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14 Sep, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Sensible and football are not good bedfellows Tom.

If we’re being sensible streaming media income would be pooled centrally and be split as other media income is split now.

That way all clubs had a future regardless of changes to Saturday blackouts or change in the streaming..
…vs tv media split.

As it stands, if streaming media grows, tv media reduces and the equal split that is the norm now, goes down the pan.

When the @premierleague started the split in income was less important because there wasn’t that much to split relatively.

Fast forward…
…30 years and you end up where we are now.

The time to get the structure right is at the start.

It’s no good Rick Parry grumbling about parachute payments now.

He should have foreseen this outcome back then.

It should not come as a surprise that his PBP plan included…
…right for the big clubs to stream some of their own matches worldwide.

I foresee a long term problem and I want @EFL to change it, or tell me I’m mistaken.

If they can show me I’m wrong I’ll apologise and walk away from this issue.

• • •

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15 Sep
I gave up after 20 minutes.

Is he investing in clubs or trading them?

They can flout any National regulations buy moving players at artificial prices.

This is nothing other than a financial raid on football.

The industry, player, manager, community isn’t important.

…cash return is all that matters.

How do we deal with inter company transfers that are not at market, over national borders?

What happens if 2 teams with the same ownership are drawn in European competition.

One thing is certain though, football is a ripe target for…
…USA funds.

Substitute football for any other industry, it doesn’t matter.

Consolidate, drive down costs and sell is the MO.

The driving down of costs could be a positive benefit, because current owners and regulators have been hopeless in this regard.

That’s where…
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14 Sep
Talked about IFollow again yesterday.

The @EFL is potentially creating a big future problem for itself (again)

I have spoken many times on this and here’s the two sides of the argument…

@EFL say both clubs have equal opportunity to sell IFollow tickets and as such, the..,
..the seller gets to keep the revenue after a bit paid to EFL.

During #COVID19 they came up with a fudge. The seller paid the club hosting the game a figure limited to the number they would expect of travelling fans.

Effectively this compensated for some lost physical ticket..

I say this.

Streaming is the future.

IFollow will grow and the Saturday 3pm blackout will end.

There’s already loads of media comment about not being able to watch Ronaldo because of the blackout.

Streaming media will overtake the current TV deals.

There is no…
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6 May 20
And another thing...

...I alway look for motivation in what people do or say.

Nothing is ever said or done without a reason.

It’s the why.

The why is what informs me of character, not the saying or doing.

It is crucial.

Now then, Rick Parry @EFL said yesterday to...
...government, words to the effect that ‘parachute payments are an evil’

This is what I deduce from the word ‘evil’ and the fact it was said to ministers.

I deduce that Rick (I’ve never spoken to him or met him) has gone into battle with @premierleague on behalf of @EFL and...
...been comprehensively knocked back.

He knows the problem and is frustrated at not being able to get any sense out of @premierleague

He would NOT in my opinion have brought this up without having first tried to get change.

The EVIL bit is pure frustration that he cannot...
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10 Apr 20


Report comment:

Started off will and went downhill fast. Must try harder.

Clubs are in trouble.
Players are in trouble.
EFL is in trouble.

As a club @ASFCofficial have been hit by #Covid_19 along with all other clubs.

This season has been destroyed by it.
Up to now the @EFL have advanced money’s DUE 👍 and given loans against future distributions 👍

So far so good.

The @premierleague advance FUTURE solidarity payments but @EFL sit on them 👍

Still so far so good.

Then we get the boards plan to finish the season...
...THEIR competition.

This involves an extension of this season creating damage to all clubs future income. (Save the few that are promoted who’s increase in revenue will cover it)

This 2 MONTH extension of the season significantly increases club costs.

We have players...
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9 Apr 20
So.... core business is not football. It should sail through #COVID19 period because I’ve learnt over the years that something always spoils good times and good times follow bad.

80% of my job is risk management, 20% is looking for potential growth opportunities.
To grow a business you need a stable base, it’s no good growing an area of your business if you’re not looking after the existing. You’re not growing in this instance, you’re replacing business.

To my staff I say, ‘I’m sat in the crows nest looking for icebergs years ahead’....
....because icebergs sink you.

That said, the only iceberg on the horizon was #brexit

With this in mind I’ll explain what I’m seeing. I’ll name other clubs as illustrative examples only so NO disrespect meant to them: it’s to make points only.


New iceberg #COVID19
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28 Sep 19

We have a new chairman of the @EFL

Rick Parry.

I haven’t met him yet, but he seems to have a lot of experience.

I’m not convinced this is good for us.

Football has a habit of passing the top jobs around football people.

But I have a completely open mind.
My view is that we will focus only on the symptoms of the real problem, which is clubs selling stadia, losing fortunes, going into administration and ultimately being dumped as was the case with @buryfcofficial

And here lies the problem.

ALL the above are caused by an..
...over dominant @premierleague treating football in general as its own fiefdom.

Creating all sorts of issues including the aforementioned, but also destroying competitive balance within the @EFL

Their response is a patchwork of bad ideas:

Not least massive parachutes..
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