One of the ways to tell who is and isn’t a friend is that friends will urge you to pick your battles on your own turf when you’re able.
Non-friends just want bodies on their side.
If you don’t pick any battles, ever, that’s definitely a you problem, and you are certainly telling on yourself.

But people who claim you have to pick *every* battle don’t love you.
I guess I am kind of a “big account” on Twitter, and I think people think that it is cost-free for big accounts to speak.

The reality is that the cost of speaking scales with the impact.
I got to thinking about this because of the furor over AOC’s dress, because there basically is no decision she can make that isn’t met with thousands of people yelling at her.
And the conclusion I came to after seeing people insisting that somehow she could have solved the eviction crisis overnight by herself instead of going to the Met gala…is that there are a lot of people who say they love AOC who really, truly just want to own her time.
You can see this, A LOT, with people who decide to lecture particularly women of color, and very particularly Black women, on this app.

They don’t love you. They just want to be your boss.
My other conclusion is that we are unlikely to eat the rich because marginalized people on the left are much closer and tastier.
I encourage marginalized people to post rates for people who want them to act as a mouthpiece. Here are mine.

• • •

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14 Sep
And according to the prosecutor who charged them, it’s okay that he threatened people with the power of the state because a small handful of people who didn’t have to worry about the government taking their freedom away did community service.
Like what does charging OTHER people with rioting have to do with the people whose charges were dismissed? Is justice not dealt on an individual basis in Brauchler’s district?
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14 Sep
I made a mental note to myself to check in on the Pamela Dumond v. Emma Chase lawsuit after it had time to litigate. I checked; it was stayed for COVID. I forgot.

I just remembered, so let's talk about the outcome.

I started from "I'm not convinced, would need to do more" in the thread above to "I'm even less convinced, there is either nothing here or the lawyers are very bad" in this thread here.

At the time I posted about this, @CourtneyOR volunteered as tribute and looked at the textual similarities that were alleged to be a result of text spinning.

Her conclusion: There was not much there.

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13 Sep
I suspect that many “originalist” claims are about this strong historically—you may be able to find surface evidence, but it rarely is as cut and dry as it appears in the historical record.
This is one of the reasons I find Barrett’s claim that judicial philosophies are not political unbelievable. What you are willing to believe about the past *is* political.

The idea that history is just bare fact and judges are peering into it and using a rubber stamp is silly.
Originalism is an exercise in imposing your views on the past. How we view historical times is not apolitical or objective.
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12 Sep
Holy shit Sasha. HOLY SHIT.
Five quads landed ? Holy fucking shit. If she can skate that exact program at Beijing she will be hard to beat. If she can add just a little bit more in terms of transitions? She’ll be unbeatable.
Music and costume both really suit her style. I get that her skating skills aren’t on par with others, but there’s something about her that is just electric.
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8 Sep
We live about five minutes from a theater that lets you pick seats online so you can see how many people are there in advance.
Which means we are currently in the theater to see Shang Chi with one other person half a theater away. Yay 12 o’clock weekdays.
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7 Sep
This thread is part of a personal project of mine that started from the moment at the end of my clerkship that he would never tell anyone about how bad I’d been in the clerkship if I never told anyone anything else.
That was about judicial confidentiality, but I think that there is something similar in the top echelon of legal ethics: where we all pretend that we truly belong.
That’s why Katyal writes glowing endorsements of Gorsuch and Chua states decisively that Kavanaugh is the greatest with women, truly the greatest.
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