back my spending so I could continue to hold.

Over 65% of my networth is in #AMC right now.

Nah, this aint luck. Its courage dammit!
(3) This is conviction, having that inner fire to do what those before us wouldnt/couldnt.

To say "Fuck you HF's! Im here until you pay me!"

In these 7 long hard months of psychological warfare, we have also had to wrestle with the fact that our entire system is a lie...
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