Good day everyone.

I've went to take some rest because of the ad-infinitum "consolidation" of @SBF_FTX

He also keeps propping it on his exchange but also on @coinbase using layered spoofing technique. Layering multiple non-bona-fide orders that favorably modify the price.
Layered Spoofing is a form of market manipulation in which a trader multiple highly-visible orders but has no intention of keeping them. The spoof buy order allowed the trader to execute the sell trade at a better price than if the spoof buy order had not been placed.
But ofcourse @coinbase is a partake and refuses to do anything.

Yet on L3 Full Channel API via @CoinbasePro it can be ID'ed as well as his cancellation rate is 98.1%

In order to have a fast cancel response he has assigned a client_oid.

I know his. Won't expose it fully yet.
Here is a live previou of how you end up in PnD situations when the "demand" is spoofed by walls of non-bona-fide bids-up with zero volume.

#Bitcoin is literally being propped out by 1 entity.

Can be found on Full Channel API on Coinbase Pro with a clear client_oid. Hint: 2020
The bad effects of spoofing (bids up until it hits SL's that way he generates volume and fakes-up "DEMAND".

Nice job @SBF_FTX and @AlamedaTrabucco
This already became an standard since @AlamedaTrabucco and @FTX_SBF are in charge. I kinda missed the ol' Bart Heads battern rather then this Burj Khalifa patterns.
@AlamedaTrabucco Underneath all this move are multi-million $BTC orders non-bona-fide that @SECGov , @GaryGensler and @TheJusticeDept should look into them.

Since @coinbase its operating with US customers retail and institutional on US soil.
The aggresivness of the $BTC spoofer is skyrocketing trying to prop-up the price. Yet the volume is DEAD.

Tries to push more STOP-LOSSES so he can "create the volume"
The volume is literally a joke as he moves the Spoofing Layered BID's.
Volume is literally DEAD. Bidding up into liquidations and Stop-losses in order to create a "liquidation event momentum".
Volume appears only when new top are hit = new Stop-Losses or Liquidations Clusters.

Otherwise he is low-cost pump and dump using multi-layered bids into one of the biggest SPOT USD (Non-USDT) exchange.
P.S: In response to trolls.

Stop-Losses = on spot exchanges - Coinbase
Liquidations = on derivates exchanges - FTX

As well let us see them "bullish" news that are constantly feed into every single #crypto news outlet…
Conclusion all this is done so it fits @AlamedaTrabucco , @SBF_FTX right hand (*fap*, *fap*, *fap*) narratives.

It had one just after the 28k-42k shit-show.


Every time looks to obvious manipulated by them @AlamedaTrabucco comes up story time
You can see his as well previous "bed time stories" when he pumped #Bitcoin from 28k into 42k due to Senate Lobbying on #Crypto

Same story exactly same served bullshit by a financial crook.

@AlamedaResearch + @FTX_Official + @cmsholdings
= scams
He still tries to pull this weird pattern on love volume, zero demand and pretends that there is "demand".

All done by one single BOT on Coinbase.
First real volume is only #Delta #Negative (Sells)

Yet they quickly fade it with layered spoofing. :)

#Bitcoin has no natural demand since the crash of 52k.

Yet they keep pushing it to create clout and hope for a Greater Foul
45 BTC sold in 1 minute (can be notice the size difference. What they did? Printed on a green candle. How it looks on regular volume charts? "Bullish" :)
Again? 😂😂😂how many times we gotta reject violently a level so we can move-on back to normal mean (down due to lack of interest) ?

• • •

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13 Sep
Source are insider traders.

We all good.

I am also know 100% sure that @lawmaster has no idea how an UXTO consolidation looks like.

I can bet on that. That he has no idea. By how he reports on insiders rather then researching into the issue itself.
@lawmaster The idea is that a single signer aggregates many small UTXOs into a single big UTXO.

And that is it. Just like that.
But not over 400 wallets each creating a new wallet with over 10-30-up-to-900$ per each transaction in change.

That is a reverse "consolidation".
@lawmaster And that can be seen on-chain as well. It making it heavier, bulkier and clearly not "consolidating"

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13 Sep
Meanwhile for 5 days @SBF_FTX is still "consolidating"

But no for real. Maybe I am crazy right? Lets assume that.

How a mix of PS2H + bench32 addresses moved on each new #Bitcoin block = Consolidations of UTXO's.
If anyone know I am willing to listen.…
@SBF_FTX Meanwhile I still consider his statement shady with lack of substance and a way to hide this movement "under the rug".

Waiting for this "consolidation" explanation any time now.

Waiting ....…

Can't say but we still consolidating to ad-infinitum.

Right @SBF_FTX ?

Ah wait he, blocked me and left that vague explanation that supposedly happened "few days ago".
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13 Sep
Thanks to an user we found out last wallet that was moved 1 minute ago.…

Probably and I can bet it will move again at NEXT confirmed #Bitcoin block.
4chan users must be trolling him badly =)

"Medium connection with dark marketplaces"…

We already moving funds on each #Bitcoin block confirmed.

New Block = New Wallet

This is consolidation @SBF_FTX ?

Can anyone ask him that cause we reached hundreds of wallets and it doesn't stop.
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11 Sep
Some people comments are so 'salty'.
They look very salty after a -20% drawback in their portfolio.
Why so salty #Bitcoin #Maximalists?
😂😂Your 100k calls got re-routed for next year?
I know a idot that spent all his savings and bought #Bitcoin at 60k.I told him he is the top.
Fundamentally #Cryptocurrencies and #Bitcoin are in the middle of a bubble similar to #DotCom due to derrivates and unbacked stablecoin.

If you are a financial literate you know what provoked the #DotCom bubble and was all due to unregulated markets of derivates back in 2001.
In 2001 brokers could bet on the weather change via derivates market, they could as well as today we can do on multiple illegal platforms.

@FTX_Official for example illegally allowed to bet on Presidential US Race , extremely illegal.
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29 Aug
"I am hearing from inside sources that a crash is going to happen in the short term due to tether.

The DOJ has finished up there investigation and will be coming out with arrest warrants soon."

Have this from an insiders group some "whale" sprouted it. I wonder if its right.
Everything is fine.
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29 Aug
Didn't plunged.. oh yes forgot is building a Starways to Heaven before the Elevator to Hell
Lets ZOOM.

What happened? We spoofed in big layers of 14 , 10 , 14 BTC layers.

WIthout any real BUYING. As soon as a sell was execute, he spoofs back his buy orders increasing the price syntethical.

No wonder Salvador Citizen don't want this crap.

Fully corrupted $BTC
Boom, boom, boom, clap!

Stairway to heaven, YAY!
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