I want to destroy everything which could possibly lead to the realization of this image.
This is where the direction people who follow Utilitarianism are heading in; this is what Utilitarianism leads too.
How else are we going to sustain an aged population with no duties but comfort and destroying the talented?

• • •

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14 Sep
The Right always loses because The Right never plays. Hold this scenario in your head and imagine how they could respond in any way worse for you than what they currently are doing?
You are more potent than you realize. Imo, just the slightest backlash would be enough to end all these cases of regime thuggery for good. If not, it will continue to escalate until its used to impose Great Reset mandates by force.
There's a huge incoherency with the UnHerd/Normie right narrative.

Correctly, they state EXR are metropolitan rich people with no popular support.

But then they act like any proactive aggression against them is just inherently unworkable.
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14 Sep
It will be more like your 'normal life' will be lived online so people will turn to the real world for recreation.
I believe the kids in school for coronavirus will be the ones who undertake this transition, for them computers are a place of work and boredom.
Wrt/politics variants on the 'track and trace' technology will be increasingly used to merge online ideological communities with irl decentralized action over the next decade.
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12 Sep
I am trying to recap this and can't find any explanation for why Natural Law is real.
Natural law is when people who are submissive are easier to co-operate with than people who want to kill you - so this means you cannot kill anyone else because then everyone else will kill you.
So Natural Law is like every other law, dependent on submitting to a higher power.
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6 Sep
The idea that "creative" people exist on a spectrum independent of IQ is an influential but very weird cope.
Creative genius in history has been MORE autistic than scientific genius. James Joyce and Nietzsche were both much more spergy than von Neumann.
Verbal IQ is more heritable than Numerical IQ.When people say shit like "fuh fuh you would abort Shakespeare!" They're talking bollocks. What they mean is "you would abort lots of gay black men." (#correct)
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6 Sep
"The achievement of Trump's first term? Killing everyone who worked for Zenimax."
"I may disagree with what he does. But I admire the skill and willpower needed to see it through."
"Why yes Skyrim is my favourite game. Now, thanks to Trump, I can kill myself without fear of missing out."
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6 Sep
There is a sort of ebin dialectical role reversal going on with the Left and Right today; but its not the one Logo posits. It is that the vision of the below tweet is identical to downwardly mobile German shopkeepers idolizing the Medieval peasantry c. 1908
The Left in the 21st century consists of the same classes as the 20th century far right: disenfranchised minor aristocrats/priests (academics, trust fund kids) and petite bourgeoise threatened by technological change...
And in turn, their political project is explicitly reactionary from a Marxist as well as non-Marxist p.o.v; its about returning to the conditions of 20th century managerialism. Both soft sissy "wokeness" and big manly materialism have this as their explicit, open goal.
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