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14 Sep, 27 tweets, 5 min read
"Constellation and Quant believe that this will be
the start of establishing new standards around data and applications for the future."

$Dag x $Qnt

Network framework x operating system.

The future of DLT and the IOT
Most of CT knows that $QNT's Overledger is crucial for interoperability. Many do not know that the Overledger is really the first Blockchain operating system.
"Quant has developed the world’s first blockchain operating system, called Overledger, which allows customers to connect to any supported blockchain with just 3 lines of code. Clients can choose between multiple blockchains and protocols to create multi-chain dApps"
"Quant enables companies to abstract the complexity of blockchain technologies with a single gateway connecting to the underlying blockchain infrastructure. Combining the features of different blockchains to develop rapid prototypes and production applications"
This is huge for Crypto, as most already know. $QNT will be at the center of interoperatbility, and therefore DLT as a whole, as we continue to scale this to the masses.

However, I would argue that operating systems are fairly limited without a network.
For the same reason that $Link needs $eth and other chains in order to be utilized, $qnt also relies on these underlying DLT's to realize its functionality.

Let's talk about $dag and layer 0.
$Dag's Layer 0 is a network framework running beneath the blockchain. It is made up of protocols, connections, hardware, miners, and everything else that forms the foundation of the blockchain ecosystem.
$Dag provides a secure communication protocol and a network called HyperGraph that is built to process and organize data streams.

Stay with me now.
" $DAG will create a hylomorphism, or a recursive and geometric reference to data, and interconnect them with any blockchain through the Overledger Network - allowing any existing blockchain data to be referenced."
"The partnership will allow the creation of a thriving network of IoT, that securely references data sources while providing trusted and validated public data feeds to enrich interoperating connected smart cities."
I'll take a step back now and talk a bit more about Layer 0.

As many of you know, $eth, $ada, $sol, $dot etc. are all layer 1s. Standalone blockchains.

Layer-0 protocol is the layer beneath all other protocols. As such, a Layer-0 protocol can connect all Layer-1 protocols.
Layer-0 protocol is the layer beneath all other protocols. As such, a Layer-0 protocol can connect all Layer-1 protocols enabling unprecedented cross-chain interoperability.
This enables unprecedented cross-chain interoperability.
Constellation network consists of a series of state channels that validate data (instead of transactions) based on user-defined functions. In this way, state channels create a distribution network that can support real-world big data use.
L0 allows us to model the ledgers of other blockchains through the use of their public APIs.

L0 allows for global liquidity pools.

Consensus is performed on the data itself. Not the transactions.
With the help of $Qnt's Overledger this means:

All chains can exist as part of the same network as state channels.

Infinite amounts of data can be processed feelessly.

Transactions become FASTER as the network grows.
adding $link to the equation we also get:

External data streams can be added as state channels

These state channels' data can be made accessible to the other L1 state channels feelessly.
$dag's Hypergraph is a DLT built for data.

28B IOT devices are coming online by 2022.

Currently, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every single day

90% of the worlds data has been created in the last two years
I work for a large enterprise and we have A LOT of data being streamed by the minute. We must handle its security. We must manage its provenance. We must handle it's storage.

HGTP is the future of data streaming. Provenance and security handled for you at the highest level.
The Air Force and DOD have recently chosen $dag to secure their streaming data (cointelegraph.com/news/us-air-fo…)

With an upcoming AWS partnership, MANY large enterprises with huge amounts of data will choose HGTP.
Today's Layer 1's work as standalone networks. The internet today (HTTP) is a massive networking infrastructure: a network of millions of networks.

Constellation's HGTP is the web3 version of this networking infrastructure. A true network of networks.
This is not possible without $Qnt's Overledger product, which allows interoperability across L1's, and without $Link, the premier oracle allowing external data to permeate throughout DLT's.
But, it IS, BY FAR, the premier use-case for these technologies. Combining these three revolutionary technologies, we have the web3 networking infrastructure of the future. Thousands, and then millions of networks, validating and passing data to one another.
For a while, I thought 'HGTP will replace HTTP' was hyperbole. But with the added security, speed, transparency, flexibility etc. offered by $Dag's Hypergraph, and the levels of acceptance we already see for DLTs today, I think that this is quite likely the future of the space.
The future is interoperable. You already knew that. $qnt will be crucial in connecting the fantastic L1 solutions that we see today. But this tech will need a network. It will want a network of networks. $DAG is that solution.

DOD, AWS, and soon every L1 and large corp.
most quotes taken from the integration paper released by $QNT and $DAG: constellationnetwork.io/pdf/Quant_Cons…
Sorry for the duplicate tweet above, split it into two and forgot to delete the original 🙃

If you want more $dag alpha:

• • •

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9 Sep

-regulation -> $ALBT
-ease of use -> $UOS
-interoperability -> $QNT

The total crypto market cap today is $2.11T.

This is a very impressive number. However, Apple and Microsoft, as individual companies, are worth more than everything put together...
The current space is very similar to the early days of the internet: clunky, developed in silos, difficult to access.

Not many users. Only the early adopters.

1. There was not a TON of utility for the normal user.
2. Network effect hadn't been established.
3. It was hard.
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$UOS Thread #7.

This one is going to be quite different. Almost entirely speculation. A lot of these things I think we will see happen.

I don't know.

I am obsessed with this project and see many possible avenues to WORLD DOMINATION.


world domination.
Many have said the market cap of $UOS is too large. That it can't reach $100.

"That'll be top 3!" yeah i know. shut up. Listen.

$100 is my conservative mid/long term estimate, if most of the things I am speculating on... DO NOT HAPPEN.

read this:
FIRST- the things we DO know:

-Blockchain and SDK created to abstract blockchain elements away for users and developers
-first app ecosystem for web 3
-Other tokens will launch on the $uos blockchain
-NFT's lock up UOS
-numerous AAA Game devs involved with project
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$UOS thread 6.


This isn’t ‘just’ gaming. This isn’t ‘just’ the massively expanding market with ~200B revenue. This is the next iteration of dApps, with a gaming funnel that will bring 8-9 figures of users to blockchain technology.

Let’s talk about the current king of dApp ecosystems: $eth.

~5M users per month
~First iteration
What do you have to do/know to use some of the incredible dApps on Ethereum?

-generally purchase eth on a CEX
-move to defi wallet or hardware wallet
- utilizing uniswap to buy necessary tokens
-MetaMask to permission access to protocols
-understanding of keys/safety
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