I didn’t call women that have plastic surgery stupid, i said they’ve been cut and sewn back up to look like men’s preferences. They are most definitely aware of it, but that doesn’t mean they had much of a real choice either way- unless you think the women whose livelihoods
literally depend on mass market appeal in a misogynistic, patriarchal, hypersexual culture, who make money off of being attractive, ageless, and thin are… free to choose to do whatever they want? That doesn’t make them stupid, it makes them still victims of a society that only
finds value in women for their superficial appeal. Second, I never talked about my preferences in terms of types of women (imagine what my gf looks like! bet you’re wrong), I talked about how lesbian attraction to women is to *women*, not just the images we are sold of
idealized (from a male perspective) women. I never said lesbians can’t be attracted to beautiful women, rich women, or even women that have had cosmetic surgeries, only that if you ONLY find yourself attracted to female celebrities but have never felt such attraction to women
you might actually interact with in real life (not just in your head) your attraction to women may not be genuine. If you need a woman to be in makeup, shapewear, heels, tight dresses, have BBLs, fake breasts, and be hairless before you consider her attractive, you’re not finding
*her* attractive, you’re finding the trappings of femininity attractive. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that lesbians find women attractive even or especially in a natural state. If that makes you feel invalidated abt your sexuality 🤷🏽
And finally, feminism that doesn’t question the “choices” and preferences women have and the societal forces that lead to them is useless. If you want to be told your preferences are all valid and great and natural and 100% unaffected by misogyny, liberal feminism is right there

• • •

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15 Sep
I’m ngl it’s driving me crazy that people know the “peg the patriarchy” thing is bad but aren’t criticizing it further 😭 “ppl like to be penetrated tho this is demeaning to women and gays” “It’s just fuck the patriarchy w/ shock value” pls i beg u to THINK ABT WHY THAT IS
why is there a cultural association of penetration w/ humiliation. Who is demeaned. By whom. What does this association tells u abt the status of the penetrator and the penetrated, what they think abt each other. Who benefits. How. Is this enforced elsewhere. In what ways.
Plz think!! it’s not that women are inherently subordinate for liking the sensation of penetration if they do but that the use of penetration as humiliation in language tells u a lot abt how men see women as existing to be penetrated, and thus subordinate and beneath them
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13 Sep
rip the confused straight women that think they're attracted to women bc they find "conventionally attractive" female celebrities (that have been cut open and sewn back together to fit the male-defined molds of sex appeal) attractive and not like... a regular woman just existing
u've been programmed to see women as attractive if they tick off items on a checklist created by straight men that watch porn and see women as objects. ur correctly recognizing these women perform "female attractiveness" very well and confusing it for genuine attraction
and instead of consulting a "lesbian masterdoc" written by a bi women, u gotta actually ask urself if you're actively and genuinely attracted to women, not just "not attracted to men"/not wanting to be a sex object for your oppressor/having body issues/being uncomfortable w/ men
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21 Apr
I think one thing many nb women don't get re: "black women aren't afforded femininity" is that it's not saying "we see nb women have pink shackles but we have blue ones and we want pink ones" but "we would like to be allowed to be human, and being masculinized doesn't allow that"
For a lot of nonblack women, "masculinity" is something to strive for- when we're constantly held to this caricature of a doll-like, frail, small, and submissive woman, naturally, we resist. These "feminine" characteristics don't allow us to be fully human, and deviation from
this is met with social antagonism and even outright violence. So I understand why, at a superficial glance, nb (esp white) women interpret black women say "I don't get to be feminine" as some kind of "I wish I had your flavor of oppression". But... that's not what's being said.
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