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Riksharaaj Jamvant Who was most elder and intelligent minister of Sugreev was Manas Putra of Lord Brahma.

He was very much powerful and also a divine being who could live through Yugas.

He was born before Shri Hari Vishnu incarnated as Vamana.
When Vamana was crossing the 3 Lokas in his Divine form, Young Jambvant had did 3 Parikramas of Shri Vishnu.

He was living in Kishkindha as minister of Sugreev during reign of Shri Ram.

He played an important role in the Battle of Lanka.
Jambvant was even present during the late Dwapar Yuga and he had possession of Famous Syamantak Mani for some time.

Shri Krishna had fought with Jambvant to get the Mani back.
When Jambvant recognised Shri Krishna and his real form of Shri Vishnu, he wedded his daughter Jamvanti with Shri Krishna.

Jamvanti and Shri Krishna had a powerful son Samb.

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13 Sep
Indeed , so many references of architecture, constructions enginnering are mentioned in Ramayana.

Already i made thread on these topics.
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13 Sep
Yajñaseni ( Draupadi)

Her name was Yajñaseni. Maharshi Dhomya(धोम्य) had made her Avbhrat Snana.

Her birth was not a normal thing.

She was अग्निजा (Born from Agni).

She did not have idea of mother's milk and she was not born for it.
She knew her purpose even before being born.

She burnt black by Fire Flames.

She was dark that why she got Name कृष्णा and this wasn't only merit of her to be a great Maitri of Shree कृष्ण.

Her qualities made her better than Subhadra(सुभद्रा) and
honorable in front of Shree कृष्ण.

But this wasn't her glory this wasn't the reason for being superior in Panchkanyas पंचकन्या.

The reasons were her LIfe, her Decisions, her Revenge, her Drishti, her kindness, her splendor,her Love, her Bravery, MBH was incomplete without it.
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12 Sep
The divine sounds of Mahakaal

SHIVA PURAN mention tht head of shiva are स्वर अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ।। Right hand of shiva is कखगघ।। Left hand of shiva is च छ ज झ।। chest of shiva is ट ठ ड ढ।। Stomach of shiva is त थ द ध न।।
Genitals of shiva is प फ ब भ म।। left leg of shiva is य र ल व।। Right hand of shiva is श ष स ह।।

This clearly means tht these वर्णमाला of sanskrit are produced evn before the creation of universe..
These sounds create strings.. the first strings tht combine are अ उ म।।
And ओ३म् sound is produced. this OM is responsible for creation of this universe
These activates SATVA GUNA (cause of attractive forces) and RAJO GUNA (cause of repulsive forces).
because of activation of the two, काल is formed.
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11 Sep
Ramanujacharya is considered as founder of Vaishnav sampradaya in bhakti movement. He is even considered as incarnation of AdiShesha of Bhagwan Vishnu.
Ramanujacharya was born in 1016 AD in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. Advait Vedanta of Shankaracharya was complex and difficult for normal households. He simplified that philosophy and proposed Vishishtadvaita philosophy.

He is credited for taking Vedanta.....
..... Vedanta to normal people while maintaining the sanctity of our traditions. His Guru was Yamunacharya.

He is placed as one of the prominent Bhakti movement saints in bhaktmaal of Nabha in 16th century. He has written various bhashya like Shribhashya on Brahmsutra.
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10 Sep
This thread is dedicated to the importance of observing Ekadashi Vrata by all hindus. Whatever I'm about to write was spoken by Kanchi Mahaperiyava Swamigal in his lectures, so read slowly and try to imbibe it in your mind.
Ekadashi is the highest of Upavasas. In its glory, Shastras spoke as follows:

"There is no mantra greater than Gayatri; no God higher than the Mother; no place holier than Kashi and there is no vratam (व्रत) equal to Ekadashi."
For other things since it is said there is nothing higher, it means that there can be something equal. But in case of vratams, not only there is nothing higher but there is nothing equal to Ekadashi.

Thus Ekadashi is glorified.
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9 Sep
Today is #HartalikaTeej

Teej is one of the most celebrated festival in Hindu culture and the Vrat is observed by women of all age across the world.
Women observe the Vrat for safety and well being of their husband and to get blessings of deities to make their marriage life continue even after this life.

Unmarried girls also observe Teej to get the life partner of their choice.
It's said that the Vrat was first observed by Maa Parvati to get Mahadev as her husband.

It is said that to help Maa Parvati, her friends kidnapped ( हरण ) her from her home.

That's why it was named ( हरतालिका व्रत )
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