Qualities to look for in NFTs

⛓ on chain
🖼 good art
🌐 public domain
💻 open source
💎 unique
🤝 not anonymous
💗 healthy community
❌ not super markety
🧑‍🎨 committed artist
💸 you like it
💵 you can afford it
📉 ur cool if it goes down
not all of these qualities will apply to every project, so don’t use this like a checklist — it’s just a rundown of things that are good signals (in my experience) and stuff i look for

i’ll break down each of these items in detail in this thread shortly
⛓ on chain

this means that all or most of the project’s art and metadata is stored on the blockchain itself — this is good because the art is less likely to be lost, corrupted, or manipulated

examples: @blitmap, @ponderware, @lootproject

more info: blog.simondlr.com/posts/flavours…
🖼 good art

being familiar with art history, art movements, and how to appreciate art will go a long way if you’re serious about the art side of NFTs

if ur too lazy to read, i highly recommend consuming this YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/theartass…
🌐 public domain

this refers to the project’s stance on copyright, intellectual property, and derivatives — the world and the web is changing, and many believe the radicalness of public domain is the way forward

more info here: blitmap.mirror.xyz/b-ANHRCj78z9Qy…
💻 open source

if the project relies upon code or has important material, then it ideally will be open source and publicly available so that it can be recreated or improved upon in the event that the original website or host goes away

example: @AvimeNFT
💎 unique

as the NFT space grows, we’re starting to see a lot of cookie-cutter projects and things that lack creativity

follow projects that are pushing boundaries: @supdrive @foliafoliafolia @ParallelNFT @JohnOrionYoung @InternetCamera @lootproject
🤝 not anonymous

this isn’t a dealbreaker, but it is something you should be concerned about and paying attention to — if you don’t know who is behind an NFT project or its someone who hasn’t established credibility yet, u run the risk of being scammed:

💗 healthy community

many NFT projects have communities which can be fun & make the project more culturally impactful, but not if the community is a shitshow

beware of…
- toxicity
- sexism, transphobia, racism, ect
- spam

seek out…
- supportive
- kind, generous
- good vibes
❌ not super markety

this is a pet peeve of mine, so take it with a grain of salt, but if a project is doing a TON of marketing and is over-promotional… im not very interested in it — it feels like its compensating for something and is often an eye sore
🧑‍🎨 committed artist

sometimes creators/artists start making NFTs to earn money, then they discover they don’t enjoy it, and leave the ecosystem

the longer the artist/creator has been around in the space OR the more they are active/involved in the wider community, the better
💸 you like it

if you spend a bunch of money on NFTs you don’t actually appreciate because u think they are going to make u rich, ur in for a bad experience

buy stuff u like so that regardless of what happens, you’ll have something that u enjoy
💵 you can afford it

if u can’t afford to lose the money you’re about to drop on an NFT, don’t buy it — it’s really that simple
📉 ur cool if it goes down

most NFTs aren’t going to go up in value — you’ve probably seen people getting rich off NFTs, but the cold hard truth is that most of the NFTs you buy won’t ever go up in value

i have hundreds and only a handful have meaningfully gone up in value
if you want to get started with NFTs, you’re going to need an Ethereum wallet

go download @rainbowdotme
it’s the best wallet around, and it will display your NFTs beautifully:

p.s. none of this is investing advice 😘

it’s just my personal ramblings about finding quality rare jpegs

• • •

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if you’d like to learn about Web3 and immerse yourself in the culture, ive acquired 3 extra slots for this reading/discussion group — would like to give them to LGBTQIA people or other underrepresented people in this space

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just fused my first @AvimeNFTImage
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2. you use the trait cards to design a custom avime by fusing them together Image
gas is higher for on-chain projects because the amount of data stored is higher, but that's a worthwhile tradeoff for the security and longevity of on-chain art for me
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