In which Brighton University advertises their 2 day conference on the politics of reproduction and only uses the word 'woman' once, when prefaced by 'African American.'…
In which they invite Sophie Lewis as a keynote speaker, a woman who has written an entire book about reproduction while explicitly denying the existence of sex classes, and the role of reproductive appropriation in the oppression of women, and which actually valorises turning
mothers into a class of faceless 'gestational workers' who create reproductive products for the collective.

When I first moved to Brighton, I used to hang around CAPPE. I stopped, because of the hostility I experienced when I said feminist things. I participated in a reading
group one year, on the work of an Italian difference feminist, which examines how women (and the material) have been systematically erased from philosophy. A senior man opened the sessions by asking 'well, does anyone really think Western philosophy is grounded on the
erasure of the mother?' Yes, I do. That's why I'm here. Studying these books. Which are the subject of this seminar. But I guess we should just rubbish the central premise from the off shall we?

This drive to erasure is perfectly reperformed by this conference.
As the description indicates, the reproductive rights [OF WOMEN] are under attack. There is a massive push towards commercial surrogacy [which is the *commodification of WOMEN'S BODIES*]. There are crises about supporting the work of social reproduction [mostly done
by WOMEN... they will of course mention that it is also done disproportionately by low paid and migrant workers, because we are allowed to name class-based and racialised oppression, just not the oppression of WOMEN (hence, we are only allowed to say 'woman' when it appears
in context with race)].

All of these issues are absolutely core to the oppression of WOMEN as a SEX class, and are key expressions of the mechanisms of reproductive appropriation and control on which that oppression turns.
That a university would stage a 2 day conference on the core mechanism of the oppression of WOMEN, while trying to completely occlude the existence of WOMEN and their oppression as a class, is the most perfect exemplification of this fuckery one could ask for.

You utter jokers.

• • •

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16 Sep
'Patriarchal Dominance,' a play in two parts.

Act 1:

Man: We want sex
Woman: No
Man: Your job is to give us what we want.
Woman: No. I don't want to.
Man: Nasty fucking frigid bitch, give me what I want.
Woman: No.

*Man takes what he wants*
*Woman's personhood is annihilated*
Act 2:

TW: We want access to where you go to heal from male violation by rape
W: No.
TW: You're oppressing us by excluding us
W: No, sorry, we need this space.
TW: Privileged racist bitch, give me what I want.
W: No.

*TW takes what TW wants*
*Woman's personhood is annihilated*
This is a conflict between male people's desires and women's existence as full human persons who are allowed to have their own needs and interests. Who are allowed to say no, and have their no respected.

That so many people seem to have a serious problem recognising that male
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16 Sep
This is the end point of the logic of the twisted form of Tumblrised intersectionality.

Women must give away everything, because women are 'privileged' and 'oppressors,' even when they have just experienced the absolute violation that is the core of female subjugation.
If raped women in a rape crisis centre can be positioned as the privileged oppressor, there is no female oppression.

Rape is the axiom and purest expression of male dominance, of the belief that women exist to serve men, that women have no subjectivity and needs of their own,
that women do not get to draw boundaries around their own needs, that women do not get to say 'no,' that women can be punished for saying no, that men have the right to take what they want.

Sounds familiar?
Read 6 tweets
15 Sep
Christa, can you please tell us more about your experience obtusely misreading every thing we ever say.
I'll tell you some stories, about Christa and her clans obdurate inability to distinguish figurative speech from reality.

I mean, it's going to happen, if you commit yourself to anti-realist fundamentalism, it suddenly becomes really tricky to go 'oh, if Jane had been
actually firebombed by TRAs that might have been reported somewhere, and it seems a bit extreme, so I guess she must be using a figure of speech...' because yeah, you've decided a billion year old biological mechanism was created by the colonisation of the Americas and hence,
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15 Sep
This is getting insane.

This agenda was set by the trans rights movement Laurie. We have given you evidence. Maybe go away, read the report, in detail. Go and watch and read the evidence given to WESC's trans enquiry by trans rights groups. Go and learn something about the
history of Press for Change. Go and read Stephen Whittle's books. Go and read the 2007 Equalities Review, which, as I say in my report, noted the successful and organised efforts to lobby for the original GRA. Go and look at Stonewall's glossary. Go and look at the receipts on
the Woman's Place website of trans rights groups petitioning the government to remove the single sex exemptions. Understand something abut what is happening to record keeping in the NHS, and why trans men don't get called for cervical smears.
Read 9 tweets
15 Sep
This is absolute and utter deflection.

The question isn't whether this is a priority for trans people.

The fact is *this is what the present form of the trans rights movement is doing.* And this is what women are objecting to.
I have no doubt it doesn't represent the concerns and interests of all trans people.

The ones who stand against it get called quislings and boot-lickers and TERF-pets.

But if you do not recognise that this is what is a happening, and pretend it is not, and try to deflect, and
keep saying 'oh, no one is denying the existence of sex,' and 'no one is trying to stop women talking about their bodies,' while *this is what is happening and is being done in trans people's names,* then you are COMPLICIT IN THE POLITICAL ERASURE OF WOMEN.

Read 6 tweets
14 Sep
If large corporations can performatively support trans people - and our public institutions, NHS, census authorities, g'ment departments, police do the same - what does this tell us about the actual threat to the status quo posed by the demand that gender identity overwrite sex?
If the propaganda is to be believed, thinking humans are sexed is the lynch pin of white supremacist heteropatriarchal colonial capitalism, and everyone suddenly realising sex isn't real, and redefining everyone by gender identity, will bring into being a new era of peace and
justice and anarcho-communism presided over by anime avatars.

If this is true, why would all the central institutions and corporate bodies of a white supremacist patriarchal capitalist state be covering themselves in rainbows?

Because you have replaced the critique of material
Read 4 tweets

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