What’s happening in colleges and universities is extremely concerning. These students are all vaccinated, and yet they’re not allowed to socialize. What’s the endgame here? What are we doing?
Imagine going into debt for this.
This sort of panic is going to happen multiple times every year, unless we change this logic. Until we psychologically accept life in the virome, and that these (incredible!) vaccines are doing all they were meant to do.

The goal cannot be no spread. But it is, in many places.
These things are only happening in certain corners of our country, in certain cultural and social bubbles. Academia, the arts. What’s the common denominator here?
Everyone is vaccinated, the 1% of teens and young adult students with “breakthrough” cases detected via mass asymptotic testing have mild or (far more commonly) no symptoms, and that’s enough to shut things down. 🤯

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15 Sep
Restrictions for kids aren’t going away even post-pediatric vaccine (5-11s EUA) in our current framework, where even mild cases in the unvaccinated ultra-low risk are are unacceptable, both a policy failure and existential threat. That’s a huge psychological hurdle to get over.
There will always be unvaccinated people—babies under six months, of course, but infants-4s during their longer wait for data.

Plus young kids are the demographic most likely to have siblings at home in these categories. There will be clamoring to protect them; there already is.
Deliberately obfuscating the realities of age stratification—and stoking fear about children—as a political wedge issue has been, uh, really bad.
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14 Sep
We all know, intuitively and biologically, that “zero Covid” is impossible. But major institutions in the United States continue to react like it’s the goal, even post-vaccination. We’ve hitched our wagon to cases for so long, and we just can’t let go.
It feels like we’re still trapped in a spring 2020 paradigm in some places. Even though the reality has shifted, even after vaccination and cases decouple from hospitalizations and death, we’re continuing to operate as if we need to have zero cases in order to be “successful.”
San Francisco has a higher percentage of people vaccinated than Denmark, yet we’re doubling down on masks in perpetuity for the fully-vaccinated and two year olds learning to talk. Denmark, on the other hand, has ended restrictions altogether.
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3 Sep
~58,000 children aged 0-5 are hospitalized with RSV annually in the United States.¹

~14,210 children aged 0-4 have been hospitalized with covid during the entirety of the pandemic thus far.²
We have to acknowledge how salience and novelty, our media, the political outrage economy, and other dynamics are impacting how we’re processing risk and how we’re generally responding to this stuff, psychologically and socially. At least with regard to very young children.
Bruce Schneier, the privacy and security guru who has long written about “security theater” and how we process new and irregular threats, has a good, short piece on this. It’s worth reading in full:

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2 Sep
This is commendable. But like it or not, “lack of healthcare access and anxiety related to the vaccine” also describes many (white) people we do call “anti-vaxx.”

To encourage uptake we need to at least try to understand where people are coming from, not reflexively other them.
I don’t know who needs to hear this but calling someone a deluded moron isn’t going to instill behavior change.
This apparently got me blocked lol

I honestly liked his tweet 🤷🏻‍♀️
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1 Sep
A pediatric EUA isn’t going to end the panic, and it’s not going to end the policies that derive from that panic. This stuff is like squeezing a balloon, just displacing the fear. It only ends when we begin to accept mild or moderate cases post-vaccination, psychologically.
Treat the cause, not the symptom.
We need Jon Stewart lab leak moment, but for socializing the realities of endemicity. A powerful signaler within the Democratic-left that gives people permission to think a certain way.

Any takers?
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31 Aug
“Where Bratton lauds the ‘positive biopolitics’ of epidemiology, Agamben warns against repressive biopolitics. Both claim to be students of the late Michel Foucault, who coined the term ‘biopolitics’ to talk about the way that modern states govern populations.”
“Central to Agamben’s argument is the concept of ‘bare life’ – the mere fact of being alive. A ‘biopolitical’ regime is only interested in protecting this bare life.”
“But for Bratton, the distinction between bare life and quality of life is absurd. ‘It is all bare life’, he says. Bratton’s inability to see the distinction between bare life and the good life is the fatal flaw in his argument.”
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