Hello I’m here to take a moment to talk about 2 catboys & their new dog hybrid boyfie who is just this big, buff, overzealous puppy who’s never been with cat hybrids before so doesn’t know his size and excitement and excessive kisses & licking can be overwhelming (in a good way)
YG & JM have been together for awhile now, perfectly content kittens in their cozy apartment perfectly fit for cats. Soft purring & cuddles & sleepy fcking was their way of life.

But then they met Joon, a golden retriever hybrid with the cutest dimples & hottest BIG body…
The two were smitten kittens and loved the way Joon became quickly enamored with them — bringing them gifts and food and always waiting for praise with a wagging tail and perked ears. JM & YG loved having him around even when he got a little…too excited.
It started innocent enough.

Gentle pets turning into big bear hugs turning into insistent cuddling turning into being nearly crushed under the dog hybrids body when Joon just ~couldn’t get close enough to them~ and then the licking started.
At first it made the hair on the cats tails & ears stand straight up, backs going ridged when the pups big wet tongue licked over the side of their necks. They were used to grooming each other with their smaller rough tongues but this…this was very different. Wet & messy & warm.
But Joon didn’t know any better. Was used to be around other canines. This was the first time he’d been close enough to a feline hybrid to be physical with them. Didn’t know they weren’t used to rough housing or scenting or licking and nipping to show affection.
But the 2 cats were too fond to correct his behavior. Letting him pick them up & toss them around, clinging onto him for dear life at times. Their bodies so much smaller than his, they fit perfectly in his arms. Allowing him to squish them & kiss & lick til his hearts content.

But eventually the cat hybrids would become even MORE aware of how much…bigger the dog hybrid was compared to them.

And just how incredibly different canines fucked…
Minimini couldn’t lie and say they’ve /never/ been curious about Joon’s anatomy before…especially after the first night the dog hybrid slept over and they woke up to a very embarrassed pup between them, tight pajama pants leaving little to the imagination.
He apologized profusely, but he couldn’t really be blamed. The two catboys were so cute and soft and warm and felt so good cuddled up next to him that his subconscious body just reacted on its own. But from that day on the couple tended to…fantasize a lot more.
Cuddled up together and touching each other gently, teasing each other about what it would be like to be with Joon. How small they would feel under him, how full they would be. What a knot feels like. The power trip of bending over that big body & watching him beg for them.
At least they hoped he’d let them. It would be a shame if he didn’t (he does. oh he definitely does and takes it so prettily 💞)
And they were a determined, wanted to get Joon riled up enough to finally live their lil fantasies

Joon was a blushing mess when the 2 offered to ‘bath’ him the way they did each other. Rough little tongues all on his face & neck. It seemed more intimate than when he licked them
They explained he would have to take his shirt off to have a ‘real bath’ — the pup whipping his shirt off fast enough to startle them both. But then seeing his massive chest & thick torso was enough to send their tails swishing devilishly, hands on him and rubbing at his muscles.
“So big, Joonie,” JM purrs as he licks at the back of his neck. “Your bath is gonna take awhile.”

“T-that’s ok,” NJ panted as YG moved down to lick across his chest, even his bigger hands struggling to fully cup the thick muscles.

“You’re working out so much lately,” YG purrs.
“You could probably carry us both at the same time now.”

NJ’s tail thumped rapidly against the back of the couch where it was caught. “Yeah, yeah I can, do you want to try? I can carry you both. Anywhere you want to go.”

The cat hybrids giggled together at their pups excitement
“Hmmm maybe later, for now just sit still and be good so we can clean you,” JM says, petting at one of Joon’s perked ears, scratching at the underside enough to make Joon’s leg shake.

“Yeah ok I can be good, good for you,” he said, trying to keep his cool.
“We know, pup,” YG said before licking right over Joon’s very sensitive nipple (a fun discography that they will use as a torture method, but NJ likes it).

They both latch on to a nipple, hands massaging at his arms & down to his hips, which Joon is finding hard not to buck.
They torment & tease him until finally both sinking down to their knees on the floor, looking over their work of reddened skin & puffy dark nipples, Joon panting & looking as if he was going to combust.

“We have to bathe you everywhere, it’s the proper way to do things,” JM says
(Again 🔞🔞🔞)

as YG reaches forward to pop open the buttons on Joon’s pants. “Is that ok? Can we clean you…here,” he asks, hand gently rubbing over the very firm outline of Joon’s dick, making the canine nearly jump before nodding his head vigorously, rubbing at his thighs.
“Yes p-please, anywhere you want it’s o-ok, oh god,” he groans as YG works quick at the consent, pulling down his pants harshly & freeing Joon massive, flushed, wet cock. The two cat hybrids felt both excitement and a healthy dose of fear as they both wrapped a hand around it.
They’d never seen one as big as this. Tails swishing happily, ears perked, and eyes wide with interest. Happy to know the rumors of dog hybrids were true

“Let us know if it hurts,” JM purs.

Joon yelped a bit when they both went down to start licking, tongues rough & almost cold
He’d never felt anything like it before. Fingers digging into his thighs as he tried to stay still, tail thumping so hard it was drowning out his racing heart. YG & JM were both so pretty, flushed skin & soft ears, both ‘cleaning’ his cock like it was the best thing in the world.
How had they not done this before? The feel of their tongues hurt a little, but it was a good pain. Especially when JM went down to lick at his balls and lower…YG sucking gingerly at the tip. He wasn’t going to last. Was he even allowed to cum? This was technically a bath…
Not a blowjob. Or maybe it was. Ugh his brain was so muddled, and it felt so good his tongue was practically rolling out of his mouth. He had to ask them if it was ok before he…before he.

Then JM looked up at him with /those/ eyes before ducking his head lower & licking deeply.
Joon yelped again, spreading his legs wider to give the feline better access, missing the way the two smirked at each other as he tilted his head back and began to roll his hips.

They continued to lick & suck, fingers coming up to tease around his ass making Joon’s knot grow.
“W-wait, please…please, god I can’t…I’m going to, I’m sorry I—,” he stutters, big hands coming down on top of their heads as he hunches over, trying to stop his orgasm. But the couple only continues touching and leading him closer.
“It’s ok, big boy, cum for us, you did so good,” YG purrs, squeezing at his tip as JM sticks his rough tongue in his ass & sends him over that edge. NJ pants & repeats how ‘he’s a good boy, good boy, good boy’ ears pressed back and muscles spasming, YG massaging his knot.
The devil kittens are smug as hell as they nuzzle each other as Joon comes down from his high, slumping back on the couch as his knot goes down (YG not letting it go until it does, as he read keeping a knot warm was very important).

“Am I really a good boy?” NJ asks with a pout.
Joon suddenly has a lap full of cooing catboys, now mimicking his scenting & kissing across his face.

“Our best boy,” JM says as they cuddle into his big naked chest and happily purr.

NJ wraps his big, beefy arms around them and pulls them close, sniffing at their hair.
“I think you two need a bath too,” he rumbles, tickling their sides before giving them both overly wet licks on their cheeks.

(Which is how they end up both a mess of dog saliva & other bodily fluids as NJ shows them that canine bathing is just a fun way to get dirtier)


• • •

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