Ideologues, fake influencers, and grifters of all flavors tend to sound alike once you take a step back and realize the common denominator is their rhetoric which fundamentally resorts to absolutism, platitudes, extremes, purity tests, hypocrisy, and psychological projection.
Ideological purity test: "You either take the enitrety of the red pill or you don't take any of it" - Rollo Tomassi

Sound like any particular dogmatic group(s) you've heard of?
When challenged, their rhetoric eventually devolves into a quagmire of slippery deconstructionist arguments, theories, and rationalizations that even go so far as to contradict their entire position/belief system or align with their opposition's rhetorical framework.
This is why followers of the Rollo-Pill™, religious zealots, and post-modernists (SJWs/feminists/Marxist revolutionaries) tend to all sound the same at some point, despite being ideologically opposed or even sharing mutual animosity. Cognitive dissonance is just the symptom.
The common root here is tribalism, herd morality, group identity, & cults of personality. All feeding the desire of these warring neo-tribes to impose their will. It's a result of social cohesion becoming repeatedly fragmented for centuries, stemming way back to the Enlightenment
Every fracture event, particularly within the past century, becomes a catalyst that creates new victimized sub-groups which rise out of the power vaccum. Eventually seduced by a herd morality priest, a covert grifter manipulating the herd's pain/indignation for their own purposes
They're fooled by the priest into believing he's one of them. That their cause is noble and/or "Rational", despite the herd's motivation being rooted in hatred, victimhood, and ressentiment. The prevailing tribe/herd creates a new form of socially acceptable behavior.
This worsens societal problems. Which creates more pain, hatred, victimhood, tribalism, and more chances for a torrent of catalysts for fragmentation/disparity. Catalysts that feed off each other symbiotically, creating an exponentially vicious cycle.
On top of all that, this vicious cycle is made worse by the internet, what gets the most attention (sex, negativity, blaming others) and the incentive structure behind it. Herd morality priests masquerading as thought-leaders or "influencers" are drawn to this like bees to honey.
With the advent of the internet, herd morality priests are granted a tool for access to the largest public platform in history. One where they can further capitalize off of the herd by appealing to and fueling the various warring victimhood hierarchies & their ressentiment.
New behavioral norms don't necessarily override old paradigms. They can coexist symbiotically & parasitically. I.E. men dogging on women "all women are this and that nowadays" & women dogging on men "men are trash". Both are splinters of what used to be cohesive & healthy norms.
If there's one thing we can learn from history, it's that peace doesn't follow repetitive fragmentation of social cohesion. There's always a power vacuum created that warring factions fight for control over, whether through force or manipulation. Nobility & rationality be damned.
Those who are truly noble and righteous must also have the discipline to take ownership & resist the culturally torrential poison of victimhood, ideologies, & tribalism in general. Pain shapes us into a victim or a warrior, our attitude determines which one.
Seems appropriate to tie up this thread with a particular quote from Viktor Frankl:

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

• • •

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