President Assad met today with President Putin in Moscow and talks focused on combating terrorism. #Idlib
Assad: “I am happy to meet today in Moscow. The joint operation to combat terrorism has now been going on for about 6 years, during which the Syrian & Russian armies have made great achievements, not only by liberating lands or by returning refugees to their cities & villages, 1/
Assad: but also through protecting many innocent citizens in this world because terrorism knows no political borders and does not stop at political borders.” 2/
Assad: “of course, in addition to the important results of the liberation of lands and the retreat of terrorists, the political process was launched, whether in Sochi, Astana, or recently in Geneva.” 3/
Assad: “This process has been going on for nearly two years now, but as you know, there are obstacles because there are countries that support terrorists and have no interest in the continuation of this process in the direction that would achieve stability in Syria, 4/
Assad: and some countries have imposed a siege on the Syrian people, a siege that we describe as inhumane, immoral and illegal.” 5/
Assad: “Nevertheless, we are determined in Syria, as a government and state institutions, to proceed in parallel in the process of liberating the lands and in the process of political dialogue.” 6/
Assad: “I want to take advantage of this meeting in order to thank the Russian state and the Russian people for the humanitarian aid provided to the Syrian people, 7/
Assad: whether in connection with the recent Coronavirus pandemic or with regard to securing all the basic necessities that the Syrian citizens require in their daily life.” 8/
Assad: “I would like also to thank you and the Russian political institution, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the efforts they have made at the international forums to defend international law, 9/
Assad: which at the very outset provides for the sovereignty of states and the right of peoples to determine their future and destiny, which managed effectively and strongly to prevent the exploitation of the anti-terror operation in the world for political goals... 10/
that serve the agendas of some countries,” 11/
Putin: “I am very happy to welcome you to Moscow again and congratulate you on the very good result of the presidential election. 12/
Putin: These results show that people trust you, despite all the difficulties and tragedies of previous years, and they associate the process of reconstruction and the return to normal life with you.” 13/
Putin: “I know that you are doing a lot for this, including holding a dialogue with the opposition, and I hope this process will continue,” 14/
Putin: “the solidarity among all the forces in Syria allow the country to rise again and start to progress and move forwards.” 15/
Putin: “A lot has been done for this, and with our joint efforts, most of the Syrian lands have been liberated, after inflicting very heavy losses on terrorists, and the Syrian government now controls 90 percent of the territory,” 16/
Putin: the main issue is that foreign armed forces are deployed to Syrian territory without the approval of the United Nations and without your permission, 17/
Putin: and this clearly contradicts the international law and does not allow you to make maximum efforts to go on the path of reconstruction of the country at the pace that would have been possible in the event that the legitimate government took control of all lands. 18/
Putin: “Unfortunately, there are still hotbeds for terrorists who not only control a certain area, but also continue to terrorize the civilian population,” 19/
Putin: “When I was in your hospitality, at your invitation, I saw how people are actively reconstructing their homes and actively working to return to normal life in the full sense of the word, and our joint efforts are also yielding fruitful results.” 20/
Putin: I am not talking now about just humanitarian assistance from Russia to the Syrian people, but also about the development of economic and trade relations, as the volume of trade exchange during the first half of the year increased three and a half times. 21/
Putin: and we are working together to solve the main issue that the whole of mankind is currently facing. By this I mean the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, as the first consignments of the “Sputnik V” and “Sputnik Lite” vaccines arrived in Syria. 22/
Putin: I hope that with joint efforts, the Syrian people will be helped to rise through contributing to revive the economy, the social situation and the field of health in the first place. 23/
Credit for the quotes goes to SANA, Ruaa al-Jazaeri ✍🏽
WATCH: Putin meets Assad, takes swipe at US and Turkish occupation forces in Syria.…

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15 Jun
.@AnaKasparian hosts a clown expert to say Assad's motive of using CWs on Douma in 2018 was to force the "rebels" to surrender.

This is the map of control on Ghouta on 31.03.2018.

Militarily speaking, do you kill 49 civilians to force Islam's Army terrorists to surrender?
And let's suppose Assad really used chemical weapons, why would he drop a toxic weapon on the civilians when there were thousands of Islam's Army terrorists in the area?
Every time Ana Kasparian and the TYT talk about Syria, they make fool of themselves.
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14 Jun
1/ Former U.S. special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey said the U.S. had “indirect channels” to al-Nusra “through people in the media, people in the NGO world who did have direct contacts with them.”

I posted a video on the matter some time ago.

2/ Jeffrey: "We opened indirect channels to them as soon as we could, and kept Secretary [Mike] Pompeo advised of it and what we were learning, but we never raised the subject of opening specific channels directly with them,"
3/ Jeffrey: "in part because the Russians would exploit it, as would Assad; in part because we didn't want to make the Turks nervous."
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8 Jun
Israel attacks Damascus again in the middle of the night.
The Syrian air defences shooting against hostile objects not only over the skies of Damascus but also Latakia.
In a grave violation of international law, the Israeli warplanes are firing on Syrian posts from the skies of Lebanon.
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8 Jun
Today marks 2 years since Sarout died while fighting alongside Al-Qaeda forces against the SAA.

How is it possible to let people carry his pictures in Germany when he was a former ISIS terrorist and a genocidal maniac who thinks Christians and Alewites should be exterminated?
A recent photo from Reuters show a man carrying the photo of the former ISIS terrorist in front of the Syrian embassy in Berlin.
The German media occasionally quote the Syrian lawyer Nahla Osman, who's based in Germany and runs a legal campaign against me to deport me from Germany.

Guess what? Osman loves Sarout, the former ISIS terrorist and considers him the "guardian of the Syrian revolution".
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10 Apr
On this day 10 years ago (10/04/2011) the "peaceful protesters" murdered Nidal Jannoud, a poor peasant from Tartous because he was born in the wrong religious sect.

At that time, the MSM told you that a liberal & democratic revolution erupted in #Syria against the dictator. Image
On the same day, the terrorists ambushed a Syrian Army convoy on the road to Banias, killing more than 10 soldiers.
Arabic speakers will hear the terrorists calling for Jihad against the Syrian Army after occupying the minarets of the mosques in Banyas.

Remember, you've been told for 10 years that this was a peaceful and democratic revolution.
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12 Mar
Syria's MoFA: the #EU, with its applied policy, is only a continuation of colonialism, but in a modern way, reiterating that statements of some EU officials on its role and conditions in the reconstruction process clearly indicate a misunderstanding of what is going on in #Syria.
Syria's MoFA: for Syria, the EU institution with its applied policy is only a continuation of colonialism, but Syria’s view towards the EU has been based on true experiences that Syria has passed through with the EU before the war and that the terrorist war came to prove them.
Syria's MoFA: the EU had presented for Syria has never been donations or offers, but loans that were paid periodically from the money of the Syrian people.
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