At first I thought this was satire.
Then, of course, I decided to do that myself:

Yes, thank Zod Biden is standing up for Science, Vaccines & health [SVH?].

Hm. Practically verbatim from his oath of office
@deedwithcorpses @still_a_nerd @w_mccairn @cor…
[2] This is going to be difficult-there's a lot of stupid in a half-page. I truly hope that the author was affected by LSD at the ~LD50 range.
Is intelligence something we can still assume? In this case, a trick question, of course.
[Uh, how many prev had C-19 of the 80M?]
-Unapologetic isn't always good. It's less offensive, I guess, when they remember to turn off the screen with the kid holding onto the plane's wheels mid-air.
-What if the virus itself is an escaped vaccine?
-Yes, mandates indicate 'not freedom'
@TyCardon @Bobby_Network
-The foam could simply be toothpaste after you feed them more BS
-Turns out, the 9th/10th amend. DO cover ALL not explicitly stated otherwise. Who Knew?
-I bet Gov. Abbott would prefer more weight on the border 1st
-Biden does have the Mexico border
[5] -Otherwise healthy=prev infected?
-Rousseau's Social Contract doesn't mention💉-the '1st stage trial' of Pfizer's cowpox jab was 12 years later.
-All men are microbiomes
-'Souls' imply afterlife+prime mover. The proper Left term is 'Statistics' [Stalin]
@jjcouey @RadCentrism
[6] Islands aren't profound, they are sandy rocks surrounded by water
-Inalienable rights [life/liberty/pursuit of happiness?]=profound
-Actually, most 'sheeple' cops prob. believe in such rights because they've read the founding docs. They literally protect rights

• • •

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14 Sep
[1/3] Be thankful @NIHDirector, @XavierBecerra,@ASPRgov, @NIAIDFunding & @EcoHealthNYC,
that I treat the COVID-origin search w/integrity
Imagine if I applied
-the speed of your FOIA responses
-the ethics of your oversight
-the logic of your mandates
@BillyBostickson @TheSeeker268
-the arrogance of your denials
-the precision of your censorship
-the emptiness of your vaccine data
-the openness of your contempt for us
-the assuredness of your self-importance
-the incestuous-ness of your collusion
-the primacy of your ambition
@SharriMarkson @gdemaneuf
-the sycophancy of the academies
-the complicity of your cabal
-the persistency of your lies
or your backstabbing of the President

Just imagine how many more inn. people would☠️
If I chose not to do the right thing.

I don't have to imagine it.
I see your victims every day
Read 5 tweets
12 Sep
@CDCDirector Dr. Walensky,
I'm hoping you can help clarify something that's been bugging me about your pre-print study on VE vs UnVax.

The data was from 11 states, LA county & NYC.

Were there NO other states w/avail. data?

Asking for 331M friends
@alykhansatchu @RadCentrism Image
[2] Given the value of such data, & the prior decision to not gather it on the front-end, the inclusion of those jurisdictions seems fortuitous - especially for a study w/out data we can access.
@w_mccairn @jjcouey @TyCardon @samhusseini @JesseMatchey ImageImageImage
[3] It's important to state that I do not approach this issue from an anti-vax perspective -
Of course, that would be pretty easy to verify but for the data that you chose not to collect.
Data can be modified to suit needs-just look at how NY looks w/COVID☠️w/1 heatmap change: ImageImage
Read 7 tweets
11 Sep
[1] Our current💉debate is based upon a false premise.
My fam & I are mostly💉'd, but that was a choice.
Not tracking prev infec. w/💉data was a choice, too-by HHS.

Choosing not to gather evidence, and then mandating 💉on a presumption is🐂💩 & wrong.
@w_mccairn @Bobby_Network
[2] I am not a Twitter troll in this regard;
I used to teach my WMD [CBRN] profession to CBRN Marine officers/enlisted pers. I re-wrote the curriculum.
I did the same for Marine embassy guards & Army WO's
@JesseMatchey @Fynnderella1 @janieyaya @cjvance @JamieMetzl @JasonButtrill
[2.1] I've tested new equipment at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.
I've attended courses at the Defense Nuclear Weapons School, Edgewood Chemical/Biological Center, etc.
Read 10 tweets
9 Sep
[1] The ? of aerosol transmission w/SC-2 we must answer is 'how'
w/implications for NPI's-not just origins
@DecrolyE @Biol4Ever @franciscodeasis @AntGDuarte @MonaRahalkar @dasher8090 @Ayjchan @mattwridley @R_H_Ebright @quay_dr @ydeigin @Rossana38510044 @jbloom_lab @COVIDOversight
[1.1] NPI's have focused on proximity far more than duration; coupled with masks, this may have been self-defeating.
Flu disappeared overnight-even after lockdowns ended. This makes sense, as ⬆️droplet size trans. responds well to😷+better hygiene measures for mitigation.
[1.2] However, IF fomites & droplets are not the primary route of transmission, what happens after lock-down?
Remaining NPI's that address typical pathogens are less effective - but the false sense of security they provide means people spend more time in close proximity
Read 16 tweets
7 Sep
[1] It's time we followed the science.💉have dramatically⬇️Cases of COVID-19.
But not☠️. CFR's are rising in many highly💉states, & that's not good. Maryland's has risen .59% since May, vs. overall. That's not good
@jjcouey @w_mccairn @JesseMatchey @still_a_nerd @cjvance @quay_dr
@jjcouey @w_mccairn @JesseMatchey @still_a_nerd @cjvance @quay_dr [2] These are part of an analysis for an upcoming article, but I felt compelled to start the discussion now
Once I sort by state CFR over the last 4 months [i.e. during the delta wave] I see 5 states whose CFR is actually higher than the overall number
@eugyppius1 @EthicalSkeptic
@jjcouey @w_mccairn @JesseMatchey @still_a_nerd @cjvance @quay_dr [3] That's not typical. Globally, CFR's peaked near the beginning, if for no other reason than the low numbers of initial cases and deaths.
After the initial shock & Drs. adjusted, CFR's gradually declined, then rapidly ⬇️&⬆️as sheer #'s of cases [then deaths] crested in waves
Read 4 tweets
6 Sep
I've made a vow to ignore climate change until
'Science' turns its focus to the actual, current,🌍threat of COVID-19, which has☠️4,567,114 people in 20 months. Let's solve that crisis first
@jjcouey @w_mccairn @JesseMatchey @BillyBostickson @Bobby_Network…
Although I doubt I have to clarify, I'm not impressed by 220 editors of leading scientific journals ✍️op-eds at this point - 1 of which is Richard Horton. Not that Horton would play politics, of course:
@R_H_Ebright @thackerpd @sai_suryan @ianbirrell @mattwridley @NoWackyScience
Those 220 journal editors are in rarified company-
Kim Jong-Un shares their concerns.
I have a better idea.
Let China take charge of the global efforts-just look at how they made COVID in Wuhan disappear!
@luigi_warren @KevinMcH3 @MonaRahalkar…
Read 4 tweets

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