Thread: Brexit/Austrian Far Right/Nazis/Middle East
Operation Bernhard: Hitler's plan to flood markets with counterfeit UK currency to crash the economy almost succeeded. Johan Von Leers fled to Cairo & Schwend to Peru, where Klaus Barbie partly lived
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Peru is where Daniel Hannan (very close Far Right associate of Barbara Kolm who funds his ECR/ACRE) was born in Sep 1971, allegedly to a poultry farmer - Hugh Ralston Hannan Wilson (pic👇) at the time when Klaus Barbie's identity there & Bolivia was 1st being exposed
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Hannan says his father had a poultry farm just outside Chaclacayo in Peru (of which no trace seems to exist), Hugh was involved in poultry 'husbandry' & increasing yields using genetics. Friedrich Schwend, like many Nazis, also owned a poultry farm, outside Chaclacayo
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Hugh somehow managed to afford to send 'his' son to Winchester School then Marlborough College/Oriel College, Oxford in the UK from the age of 8 (current costs equate to £40,000 per YEAR), & had several companies in Panama, one linked to the 1980s BOFORS arms scandal
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Klaus Barbie/Altmann had been globally trafficking illegal arms for various Govts (& vast amounts of Cocaine) using his Transmaritima Boliviana shipping company. His son Klaus Georg was also involved in this before his fatal hang gliding 'accident' in 1981 in Bolivia
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Daniel Hannan often talks about how his mother warned him that they were 'in danger from Socialists' in Peru when he was 5 (1976), 3 years before he was sent to the boarding school in the UK & not long before Klaus Barbie (pic👇)was extradited…
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Daniel Hannan also mentions his family's Cotton Farms in Santa Cruz Bolivia - where Klaus Barbie also lived - under the protection of, and employed as a mercenary/head of security by fascist dictator (& friend of Pinochet) Hugo Banzer…
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Cotton farms are often located next to cocaine plantations & Cochabamba ,Santa Cruz & Yungas La Paz were producing most of the world's cocaine in the late 1970's…
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There is a record of a William 'Bill' Hannan who coincidentally was involved with Poultry husbandry in the Yungas region of Bolivia in 1970
And here is Hugh Hannan in the Latin American Poultry hall of fame in 1991…
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Now we jump to the modern day:
Daniel Hannan (with the help of Kolm & other global Far Right players) realised their 20 year plan to make Brexit happen as part of their 'Free Trade' Libertarian dream to tear the EU (& socialism) apart, oblivious to the eyes of most
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Hannan created the Institute for Free Trade &having broken rules, had to rename it the "Initiative for Free Trade", where he employs not only the far right lunatic Tony Abbott but ex Spanish PM José Maria Aznar & ex BOLIVIAN PM (& VP under Hugo Banzer), Jorge Quiroga
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The link between Quiroga & Nazi protector Hugo Banzer/Klaus Barbie is indisputable. Now we come to "The Ratline" - the well documented scheme that helped 1000s of the worst Nazi War criminals, inc Barbie/Schwend to escape the Nuremberg Trails, mainly to Latin America
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José Maria Aznar's father & Grandfather, Manuel both worked closely with fascist dictator Franco…, however it is not widely known Manuel is also linked to the Ratline as @ukigoni descibes in his must read book 🔥👇…
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So here we have TWO of Daniel Hannan's employees at the IFT DIRECTLY liked to the worst Nazi War Criminals including Klaus Barbie, and to Kolm whose Far Right Austrian FPÖ party was founded by ex Waffen SS Anton Reinthaller (later funded by Saddam Hussein & Gadaffi)
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We have already established that Kolm stood as an FPÖ candidate in 1995 under her previous name 'Lamprechter', under an address she still apparently uses for official communications. in 2006 she used the name"Kolm-Lamprecht", now just Kolm…
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Whether Kolm's maiden name was Lamprecht or something else is unclear. Some reports suggest that she was previously married to a photography shop owner in Innsbruck, but either way there seems to be little information on her past which is ...curious
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Kolm's alleged involvement with the Casinos Austria scandal… seems to have gone very quiet in recent months, and it is remarkable that her involvement in the huge Far Right driven ZEDE project in Honduras is not all over the press worldwide
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Then we have Kolm's multiple close associations with Prince Michael of Liechtenstein whose GIS (Geopolitical Intelligence Services) helped fund Daniel Hannan's ECR/ACRE & therefore effectively the Brexit Campaign (as well as Polands PiS etc)…
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And now we find that Daniel Hannan is hosting one of Kolm's Free Market RoadShows (FMRS) in London on September 18th 2021
Kolm uses the FMRS to spread her Far Right /Hayekian agenda all over the EU &further afield, with almost ZERO scrutiny
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How can it be that Liechtenstein, where Klaus Barbie (pic👇) & his daughter Ute Messner (pic👇) (apparently now living in Innsbruck) had bank accounts, as well as the FPÖ's Haider $45 million funds from Hussein & Gaddafi are being ignored?

Are we missing something?
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Finally, this on the Grand Mufti may explain a lot of where we are now:"The Arabs were Germany’s natural friends,Haj Amin al-Husseini told the Nazi leader in 1941,because they had the same enemies-namely the English, the Jews & the Communists "…
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Perhaps we now know why Daniel Hannan founded "The Museum of Communist Terror" with Eamonn Butler, Owen Paterson, Tim Montgomerie, Chloe Westley & Roger Scruton etc

..And why Hannan denounces the Nuremberg trials?

I meant to mention this👇

There was a Far Right REXIST party in Belgium during WW2, which has direct links to the people behind BREXITand the Nazi Ratline which allowed 1000s of Nazis to escape justice at Nuremberg…

...and this
I meant to mention this👇 too

Klaus Barbie's daughter Ute married Austrian Ski champion Heinrich 'Heini' Messner , who has since remarried

Almost no trace of their marriage/divorce/kids exists

Here they are in Bolivia (source…)…

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