@Perpetualmaniac Prof @LucMmontagnier childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/scien…
& Dr. Richard Fleming bitchute.com/video/DkCKFV7k…
for a year+ warned of prion disease as consequence

@Parsifaler S2 subunit Spike Protein has been shown to strongly interact w p53 (protects from misfolding) threadreaderapp.com/thread/1382342…
@Perpetualmaniac @LucMmontagnier @Parsifaler h/t @BananaJana5
Dr @stephanieseneff "I believe the potential for the mRNA vaccines to cause prion diseases (--> neurodegeneration) is the most dangerous aspect of these vaccines." greenmedinfo.com/blog/study-fin…
@Perpetualmaniac @LucMmontagnier @Parsifaler @BananaJana5 @stephanieseneff h/t @BananaJana5 @cristinadobre
Dr Sherry Tenpenny "[mRNA vaccines] can modify TDP-43 protein that can lead to frontal temporal lobe dementia [degeneration] which means you end up w prion disease [..] We know that the spike protein does this specifically" deeprootsathome.com/is-there-an-an…
@Perpetualmaniac @LucMmontagnier @Parsifaler @BananaJana5 @stephanieseneff @cristinadobre .@DrHastreis [lead Pharmacologist for the CRO developed official standards adopted by FDA for categorization of Biologics Monoclonal Antibodies etc]
"Pfizer & Moderna mRNA Vax have a REAL possibility of inducing Neurodegenerative Proteins called Prions "
@Perpetualmaniac @LucMmontagnier @Parsifaler @BananaJana5 @stephanieseneff @cristinadobre @DrHastreis @threadreaderapp kindly unroll

DJB: Huxley 1932 Epsilon oxygen deprivation mo redux

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23 Aug
@EduEngineer "The FDA approval letter, issued today, was unusual. It stated that current bottles of vaccine, which are not branded with the "Cominarty" brand name, are still authorized, not approved. Only newer bottles with "Cominarty" labels will be approved, licensed product."
@EduEngineer "What that means is that people cannot be mandated to receive vax from the old bottles. But if they do accept the non-brand vax, they cannot sue if injured. If they receive the branded v and are injured, they can be mandated to take it, but they can also sue the c. for damages."
@EduEngineer "Here is what might be happening. FDA issued a license, so everyone thinks the mandate is now in effect. But if no "Cominarty" labelled vax is being administered, just the old authorized vax, there is no licensed product being used [..] no actual mandate [..] no ability to sue"
Read 8 tweets
23 Aug
@tylerpager @Harvesterify Fineprint: FDA massively bypassed transparency
"FDA decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval of its covid-19 vaccine."
@tylerpager @Harvesterify FDA safety study IMHO on purpose self-sabotaged
> Dec 2020 Placebo group unblinded & offered vax
-> clinical trial worthless to show diff AE rate
> For mRNA vax approved Aug 2021
- given only to ~13k people in 6 countries & followed only for 4 months, ended Mar 2021 b4 variants ImageImage
Read 7 tweets
2 Aug
@disclosetv Next step: incentivize private businesses to act as state discrimination enforcers - typically done by making it profitable to join enforcers.

See how civil society was roped in for extermination Christians of Asia Minor (1912-1922) & Nazi .de 1933- onwards

Past is prologue. Image
@disclosetv Example: US kulaks are target. Divide middle and lower class population. Make it profitable to assist USG wrt unconstitutional covid policies.

Not paying rent great for enforcers (eg poor renters & swamp, Blackrock types )
Bankrupts small fry mom-n-pop owners (50% of landlords) ImageImageImageImage
@disclosetv . @EpochTimes theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/landlo…
"The new CDC order is essentially a workaround to the SCOTUS statement. It’s something of a long shot, but bc it hasn’t been addressed yet by the courts, it can be taken up in the judicial branch on its own merits. "
politifact.com/article/2021/a… Image
Read 12 tweets
27 Jul
@DrTomFrieden Kindly show this data from a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study with hospitalization/death as the primary outcome measurement.

Also even assuming that statement is true "about 100 times less likely to die .. from COVID."
@DrTomFrieden Acceptable Catastrophic Error or another Noble Lie

"The real world data has shown that the death rate among the vaccinated, if infected w COVID, can be 3 to 5.7 x higher than the death rate of the unvaccinated"

The efficacy numbers *are* misinformation

drrollergator.substack.com/p/damned-lies-… Image
@DrTomFrieden via @arkmedic (MD .au whistleblower)

"WORST thing that you can do is get vaccinated during an exposure to a virus. @GVDBossche has been warning about this for months"

"Mass vaccination during a pandemic is a potential disaster - especially for people at ultra-low risk of death"
Read 4 tweets
9 Jul
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc Waugh 1938 on Barbarism predicted all happenings in the US 2020-2022

"Unremitting effort is needed to keep men living together at peace [..] only a margin of energy left over for experiments however beneficent."

"Once the prisons of the mind have been opened, the orgy is on."
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc " [..] no more agreeable position than that of dissident from a stable society. Theirs are all the solid advantages of other people's creation & preservation, & all fun of detecting hypocrisies and inconsistencies [..]"
"The more elaborate the society, the more vulnerable [..]"
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc "The more elaborate the society, the more vulnerable it is to attack, & the more complete its collapse in case of defeat [..]"

"If it falls we shall see not merely the dissolution of a few joint-stock corporations, but of the spiritual and material achievements of our history."
Read 4 tweets

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