just saw someone say that housing in the USSR was 'free' and that they 'eliminated homelessness' ima lose my mind
you know what happened to you if you were somehow homeless in the USSR? if you were homeless, that means you were 'BOMZH' (which evolved into a synonym for 'bum'), i.e. you didn't 'have a permanent place of residence', which at the time meant lacking a 'propiska'.
A 'propiska' was an institution the USSR inherited from the Russian Empire, which basically meant permanent state registration of your place of permanent residence. Unlike in many European Countries and the US, you always registered where you lived with the government.
A 'propiska' is your key to, well, everything. It was also how you were apportioned medical care (every residential block had a hospital assigned to it, where people who had a propiska in that residential block could receive medical treatment).
But the key here is that you *needed* a propiska to get a job. It was mandatory.

Coincidentally, if you didn't have a house, you'd get one through your job. You could *only* get that through your job. Specifically, through the state 'social rent' programme.
For a 'normal' person this wasn't a *huge* issue, since they most likely had relatives who were in possession of housing earlier (which all can be traced back to previous ownership in the imperial times, even having a peasant hut was good enough).
So, you get a job and move into the city, and you get to rent out an apartment from the government (note that this is *rent*), so you can live and work there. So far, so good.

But this begs the obvious question: homeless people aren't your average Joe.
What if, by some stroke of bad luck, you came to find yourself in a position without a job and without a propiska? Well, then you are in the position of being Totally, Unequivocally, Absolutely Royally Fucked.
Why? Because to get a job you need a 'propiska'. And to get a 'propiska', you need a job.

And then, basically, nothing is any longer up to you. Maybe you get lucky and you have friends who could set you up for something. Maybe you don't. In the eyes of the state you're nobody.
But that's not the least of your problems then. You see, there were laws against 'social parasitism' -- 'tuneyadstvo', as it was called. Not working *was* a crime. So, besides being absolutely fucked in terms of institutions that abandon you, were on a timer now.
If you were spotted loitering in the streets during working hours, you could be questioned. If it was found that you don't have a job and don't have anywhere to turn towards -- you were labeled as a social parasite, and then, again, you'd just have to pray that it would work out.
So, what would happen to you? In ideal circumstances, you'd be shipped off to what is basically not-quite-a-jail, where you'd be temporarily housed until the state got you a job. What happened more often is, you'd land in actual jail.
But even that was probably the 'luckier' outcome. If you were somehow incapable of work, you'd find yourself in a place much worse than jail -- either a special 'sanatorium' for disabled people, or you'd find yourself labeled as having severe mental illness and institutionalized.
This would happen if you didn't have any relatives or if they couldn't be found. And if you don't have any relatives -- you're not going back from that. Once you were labeled as severely mentally ill, you got what was called a 'wolf ticket'.
This 'wolf ticket' would basically be your ostracism card (which is where it got its name from), because it would render you a persona non grata in state institutions. Again -- this means not getting a job, being discriminated against in all aspects of social services, etc.
This is not to speak of other practices -- say, have you heard of some cities in the US bussing away homeless people? That was a common practice in the US. That practice got the colloquial name of being sent 'beyond the 101st kilometre'.
You can find more info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101st_kil…

This is all openly available info! The soviet union was a terrible, terrible place to live in. You'd never pick it if you had the option, and you'd be correct. Even living as a party official wouldn't be worth it.
I really wish people would stop talking out of their ass when they don't know shit about it! It is really irritating and it fucking sucks!

• • •

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