@PennyRed I used Stephen Whittle's definition, I'm assuming you know who Stephen Whittle is, although that is unclear, given the extent to which you deny having any grasp of there actually being an organised trans rights movement with a specific ideology and set of political objectives.
@PennyRed Gender identity ideology, or transgender ideology, is the view that 'to be a man or a woman is contained in a person's gender identity,' and consists of two inter-related beliefs, gender identity essentialism, and what we call 'sex denial' which is the view that the perception
@PennyRed and naming of two classes is a historical or discursive artefact...most commonly expressed by the claim 'sex isn't binary' and variously supported with the claims that 'sex is a spectrum,' that gender produces sex (Butler), or that sex is some kind of artefact of colonialism.
@PennyRed These two claims produce the thought that 'gender identity trumps sex'... and then various efforts to change law and public policy in order to effect the replacement of sex with gender identity in data collection, record keeping, or the organisation of public space.
@PennyRed This is by now a well documented process.

I for example have been involved in documenting this erasure of sex by gender identity in the collection of census data.

I am a philosopher, not a quant person, the principle reason why I did this project was because it shows the
@PennyRed way in which this process of overwriting sex with gender identity is happening, and the census shows it in a very pure form.

The reports are here. There is also an appendix on the history of the development of the ideology.

@PennyRed The findings of this report were vindicated in the judicial review into ONS's illegal redefinition of the sex question on the census as a gender identity question.

@PennyRed This demonstrated the truth of our claims that.

1. There is a political ideology grounded on the effort to erase sex and redefine it as gender identity
2. That political ideology has been extremely successful at impacting public policy, under a corporate EDI style logic, and we
@PennyRed have extensively documented that process with respect to our census authorities, and shown its impact.

This is happening Laurie. It's not about people not liking your nice trans mates, or not wanting them to be free to express themselves, or not thinking they should be safe
@PennyRed and receive good care.

It's about a concerted effort to erase the recognition of sex in law and public life, and the impact that will have in female people.
@PennyRed And the things is Laurie, you ask these questions, about what we think, and it feels completely rhetorical, because we answer you and yo don't even recognise what we are actually saying.

It is evident what you need to believe, and why, and I have some sympathy for that, on a
@PennyRed personal level. But please understand, we are responding to a real political phenomenon, which we are pretty much experts in documenting and analysing, and the constant dismissal and monstering of us, and the delegitimisation of our political interests, is a pure operation of
@PennyRed patriarchal and capitalist power.

Look at that list of supporters of this political project. Tell me, if this really posed *any* threat to the status quo, why would corporations and banks and the spymasters generals be lining up behind it?
@PennyRed You won't answer, but here is another example of this process playing out.

• • •

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20 Sep
No, that is precisely the point. Humans can recognise all kind of things and categorise them to a high degree of precision. So, actually, can AI, while having no fucking idea what it is categorising.

We actually don't understand how we do this. We have a bunch of theories.
Essences is one of those theories. It's not a very good theory...although pattern recognition is clearly *one* of the things we are doing, it is not the whole story. Because, as we keep saying, we can *very easily* recognise things that are anomalous in some central way as
members of a certain category.

And, this is all stuff to do with how we categorise. It is ideas about how we form ideas. It is not, I repeat, for the millionth time, actually, either anything to do with things existence, or a full account of how we conceptualise.
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19 Sep
We have provided you with ample evidence of what is actually happening, and all you have done is handwaved.

Save your promises. And stop patronising us.
Can someone go and ask her why we had to take ONS to court to stop them overwriting the sex question on the census then?

I assume it was all just a big accident that that was what Stonewall and the Scottish Trans Alliance asked for. And when trans ppl found out they were the
first to object to what was being done in their name right? We all remember that don't we?
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19 Sep
ARGHHHH. Just stop it.

Do you think humans who lose a leg stop being human? Or do you think humans without two legs mean humans are not bipedal.

What about people with six fingers? I guess either they're not human or humans don't have five fingers right???

Female humans are the class of humans who differentiated down the developmental pathway that leads to be able to perform a certain reproductive function. And the fact that accident, illness or developmental anomaly means some of them can't perform that function doesn't make them
'not female' any more than a mug with a crack in it becomes 'not a mug,' or a car whose engine won't start becomes 'not a car,' or a chair with a broken leg becomes 'not a chair.'
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19 Sep
No, I am claiming that carrots are carrots, and not turnips or parsnips.

And the fact that carrots come in many different colours does not, in fact, turn any of them into turnips or parsnips. Because turnips and parsnips are a different thing to carrots.
It's pretty amazing how committed people are to the old Platonic 'for this thing to exist and for you to understand it exists you must believe it has this essential defining characteristic.'

How many times do I need to say: Things exist. They do not exist by virtue of essences.
There is not a world of essences which then manifest as things. That is Platonic bullshit.

Essences are an *idea* we made up to explain *how* we conceptualise. They are not an adequate account of how we conceptualise, because we are able to identify things that deviate from
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17 Sep
And here, in four tweets, the whole story of how the left completely lost its way.
This is what I hope to write about for the next issue TRN. People have decided that oppression has got nothing to do with material exploitation, and is simply the result of people being evil bigots with bad ideas.
From there is a short walk to believing that the most important and revolutionary thing you can do to make the world a better place is spend your time running around hunting down 'bigots,' making them perform self-flagellation and public atonement, and cleansing their souls.
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16 Sep
You know what would be an effective way of making sure that doesn't happen?

TRAs: Not perpetuating discourse that conflates feminist women with fascists. Letting left-wing women speak on the left. Not having meltdowns any time we get platformed.
There are three positions here.

The gender identity position, the gender critical position, and the conservative position (and it is also disingenuous to conflate moderate conservatives with fascism on this issue).

There is a constant effort by gender identity advocates to try
and reduce this to two positions:

Gender identity ideology vs 'everyone else is a fascist'

And the reason for this is that it's a massive disciplinary political ploy to keep telling everyone 'you have to agree with us or you're a fascist, you have to let males into women's rape
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