FUD blasting thread about Evergrande - The Asian property developer that everybody is talking about and yet nobody really knows about.

I dealt in Asia Credit and i have seen some particularly bad takes on this whole EVERRE situation.

[2/n] First of all - lets get this out of the way - Evergrande will go into liquidation without government help.

[3/n] However, even if it goes into liquidation. The impact on the external world will be VERY limited. The total value of USD and HKD bonds that it has outstanding is only about 21.2billion
[4/n] These bonds are trading at 25c to the dollar - so even if we have a total default - the impact to investors will only be about 5.3bn. The biggest holders of EVERRE bonds are HNW clients - these junk bonds are a retail favourite
[5/n] And no. Because EVERRE is a junk rated chinese developer - it cannot issue commercial paper. I.E CIRCLE and TETHER probably are NOT exposed to EVERRE risk
[6/n] The biggest impact of an EVERRE default is actually within the whole Chinese ecosystem which
1) purged crypto in May
2) The china government has a mandate of social stability which probably means that they will bail out EVERRE
[7/n] EVERRE is not facing a profitability crisis - it is facing a liquidity crisis. If you look at the balance sheet, it is shored up with Land....the only reason why it hasnt managed to dispose of land assets is because competitors are waiting to pounce
[8/n] This is reflected in the share price - even at 3HKD per share - EVERRE still has 5bn USD market cap....doesnt really sound like a company on the brink of bankruptcy does it?
[9/n] The genesis of EVERRE's troubles began with the 3 red lines campaign for deleveraging - Getting a massively levered company to delever quickly is like asking 900 pound man to lose 200 pounds instantly. Obesity is not what kills you but the weight loss
[10/n] For all the crypto natives who are familiar with liquidations ... in the real world liquidations work differently. Crypto can drop 90% in 1 hour...land drops 5% in a year and that is ALOT. And there is a prospect of a government bail out - the bigger you are
Conclusion - This entire EVERRE saga is a race to see when the CCP will blink - the impact of an EVERRE default will be huge in China but otherwise muted outside of China. The offshore bonds are freely traded and investors have already taken that 75% mark to market losses.

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