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14 Sep, 4 tweets, 1 min read
you dont need a science degree and peer reviewed studies to understand why puberty blockers and child transition is a crime against humanity. everyone has been a child and a teenager before. everyone knows personally how easily influenced and vulnerable young people are
i dont see any scenario in which a person sincerely advocates for child transition where that person does not have ulterior motives, whether they be financial, ideological, or some kind of projection of their own personal pathology
its a sign of complete societal degeneration that not only do we need doctors to explain to people why artificially stunting a childs cognitive development is wrong, but that those professionals are also easily passed off as the villains in this narrative
in a healthy society it wouldnt even be a question.

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13 Sep
reply with scenic pics you’ve taken in the state/country where you live 😩
just realized in a stroke of terror that all the british and european people are asleep
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8 Sep
"people are trans because they have no real problems" is one of the most bottom tier takes and such a laughable misconception

the truth is our society is spiritually and socially sick and its only getting worse. a society full of healthy happy young people wouldnt be like this
the materially privileged (de)trans people ive known have come from emotionally broken families, were raised inside on computers which stunted their abilities to bond with others, grew up isolated and sedentary resulting in debilitating neuroticism, loneliness, and low self worth
the modern childhood and adolescence is extremely unnatural and damaging to human minds and bodies
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7 Sep
the "genital preference" gaslighting is mainly targeted at gay people b/c they are desperate to maintain the "trans rights" association with the legacy of gay rights in the modern culture, & gay people who have been pressured into publicly agreeing are tokenized for this purpose
w/o a vocal population of gay people (including now people who call themselves gay bc queer theory but arent in practice) supporting the narrative that sexuality is about gender, the link would break rapidly because gender ideology and homosexuality are irreconcilable in reality
thats why they always lump "gender and sexuality" into one, most egregiously on the topics of conversion therapy and familial acceptance, and why its repeated dogmatically in the media and by "LGBT" orgs that used to be gay rights orgs before trans became more profitable
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6 Sep
the “trans women’s paypal links” was an object of discourse in itself, about how to best raise money for them. there was constant pressure to donate and if you couldn’t donate, it was expected that you share the links and ask other people to donate.
“not having enough money” was seen as an excuse because obviously if you aren’t a trans woman you probably have more money than a trans woman so you should donate whatever you have because you don’t need it as much as they do anyway.
i distinctly remember being young and wishing i had a bank account because then i could donate and feel less guilty.
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6 Sep
i’ve said this before on here but it bears repeating while i’m on the topic of gender as a religion and trans women [of color] as the priest class.

when i was ~14 and in the gender cult, i got a $100 amazon gift card for either xmas or my birthday…
in my mind, as a “white afab”, i felt guilt at the prospect of using this money because i “knew” that there were so many trans women out there getting “literally murdered and killed and beaten daily”.
i felt like it was my duty to give this “privilege” i had gained via amazon gift card to a trans woman who deserved it more.

so i made a post on tumblr saying that i was giving away the gift card, but only to a trans woman. some trans woman messaged me and i gave it away.
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6 Sep
the “trans woman of color” is anointed with priest status in the gender religion. they are to be worshipped, are imparted with divine wisdom, and are so important that personal sacrifices must be made toward their “liberation”

“no one is free until trans women of color are free”
they truly believe that the only way they’ll find their salvation from whatever ails them is if trans women of color are “liberated”

of course this gets abused bc women in the belief system, especially young ones, think they owe some cosmic reparation to trans women [of color]
which is why you see them bend over backwards to put themselves down in comparison (“i’m just a pasty boring afab”), donate money, or even go so far as to think they owe “favors”, online or otherwise, if you know what i mean

sounds crazy but it happens all the time.
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